Learn some new shit.


Unlearn these things this year.


Your bank account minding it’s business. It’s not bothering a soul and all of a sudden you justify in your mind a dumbass purchase. It could be you going out and spending money on Alcohol and Weed. It could be you buying a huge ass electronic you don’t need like a television but the one thing almost everybody does when they make a ridiculous purchase is say that they’ll make it back next week. Especially if they get paid daily or weekly. The goal is to always be one step ahead of a stupid decision you make. The more you do this the more you’re gonna keep breaking even and your money will never grow. The money not always coming. You may have a situation that will change that so always store money to the side and act broke. 


Add value to every place you go. Add value to every project you’re apart of. If it doesn’t add value to what you do then you don’t need to be around it. If a club not paying me then I don’t need to be there. Don’t be a mothafucka taking up space and resources. Have a presence and a solid reputation in every space you occupy. 


This is your best friend in the world and you don’t know it yet. You need at least 2 forms of content outta the 3. Writing, Video, Audio. Social media has made everything fast. It’s a speed game. If you have a business or you’re a creative you need to have content out every month in some form. If not you will lose and no one will find you or care about what you do. 


Your loyalty for a person may run deeper than the person you’re loyal to. It doesn’t mean they’re a bad person. It just means you’re different. I know people who wouldn’t help me fight if I was getting jumped or even help themselves. They’re not bad people. They just don’t like fighting. They’re peaceful people. I understand that about them so I don’t hold that against them. I would go through hell for the people I love. I don’t care what rules, pacts, promises I set for myself. I’d break them for them if I had to make a choice. Would they do the same for me? Maybe. Probably not. But if they can’t then I won’t hold it against them. I’d be disappointed but I’d know we’re just wired differently and that doesn’t make them bad people. It’s just the way shit is. You may have a friend that never calls you. That doesn’t mean they’re not your friend. They probably don’t like talking on the phone. If constant contact determined real friendship then almost everyone wouldn’t have friends. You’re an adult. You’ll be alright. You can’t keep gauging the emotional compass in your heart and your way of life to someone else. If you always do this then you’re gonna disappoint yourself majority of the time. Everybody not raised like you. Everybody don’t think like you. Everybody don’t move like you. Stop expecting to see YOURSELF in other people. 


The more you grow in whatever field you’re in the more critics will follow. Unlearn not being able to hear or see criticism. Even if the criticism is unfair. Even if it’s just some bitch ass hating shit and the people criticizing you just don’t like you. Learn to accept that. Your personality and what you do aren’t for everybody. Criticism comes with it and sometimes the criticism is needed and you need to listen or see it. If some of the most brilliant minds in history aren’t above criticism and can accept it then why can’t you? 


You have to engage with your audience. Now there’s a difference between engaging with people on social media about your field and engaging in bullshit. Having 3 instagram posts versus someone who has 300 instagram posts doesn’t make you cooler or more mysterious than them. Get off that fake mysterious shit and engage on all platforms. I get it if you have a following to the point you’re making your rent in your sleep every week. That means you have a solidified fanbase. You know how insecure you have to be to delete a Instagram photo because it didn’t get enough likes? People delete tweets daily of them engaging with others because it looks like they’ve talked too much and it’s the saddest shit ever. Deleting tweets doesn’t give your profile this cool Aesthetic. Nobody notices but you and your insecurity. Get off that weird shit and actually promote yourself as much as possible. Stop disappearing in order to see if people give a fuck. They don’t. Case closed. I see people literally give away the bag act like this and then when it’s time to have people support them no one cares cause they never seen or never support anyone else. 



Just cause the blood there don’t mean the love there and just cause y’all grew under the same tree doesn’t mean all the fruit healthy around you. Humans are humans. Family doesn’t guarantee support and understanding. Only keep people around you who respect you. You get to decide who’s your family and who’s just your relatives. There’s a difference.


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