Just in case you were curious, here are the reasons you’re in your own way.


Busy ain’t shit but multi tasking and multi tasking ain’t shit but shit being incomplete. Multi tasking doesn’t make you a genius. Being busy don’t make you look successful or like an entrepreneur. You just a mothafucka who has no concept of time or how to use it to your advantage. Being busy is just another way to half ass the shit you truly should be 100% focused on. There’s a difference between being busy and being productive. You can be busy on bullshit. When you’re productive that means the shit you’re doing is worth it and it’s getting accomplished and helping you progress. Multi tasking slows you down. It’s faster and more efficient to focus on one thing at a time. 


The reason why you haven’t started anything because you let your insecurities shape and mold who you are. It could be something in your past that is painful and has caused you look at yourself in a negative light. This includes your surroundings and the environment that you grew up in. When you overcome your insecurities you unlock your confidence and you’ll take steps towards the life you want to live. You can’t get far if you don’t trust yourself. Insecurity is the obstacle between yourself and that trust. Think of insecurities as the dudes in the house party arguing but they strapped up. You leaving immediately cause you know that shit is not going to end well. Insecurity is the same shit. Leave it behind and go where you want to go because if you stick around and watch your insecurities you will not like the end result. 


The shit you do throughout the day is where your focus lives at. You’ll really know as soon as you wake up. What are you doing when no one’s watching? You focused on everything but what you need to be then you sad as fuck at everyone prospering but you and have the audacity to pretend you don’t know why. You not sad because they’re ahead of you. You’re sad because you know you never even gave yourself a chance. You never truly focused. 


If you claim you have a goal but you do everything but the things you need to do to achieve it then you don’t have a goal. Your true goal is whatever is a priority or make a priority everyday. So if you go to work, eat, sleep majority of the week then your goal is just your job and surviving. If you work, eat, sleep, and travel then your goal is working just for travel. If you work your job, eat, work on a skill or craft, sleep then whatever that craft or skill you’re working on is your goal. People set goals and then sit the goal on the shelf and continue doing everything but the shit that matters to the goal. The goal sounds good until it’s time to travel the road that leads to it. A goal sounds good but living the goal is even better. 


You know you seen that shit so I don’t know why you continuing to proceed with the dumb shit. If you good at drawing and design but you’re terrible at rapping then why in the fuck are you trying to rap? The sign is for you to do something that aligns with what you’re good at. This person is not good for what you’re trying to accomplish. Why are you trying to force them to be a fit in whatever you have going on in your life. Stop ignoring the signs.


If you spend all your time in your head then you have no perspective but your own and you’re not doing the most underrated activity in the world which is listening. Your mind doing all the talking and the only input you have is your own. So if you keeping all the ideas then how will they come to life? If you always live in your head you’ll start to believe everything that comes to your mind that includes the dumb shit you come up with. Once you start to believe that the bullshit in your mind is facts then you’ve officially lost your mind. You will always be your worst critic so why subject yourself to that constantly? Get out of your head and go be around your loved ones. 


But time is though. Time always going somewhere whether you like it or not. Make good use of your time. A lot of you have a fear of missing out. Fear of watching life past by if you not outside. You not missing shit. All this shit will be here when you come back, happy, richer, and complete. It’s the same mothafuckas everywhere you go. They will be just fine without your presence. Your mission is more important. Your goals matter. You can’t afford to fuck around with that. Put the work in. Have the discipline to lock in and get better everyday. What happens when you dedicate 6 months to nothing but perfecting your craft and the bag? Don’t you wanna find out? 


You can have great friends that are detrimental to what you’re trying to accomplish and sometimes they may not even be doing it on purpose. It’s up to you to let them know that. It will always be about who you surround yourself with. It’s the blueprint to success. Make sure the company you keep contributes to the wins more than the losses. 


It’s not perfect is the perfect excuse. Perfectionism is a sure fire way to drive yourself crazy and still not get shit done. Funny thing is that the only one who expects you to be perfect is you. Everybody else don’t give a fuck. They just want what you’re sharing with the world to be genuine. Think about that. 


Say no. Some people just gone have to be offended if you tell them no and choose yourself. Everybody needs boundaries. Boundaries is the way respect is established. When you choose everyone else that’s the easiest way for someone to try and take advantage of you. You don’t need to please everybody. If bitches mad then they mad. You can’t give all of yourself away. You need yourself in order to be the best version of you.


Stop following expectations that you didn’t even set. Trying to fulfill someone else’s expectations won’t do shit for you except make you upset that you spent your time trying to. 


You let your past define you. Yes this person did you wrong. Yes you were in the right. Yes they were fucked up. Okay. What’s next though? Are you going to continue to dwell on the mistakes you made or are you going to get the fuck over it? Stop trying to set sail with an anchor. Stop hoarding all people and situations that contribute nothing to your future. It happened. it broke. Move the fuck on and go be fulfilled.


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