Nah. No American Music Awards. Fuck awards bruh. Some real shit went down tonight. Perfect episode title as you can see. Let's get right into it. 


He may have been thinking about that interview but that text he seen been eating away at his soul. I been there bruh. You saw the face of a unsure man in terms of his relationship. He retracing every step of Issa in his mind. Anything that may have been off. He trying to put together the pieces in his mind. 

Issa alarm going off is like a reminder that she texting other niggas. Every sound that Issa phone makes in his presence will feel like Jet Li kicked this nigga in his chest. Reminding him that somebody possibly got the drawls. The trust is broken. You know he was looking up at the ceiling thinking about every woman he could've fucked during the length of his relationship and he didn't because he was a good dude. 

At least he got some morning mouf. That'll make a man forget a murder for the moment if it's immaculate. 


Molly runs into a old friend named Crystal. Molly's bob looking fierce as fuck by the way. She finds out that Crystal has been going to therapy and her mood and perception of Crystal changes quick as fuck. 

She has that look of "Damn bitch you that weak?" This scene is so important to me because this is how therapy is perceived in the black community. I went through depression and looking back on things I wished I would've went to therapy. I should've got help instead of thinking it was some pussy shit to do for a man. 

This scene was key to the whoooooole episode. 


Lawrence kills his interview with the tech company and they offer him a job on the spot. Issa is excited and has Monkfish dreams and Champagne wishes. Lawrence is confident. He's inspired. He notices that he's ahead of a tech company with major funding in creating a new app. He thinks about not taking the job and put his focus back into his app "Woot-Woot."

Issa's face immediately goes from excited to "Nigga No" when she hears Lawrence debate about not accepting the position. It's not that I think Issa doesn't believe in him. I just think she doesn't give him any options. She can still tell him what she thinks he should do but as a man I think I would like to hear my woman say "I support you and I'm behind you 100% on whatever decision you make."

For what he's trying to do he has to take a risk and Issa wants him to play it safe. She thinks that nigga will go right back unemployment checks and redbox nights on the couch if he doesn't take this job. She doesn't trust this "New" and "Motivated" Lawrence. 


Issa's fundraiser for her job is finally here so she's running around getting prepared looking like a fine ass mint chocolate chip bar and Molly shows up to support and tells Issa that she ran into Crystal. Not the one with the heavy titty ring but their R.A from College. 

Can we find a way to write in Big tittied ring Crystal on the show? Sounds like a interesting character with depth. I'd like to meet this legend.


Molly tells Issa that Crystal goes to therapy and even mocks Crystal's progress and Issa implies that Molly should try therapy. Now that's a real friend. She know Molly got more problems than a Maury show guest. After hearing Issa's thoughts, Molly morphs into this super siddity bitch for the remainder of her time at the party. 

Molly complains about the drinks. The bartender serving the drinks. The smog. The fact there are no dudes for her crazy ass to scare off. Disrespected the kids teacher Justin. Every bad quality about Molly just came out at the fund raiser. We saw the reason why Kathy Bates from "Misery" has a better shot at getting a man than Molly does. 

I think the saying is "Beauty Is Skin Deep?" Well, Molly's attitude and behavior is proof of that shit. She's a 10 with a wack ass snobby personality and attitude. Full blown diva with a broken pussy on the rampage. Damn shame. 


My TV began to shake. I don't know what the fuck was going on. Like the ground was shaking. Then I realized this nigga with the heaviest facial structure of the past 62 years appeared on my TV screen.

Punk ass Daniel. The nigga with the jawline of Gaston from Beauty And The Beast. Bruh this nigga facial structure has the strength of a V12 engine. This dude pops up unannounced again and has the nerve to be sporting a hoop earring and a long blazer jacket. The fuck is you tryna be bruh? Blade? Geoffrey from Fresh Prince? Boy quit keeping maintenance on that mohawk and go see the tailor for that suit. Look like he got that suit fresh off the rack. 

The one great thing Molly does is intercept Daniel before he finds Issa. She held it down by doing that because Lawrence is there and a possible drama situation could ruin Issa's fundraiser and job. 

Issa goes to speak to Daniel and tells him he needs to leave. This nigga can't take a hint like a deadbeat dad can't take his kids to basketball practice. BRUH IT'S BEEN 3 WEEKS SINCE YALL SPOKE!!!!! Nigga I can get a whole passport in that time frame. Nigga that's almost 2 bi weekly paychecks. SHE DON'T WANT YOU BRUH! You hit it. Now just move on. 

Get this RL from Next looking ass nigga the fuck outta here. "Butta love" and "Too close" head ass boy. 

