Mvstermind "On The Cusp" EP Release Show. Friday October 21st at Delmar Hall 3133 Delmar Blvd. Tickets available in link below.

I don't know if I'm on the cusp of what I do in my field. Shit I don't even know what I do. Haven't really given it much thought. 

Am I a blogger? A writer? A journalist? Shit, who knows. As far as I'm concerned I'm just a nigga trying to help others and put as much love in the air as possible. 

In Mvstermind's world he feels something great is on the horizon. I can't say that I disagree. 

I met Mvstermind a few years ago when I bought his project A.D.D after he performed. I only had $3 or $4 dollars and I think he was selling them for $10 and he said fuck it "Lemme get that $4."

I wasn't on the cusp of being broke. Nigga I was and I still am but Mvstermind threw me a play. 

Fast forward maybe a year later. I was featured on a album called "Bovember 3" by Bo Dean and I think it was either twitter or Facebook but Mvstermind got in contact with me and showed me a lot of love for my verse featured on that project and continued to support whatever I do today. 

Most artist see another artist and immediately think "THREAT!" Mvstermind didn't think like that. He thought "COLLAB" and I thought the very same thing when I seen him perform. This is how the real operates. There is no competition. There are no threats. The real work with one another. 

Which brings us to now. How can I play my part? How can I help my brother? 

You already knew this was coming. 

5 Reasons to attend "On The Cusp" EP Release Show 


Seoul Taco on the same street. Any time I'm in the loop. I'm going to Seoul Taco. I will find any excuse to go get a Gogi Bowl. On mommas. 

Before I go support my fellow St.Louis artists on Oct 21st. I'm going to go eat like the King I am.


If I'm not mistaken Mvstermind is the first rap artist from the crib to headline this venue. History is necessary especially if it's accurate. Come be apart of history and check out the new venue in the process.


In my opinion he's creating the best music he's ever made at the moment. Definitely growth from the album I bought for $4 when I met him. I want to see the growth of the music in a live setting. Delmar Hall is a huge stage so I expect him to pull out all the stops. 


We have J'Demul, Arshad Goods, Bloom, Eric Donte. All great artists with different styles. 

One person is missing and that's Dante Wolfe. This show is his chance to prove himself and if he has memorable performance his name will ring out all over the city. He's the artist I'm most interested to see out of all the featured guests. 

He has talent but talent isn't enough. I want to see what he does live and with this big of a stage. Not trying to put pressure on the homie but this show is a huge deal for him. I pray he brings the noise because he's capable of doing so. 


Mvstermind always supported me in everything I did since I've known him. Rapping he'd always holla at me to show love. When I started this blog he was one of the first people to tell me he fuck with it. 

I always see him out supporting everyone else so it's time we return the favor and sell this muhfucka out this Friday at Delmar Hall. 


Love, Benny now available