I'm a make this short. 

You know the saying "People come into your life for a reason" well it pertains to what I'm writing now. 

In 2014 my homie Adrian text me about a trip he was putting together to go to New Orleans asked if I wanted to go. I hesitated because I was already going to SXSW the week before the date of the trip. I said "fuck it" and agreed to go. 

Best decision ever. 

It was the best decision because I met 2 of the coolest young niggas ever on that New Orleans trip. My homies Rell Brodie and Roach. These 2 changed my way of living and thinking. 

I've become more social since I've been around these two. I've learned not to take myself or life too seriously from them. They showed me that life is just one big jam and jugg. 

This blog wouldn't be anything in St.Louis without their help and support and I truly mean that. They put so many people in the city onto my blog and that's real shit.   

People my age and older have this mindset that you can't learn anything from younger people. It's false and a good way to stay stagnant if you believe that. You can learn about life from a 4 year old child and be amazed. My homies have given me this new energy and outlook on life and I'm thankful for it. It saved my life. 

They're on their way to California for a lil while to showcase their special talents to the people of Los Angeles. I love y'all, safe travels, learn, grow, come back even better rappers, and in the words of the great Fatman Key. 

"Give Em Hell."