Issa took this nigga soul like Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat when she told him "You just a itch that I needed to scratch." That boy gone cry in the car like Red and I'm sure he the type of nigga to make a diss song to express himself so expect those struggle rappers he work with to put something together with him.

Probably a Facebook post with a subliminal shot at Issa too. Weird nigga shit. 

Lawrence like a G just peeping the whole thing and he smoothly goes and pretends like he waiting for a valet and he asks Daniel what is his connection to "We Got Yall" and Daniel says he doesn't have one anymore. Lawrence needed the verification and he got it. Something went on between Issa and Daniel and he can finally do something. Lawrence handled everything like a G this episode low key.  


The fight of truth has begun. Issa confronts Molly about how she been acting like that chick in the "Nuthin But A G Thang" video. You know the one they sprayed 40's on cause she was acting all saddity and shit? Yeah that was Molly. 

Issa tells Molly about herself. Shit she needed to hear and it felt like Issa been WAITING to get that shit off her chest. Everything she said about Molly was true but the crazy part is everything Molly fired back at Issa was true too. It was a argument that needed to happen. Issa then takes Molly's soul with "You mad I can keep a nigga?" GOOOOOOOT DAMN!!!!! LMAOOOOOOOO!!!! FATALITY!!!!!!!! RUTHLESS!!!!! I caught the holy ghost like Mama Payne from Martin when I heard Issa say that shit. She was snatching souls all night. 

All these niggas need doctors. ALL. OF. THEM. First Daniel need a doctor for his heart and to chisel down his jawline to normal human structure. Molly needs therapy. Issa and Lawrence need couples therapy. The only sane mothafucka in my eyes is Kelli big fine funny ass. Drinks, Jokes, Sex. Life's simple joy's. Kelli gets it. 

Molly hands out a final fuck you and leaves the party. Did she take her ass home though? 


She pops up unannounced again at Jared's house. Like a psycho. This is the scene where it's clear Molly needs therapy. She belittles Jared, talks in circles, and completely misses the point of why she's unbearable. Jared like a real one doesn't want to hear it and closes the door in Molly's face. 

I never been more proud of a waffle colored nigga in my life. Props to Jared. 


Issa thought she was off free. Nope! Come home with the champagne. Thinking the nightmare is over. Nah! Lawrence sitting in the dark waiting like a father who got a call from his child's school that his kid been acting up and he just waiting for the school bus to pull up and his kid to walk in the house. Belt in his lap. Simply tell the kid "I heard you been cutting up today" as he closes the blinds on the windows before handing out a ass whooping. 

Lawrence gets straight to the point. No bullshit. "Who's Daniel?" 

Issa right on cue says "Hmm?" You know she heard that nigga loud and clear. Caught that ass off guard. Lawrence is too focused. He asks if she fucked Daniel and Issa admits to it. 


Yeah I'd be shocked and pissed if my girl fucked a nigga that look like a goomba from Super Mario Bros with a mohawk too. 

Yup that's a goomba. 

Lawrence reacted like any man would and he chose the smartest option in that situation and that's getting the fuck out of that crib and leaving Issa crying by the door like a 90's R&B music video. A fitting end to the episode. Issa's failure to confront things immediately has finally caught up to her. 

Lawrence I don't know where you're going. Maybe a hotel. Strip club. Tasha's house. I have a mini playlist for your feelings and your drive to wherever you're going that may help you during this time of hurt.  

  1. "I Hate You Bitch" - Z-Ro 
  2. "I Shoulda Cheated" - Keyshia Cole 
  3. "Fuck It" - Eamon 
  4. "My First Love" - Avant feat Keke Wyatt 
  5. "Fuck You" - Cee-Lo
  6. "What Goes Around" - Justin Timberlake
  7. "Irreplaceable" - Queen Beyonce 
  8. "Stutter" - Joe feat Mystikal
  9. "No More" - Ruff Endz
  10. "Bitches Ain't Shit" - YG feat Nipsey Hussle & Tyga 
  11. "Fuck You" - Lil Wayne feat Big Tymers
  12. "Overture Of Foxy Brown" - Willie Hutch
  13. "Like That" - Webbie 

The last song is the start of your hall pass period Lawrence. Go find Tasha and play "Like That" while recreating the DMX & Keisha sex scene from "Belly" and hold Tasha titties to the sky like Rafiki did Simba in the Lion King over that cliff. You have arrived Lawrence. You have arrived. Cue the kermit gif!  

Lawrence: I just need to cool down. I'm a go back to Issa after I'm calm. 

Evil Lawrence: Yes.. after you calmly you hit Tasha from the byke. 


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