Won’t be able to make it to Gas and Goku but if you can go you should go and have a good time. But I will still fill out this bracket and actually explain. Why I picked who I picked. 

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I don’t wanna do this thinking strictly on the basis if niggas fought head to head that’s boring and too hypothetical. So head to head matchups would be my least priority in deciding who’s better than who. 



Tokyo Ghoul is a fucking awful. Manga cool but the anime is Master P sneaker ugly. Naruto gets this just off that alone. 


Asta is turning up in the anime now. Again Black Clover is one of those cases where the manga better but he’s nowhere near Luffy. Not one bit. Asta makes Meek Mill screaming sound like whispers. Luffy wins. 


I’m just gone go off the series on this one and give it to Yusuke. This would actually be a dope 1 on 1 fight though. Yusuke would win still but it would be great. 


Kenshin is dummy nice but I’m a give it to Edward. Edward is a better protagonist.


This is tough. I might have to give it to Gon just cause his strength is out the mud and it wasn’t given to him but in the anime he didn’t really defeat anyone of note where I was like “Okay he’s a big dog now.” Pitou is trash and the weaker of the Chimera Ant Generals and he had to turn into a trash Hollister model to defeat her. Deku gets this round because of that. 


Saitama. Next question. 


Really?? Give me the Saiyan. Bleach is boring. 


Rolling with Guts. He been through too much trauma to let these bitch niggas beat him. 

Round 2 I’ll get into more detail since a lot of Round 1 was really clear cut. 



Okay this one is gonna be lengthy because of how long each series is so there’s a lot to unravel from both. 

Straw Hat Luffy gets this. He’s an all around better character. In my opinion Naruto is the most overrated protagonist and Naruto Shipudden is the most overrated anime in anime history. Naruto Part 1 was at least decent with better villains but Shipudden is just garbage. Naruto is uninteresting as a character. Rock Lee is better. Shikamaru is better. If those 2 had the nine tailed beast in them they’d go crazier than Naruto would and they would be Hokage too. Naruto’s dad was a fucking hokage and he has the strongest tailed beast inside of him. Naruto was basically given God-like ability and there’s no way he wouldn’t become a Ninja God because of it. Naruto is basically a rich white kid who inherited a billion dollar family empire but brags that he’s self made. Naruto is a white guy and Luffy is a black guy. Naruto has a 400 year head start. I don’t give a fuck about how lonely Naruto was as a kid or how his whole village hated him and doubted him. Yes he went through a lot and it was sad. He went through more shit than Spike Spiegel but that doesn’t make him a better character than Spike Spiegel. Luffy has a devil fruit ability but his devil fruit ability is not even a top 10 ability in his world which makes his journey more interesting because it’s an actual uphill battle. 

Like I said I’m not here looking at this as head to head who would win in a fight. We’ll never know that. I’m talking about their respective power scaling in their respective series. Luffy had the tougher matchups because majority of his fights he fought alone and against better and more interesting villains. For example Doflamingo is a top 10 villain. The only advantage Luffy had in a fight the entire series was his fight against Eneru. Other than that it was all strength all muscle for Luffy. No God-like creatures living in his body or villages to help him win. 

In their series when it comes to combat ability in terms of speed, combat intelligence, stamina, Luffy is a better fighter.  Even with the Nine Tails in Naruto Luffy is at LEAST on the same level or one level below in terms of destructive capabilities as Naruto. When it comes to key battles Luffy has more in his series. ALMOST ALL THE BEST FIGHTS IN NARUTO DON’T EVEN INVOLVE NARUTO! Luffy had the more entertaining fights and It’s debatable that Luffy went through one of the hardest stretches in anime history back to back with Impel Down Prison and The Marineford War. He fought Magellan, Blackbeard, and The Admirals back to back to back and had his life span cut in the middle of it. He lost the war but he basically went up against the Golden State Warriors in every fight in that stretch. 

