Let’s say you invite me over for dinner and you want to cook this recipe that’s been around in your family. It’s a hamburger recipe. You cook the hamburgers and serve them to me and I think they’re the greatest thing I’ve ever eaten and I tell you that you have to share this with people. I tell you different ideas that are big and small like starting a youtube channel showcasing your cooking, opening a restaurant, selling plates and your reply to me is that everybody does those things. Well, yeah that’s true but guess what? 

Those people aren’t you. 

Does someone have that exact recipe? Does someone prepare it the same way you do? Even if the answer is yes to those questions I’ll ask you this. What’s gonna stop a person from buying a good burger? Nobody wants Five Guys everyday. One day it may be Steak N Shake, another day it may be Hi-Pointe, another day it may be White Castles. It’s rare that a person would eat the same hamburger every time they eat out. Therefore you have a chance to contribute to the game. 

There’s millions of rappers and singers writing about the same subject matter but that’s not stopping people from listening to the music. There’s thousands of TV shows with the same plot but that’s not stopping people from watching those shows.

Every lane has people in it. Some lanes have bumper to bumper traffic. Some lanes are clear and free flowing. No idea is original. No career is original. Do whatever fulfills you. 

There’s millions of writers in the world. Yet here I am writing. I don’t give a fuck about how many people do the same thing as me. I’m ME. There’s hundreds of podcasts born everyday but that didn’t stop me and my family from starting our own. We US. Everybody has a story and you have so many ways to tell that story. There are so many stories that aren’t being told because people believe “Everybody is doing this and that and I want to be different.” You’re different regardless because no one has experienced what you’ve experienced. They may relate but they wasn’t in your shoes. They weren’t in your mind. They weren’t in your body. 

These are the things that matter when you start something that everybody is doing. 


If you want to be a makeup artist do you really give a fuck about making people feel beautiful inside and out or do you think it’s just a quick come up? Apply this to anything you pursue. If the people you want to support you feel that you really care they will feel comfortable and excited in supporting you. 


If the product is good then nobody cares how many people do the same thing you do. The market doesn’t care either. If it’s good there’s room for it and you can make a career of it. 


What’s gonna happen if you decide to be the millionth human to pick up a camera and do photography? Someone gonna stop you? Someone gonna make fun of you? Do what energizes you and never regret it. 


There’s 7 billion people on this planet. Somebody gone feel what you do regardless of how many people do the same thing. I promise. 

Start that podcast. 

Be a hairstylist.

Become a chef. 

Become a writer.

Start a clothing line.

Everybody does everything. 

But who cares?



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