2008. I'm riding back from the studio to my house listening to a song me and my homies created. Geeked like a muhfucka because people love to hear themselves. You would think we won a championship with how many times we played that song. 

We were B.A.S.I.C (Bad Ass Spittas Incorporated). My bro Marty started it when we were in high school and since they was my niggas I was in it. Even got our own headbands made in Northwest Plaza back then. We thought we were official.

I always compared us to the Sandlot kids because we didn't have a lot of money. A fancy studio or equipment. We just loved to make music just how the Sandlot kids loved to just play baseball everyday. They didn't have a fancy baseball field or equipment either. 

Me and Marty would always go back and forth who's the leader. I didn't want that shit. We brothers we all equal but he would always say I was the best out of all of us so he would tell me I have to lead. 

Benny Rodriguez lead the Sandlot kids so that's why I was called Benny Rodriguez. We were like the Sandlot kids and I was the one batting 1.000 on every verse I rapped. The name just stuck. 

The Sandlot is my all time favorite movie and Benny Rodriguez was a fictional character I looked up to as a kid. The reason why the Los Angeles Dodgers are my 2nd favorite baseball team behind The Cardinals and ahead of the Cleveland Indians. He wore a Dodgers hat and so did I. 

From 2009 to 2016. I was Benny Rodriguez. Today. Benny Rodriguez is dead. 

I'm not responding to that name anymore. Don't call me it. Don't put that name on your flyers if you book me. 

Benny Greenheart lives. 

The biggest reason I had to drop Rodriguez was for legal purposes. I want to start a new business and brand and I don't want another person's name. Especially a fictional person. 

You google Benny Rodriguez and The Sandlot pops up. Not me and that's a problem for what I have in store for my future. It's too common of a name also. I want something unique. This was the first time I created my own name and I'm glad I did. 

When naming shit I make sure that no one has anything similar. Google always helps. Polite As Flannels is something NOBODY had. Benny Greenheart is something NOBODY had. I want my own lane. 

I want it on all my credits in everything I do. Only my checks will say different. 

I know you're wondering how I came up with Greenheart. It was really simple. Green is my favorite color and I love, love so when you combine those 2 things you get Greenheart. The green heart emoji is the most used emoji in my phone. I also wanted a name that really fits my personality and this one does. 

Here's what comes to my mind when I think of Benny Greenheart. 

- A 80's movie character 

- A anime character 

- Terry Bogard's (From Fatal Fury) friend. 

- A artist 

- You can fancy it up like "Benjamin Greenheart." It's the tuxedo t shirt of names. Formal/Party. 

- A name of a parody R&B artist like "Percy Miracles."

- A former Teen heartthrob 

- A late night talk show host 

I've been through so much under the name Benny Rodriguez. Good times. Bad times. It's time to move on from it. I've outgrown it. Rodriguez is dead. Greenheart is alive. 

Love, Benny available now