Naruto’s legacy is already set since that series is over but his bloodline and lineage played such a huge role in his legacy. Luffy story is still being told and he still has a gauntlet of killers to go through. He has the 4 emperors  Kaido, Big Mom, BlackBeard, and Shanks. He still has to get through the Gorosei. He still has his worst generation peers to compete against such as Kid, Killer, Hawkins, X Drake, and Urouge. That hit list is insane and would give him without a shadow of a doubt the better legacy if he gets through it. Mind you he built his crew from just him and a barrel to a grand fleet that he hasn’t even used yet nor does he want to use it. That also gives him the advantage in the potential category because his crew is still being built  and in terms of ability Luffy just learned how to use all 3 forms of Haki and the only one he’s good at so far is his Armament Haki so once he perfects the other 2 it’s a wrap and he might get to Shanks level who’s an absolute MONSTER. As for transformations Naruto’s look cooler than Luffy’s. I’ll give him that. 


This is tough but I’m gonna give it to Edward just off of difficulty with the homunculi especially King Bradley. Like Ed was up against bad odds. Super bad odds. Now to Yusuke’s credit he’s one of those rare cases where he had 2 straight arcs where he went against back to back MONSTERS in Teguro and Sensui but Yusuke didn’t technically defeat Sensui. Sensui killed his dumbass and it took Yusuke’s ancestral pops to help him defeat Sensui. So Ed gets the W on this one. 


This one is interesting. Deku has had some great moments but I think Saitama is the better character and his potential is really scary because we don’t know if he’s reached it already since his fights end in one punch. I’m pretty sure I’m way ahead of what Season 2 will cover on One Punch Man in the manga but Saitama is still washing niggas. Saitama gets this one. 


Beserk is a better series than DBZ but cmon its Goku. Goku up until Namek was such a dope character. Goku wins. 



Edward is the protagonist in a better anime and better story. FMA Brotherhood might be the greatest story ever told. One Piece is the Game Of Thrones of anime. Game Of Thrones has so many kingdoms, politics, characters and is super popular and has some average seasons but it’s really interesting because you want to know the end game. One Piece is exactly like that. 

Edward is a better character than Luffy. Ed’s backstory is horrific, sad, and understandable because if you had the ability to at least try to bring back a dead parent you would do the same thing Ed and Al did. He and Al paid such a huge price for their actions and it’s so admirable yet insane. And the way Ed shoulders the blame of him and his brother trying to transmute their mother is very heavy. By the end of the series Ed grows immensely. He’s not the same Ed. He’s better by the series end. Ed’s legacy is a little bit more vital than Luffy’s could ever be. 

I’m gonna have to go with Ed over Luffy on this one even though I love Luffy more than Ed. Ed is just a better character all around than Luffy is. Luffy’s backstory is still somewhat of a mystery but once we finally get all the answers for Luffy’s past I’ll bet it still won’t be better than Ed’s. Again I’m not judging shit off power or who would win in a one on one. Luffy would wash Ed. Easy.  Power scaling is different in all these series. Power is not fair to anyone in this except Saitama and Goku.  


This is the Lebron vs Jordan debate in anime in terms of power and head to head combat. I’ve seen this debate 1000 times in person and on the internet. Dragonball Z and Super has no power scale. It’s literally became non existent after the Cell Saga. Dragonball Super suffers greatly from it because the only relevant fighters on Earth are Goku and Vegeta. Even the Dragonballs have lost its meaning they just be wishing for fish plates now like it ain’t shit. I’m gonna exclude power from this one and say that Goku from Dragonball all the way to Dragonabll Z Namek saga is a better protagonist than Saitama. Again Saitama has the better series. It’s not hard to be a better series than Dragonball Z after The Namek Saga and Dragonball Super which is fucking awful too. Goku has a way better legacy which he earned that shit so can’t even hate on that. Goku’s combat ability is insane all across the board. Goku has had better battles but that’s hard to judge cause Saitama had only one true battle. Goku gets this. I don’t really care who would win in a fight but id bet on Goku. 



Goku is the most polarizing character in anime history. Dragonball is one of the most underrated series in anime history. I’ll argue all day that Dragonball is better than Draginball Z and Super. As an adult and going back and watching Dragonball. Way better pacing, story, power scaling, villains, you name it. King Piccolo is one of the most underrated anime villains ever. No one ever talks about him except real hardcore anime heads. Tien in Dragonball is underrated too. Edward loses in every category to Goku and the championship is a blowout. He’s dubbed by the first quarter and gotta get off the sticks. Goku being on here made this easy. 


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