No bitch ass presidential debate on this night. All about Issa Rae aka the love of my life. Trying to be her "Mr.No Fucks" on the highest of keys. 

Okay enough playing (or am I?). Let's talk about "Insecure" Episode 2 "Messy As Fuck." All the episodes of this series all end in "As Fuck." That's real shit right there. I like that.  


Fresh off her incredible grammy performance of "Broken Pussy" Issa is still M.I.A from her apartment and dreading seeing her boyfriend Lawrence for a much needed conversation. She's still with Molly and looking for advice on how to go about dealing with Lawrence. 

Molly is on her path to recovery from having a broken pussy and also trying to find a relationship in a terrible L.A dating scene. 

I'm not really a structural nigga so I'm a just throw out my random thoughts about this episode. 


Issa's refusal to tell Lawrence what she has a issue with is just as immature as Lawrence not being able to see his problems. She doesn't know what she wants but that doesn't mean she can't tell Lawrence what she has a issue with. 

She telling shit to Molly that needs to be told to Lawrence and that's the problem. 

She wants to be something she's not which is outgoing and Miss No Fucks and she wants Lawrence to be something he's not which is ambitious and a urgent individual. 

Their relationship is dry. The honeymoon phase is over and their bond needs a spark. 


Molly has her "Molly Maintenance Day" which is her way to build her confidence back up and putting her broken pussy back together like Humpty Dumpty.  

Molly is trying everything in her power to find a good man and the more she talks about it the more desperate she seems. Hearing her say "You gotta fuck a lotta frogs to get a good frog" made me laugh and cringe at the same time. 

The more dates she go on the more she lowers her standards and she'll never get anywhere like that. Broken pussy or Fully operational pussy it doesn't matter that pussy has power. You set the rules. Your standards shouldn't budge. 

Molly is a catch no doubt. I'd tear that ass up and commit to her in real life. She a lawyer so she got her own money. Apartment downtown. She from the hood. Put that wrap or bonnet on baby, I'm yours. 

She breaks down all the dating apps she's apart of to a curious Issa. 

There was the OKcupid nigga. Aye, a nigga who eat chicken with no shame like that on the first date would take a bullet for you. He was trying to save money too. Bootleg and Chill? BET! Molly just need to bring the wine and it's crackin. 

The tinder nigga had on a shirt that look like a frozen oreo ice cream cone. 

The Hinge date was a Hotep nigga. She threw the pussy at him too. Shiiiiiieet I need to be woke in these streets then. 

She finally meets a good guy. He had on a v-neck sweater with his sleeves rolled up so he gotta be a good nigga right? Anyway the date is going well and Molly is smitten by this guy and to end the date he shoots his shot by saying "You tryna fuck tho?" 

Some might criticize him for that but that looked like honesty to me. I mean he was gonna get the ass after the second or third date anyway so why waste time? It doesn't make a difference. 

Molly runs into a familiar face (Jared) and for the moment she may have found some light in her dating darkness. We shall see. 


I've been there so I know how he feels. You feel like a failure. your friends are kicking life's ass and life has you looking like Deebo laid out on Stanley's front lawn after getting hit with a brick. 

He's allowing his failure to contaminate his relationship with Issa. He needs to go talk to someone but he just continues to be a professional couch potato watching youtube inspirational videos and talk about this business plan. Nigga you don't have a business plan. Get a job. 

He finally tries to reach out to his homie after Issa leaves but niggas don't vent bruh. Seriously we don't vent. We'll just flame yo sad head ass and try to make you laugh and maybe drop a gem on you to take home and think about. True male bonding. 

We see Lawrence friends living totally different lives and having different attitudes than he does so we can see why this nigga sad as fuck. They've lapped him in life. They making moves and he's still a bum. Now that Issa left he's lonely which makes him reflect. 

Lawrence really is dumb as fuck when it comes to women. The confrontation he had with Issa when he ran into her at the Rite Aid store is proof of that. He's so oblivious to the problem. She basically said he's holding her down on EP 1 and he still think the problem is her birthday. 

He has a Steve Harvey DVD box set. No wonder Issa is thinking about leaving this loser. Get you a nigga with a "Martin" box set Issa (R.I.P Tommy). Time to get you a real one. 

All Lawrence has to do is make her a fire ass playlist of some songs she loves and songs that remind him of her. Get her favorite food. Give her that corny Drake birthday card. Dick her down and BOOM! Your relationship gets a 1up like you're playing Super Mario. It's really that simple. Food, Music, and Dick and she's happy. 

Thug Yoda gave Lawrence some jewels before going to watch the "Bare Bears" (Care Bears) with his daughter. Funny ass scene but real. "Yeah, a nigga stuck."


The scenes with Issa at work made me mad. First. Blazer twin lady is a nightmare. I hate people who start talking about work as SOON as I walk into the building. BITCH! LET ME GET MY COFFEE, ONLINE SHOP, AND CHECK MY TWITTER THEN WE CAN TALK ABOUT WORK! 

Issa gives her presentation for her ideas for the middle school kids they're working with and it's half assed and not thought through and all her co workers started coming up with ideas. This is where I wanted to throw my ice cream at my T.V. 

The presentation scene was white people telling black kids how to be black. Scene was real because that's how it really is out here. They tell you what you should be mad or happy about. Tell you how to be offended or what to be grateful for. Shit is annoying. 

No middle school kid wants to see Othello: A Interracial Romance. I wanted to slap the shit out that white boy for suggesting that.

Overall Messy as Fuck was Dope as Fuck. Definitely laughed a lot.

Insecure is my favorite show out for sure. 

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