All I hear is laughter. No other sounds. Just laughter. Everything looks blurry. I don't really remember what happened. Feels like I get hit in the chest with a brick. I don't know what's happening to me. 

Oh yeah that's right. I was joaning and verbally got my ass beat. 

I came to a gun fight with a knife. None of my joans was hitting then the final nail in the coffin was a nigga told everyone "HE GOT THAT OFF IN LIVING COLOR!" That hurt the most because it was true. I bit another person's joke. The truth cuts the deepest. My soul floated away. Even the girl I had a crush on was laughing at me. I'm already ugly but I don't want to be the nigga that's ugly and can't joan. It's no point of being human if I'm that guy. 

I felt like Vegeta from Dragonball Z after his first fight with Zarbon on Planet Namek. I was on the brink of death but I wasn't dead. I lived to fight another day. I will be back. 

I went home and practiced. Yup practiced. I was gone light this nigga up. Starting with those dirty ass bugle boy jeans he wore everyday. I told him his shoes be leaning like that crackhead around the block and his momma look like Darkwing Duck in the face. Not my best work but I was like 8 years old. I'm on god levels with the joans now. 

Just like that niggas fucked with me again. Flamed that boy up like Pyro. 

This was Vegeta vs Zarbon round two and I flamed that boy all the way to another dimension. I'm a saiyan when it comes to joaning. You may beat me but I come back stronger every battle. 

I felt refreshed. I learned a valuable lesson. Persevere! We all take losses. It's all about how we bounce back from those losses. Just continue the good fight. Practice your craft and get back in the game that's what I did and that moment is what made me the man I am today. 

Joaning did all that. It made me a better human being. Here are other things joaning has blessed me with. 


When you a veteran soldier that's been in many joaning wars your skin becomes teflon. It's difficult to offend me or make me mad with jokes. After years of dishing out the worlds greatest joans, I can take them back. I won't get angry. It's all apart of the war. Being called a African Booty Scratcher when I was 6 years old built character and gave me tough skin. 


I think all the friends I have now bonded with me through joaning. People who get offended when you joan on them are not your friends. The people you joan on that start to get personal with you cause they losing aren't your friends. 

The ones that take they licks like a soldier are your friends. They're the people you always want in your corner. Plus they're not super sensitive which means more fun times will be had.


I've seen more people bond over joaning than cups of coffee. St.Louis people come together when it's time to flame a nigga. The crime rate goes down when we come together for joaning. It's such a beautiful past time. 

Like that one glorious day on twitter when all of St.Louis came together like Voltron to flame that Sinbad The comedian looking ass nigga. I shed a one single tear like Denzel Washington in "Glory" because of that moment of unity. 

Every family gathering we have would be boring without joaning on each other. My family be going in on each other and it makes our love for each other stronger. It's our way of showing each other that we care for each other. 

Put the guns down and joan like loving human beings. 


Looks. Personality. Style. They're all great. We look for those in potential partners. I look for two things at the top of my list. Can she shut the fuck up with me and not feel awkward, and can she joan? 

I need a woman that if I'm struggling in the joaning field I have no doubt that I can tag her in and she'll let the choppa off. A lady who can joan on me at the drop of a dime. My girl calling me a "Children's Place Toddler Sweatpants Wearing Baby Faced Ass Nigga" is the sexiest shit ever. 

We have to be like Martin, Gina, Tommy, and Pam in that episode where they had a joaning tag team match. That was deepest form of love we were seeing on that episode. Couples that have each other's back. Working together as a team. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

Having someone who can make you laugh is such a high priority. If you and your partner have the same type of wit and sense of humor that relationship is going to go super far. Don't ever be with someone who doesn't partake in joaning. EVER! 

You ever see a relationship without joaning? BORRRRRRRING!!!!  Save those weak ass non joaning relationships for the couple who have "One Tree Hill" marathon nights and share boxes of triscuit crackers together. 

Me? I want my future girl to joan on me as much as possible even during our wedding if we get married. Our Honeymoon can be a month of traveling to different countries and taking pictures in front of famous monuments of us joaning on each other. Captions of our pics that say .....

"Here we are in front of the Eiffel Tower where she called me a meatball sub head ass nigga." 

Just us going to beaches, hiking, smoking weed, seeing sights, and joaning on each other and joining on the random strangers that we see. The definition of true love. 


Any insecurities I may have don't matter when I'm joaning because the person who is joaning on me is making fun of them in a funny way. It allows me to laugh at myself and love myself better. Joaning has boosted my self esteem. The times I've been joaned on I've said to myself.... 

"Damn, I am a funny looking ass nigga and my life is still so dope! That's tight bruh!" 

It's great to always laugh at yourself. It helps you to not take yourself too seriously. It's healthy to laugh at yourself. Shows you that everyone is imperfect.


When I always feel I'm bout to run out of shit to say I am able to dig deep into my soul to say some creative funny shit. Joaning makes that possible. It brings the best out of your imagination.

You ever be somewhere by yourself and you just start joaning on strangers in your mind and think... 

"Damn that was some creative shit I said! I'm a save that one in my archives for the next nigga that want this wreck." 

That's what joaning does to your imagination it helps it expand. 


I don't know what it is about joaning but it puts me at ease. It's my therapy. If I'm having a bad day joaning just makes it better. Does wonders for my mental health. Just joan, and everything will be alright. 


Love, Benny available now.