As I walked into Best Buy with my fist raised in the air like Tommie Smith and John Carlos in the 1968 Summer Olympics. I slowly lowered my black fist as employees looked at me like I was a psycho. I'm perfectly sane ladies and gentlemen. I'm just celebrating a win for all the nice faithful guys in the world such as myself. We didn't finish last. 

This wasn't revenge. This was justice. 

I looked around and simply took in the fresh smell of carpet, appliances, marijuana, and victory like

Well the kush was because of me. I smoked a nice victory joint in my car before I entered Best Buy. A victory joint for the #LawrenceHive. I'm not a big smoker but this was a big occasion. Our leader Lawrence The Gawd hit a buzzer beater 3 pointer in the championship. Left the opposition in tears like Kevin Durant in the 2012 NBA Finals and like my bro D.Will said "Left his best buy shirt hanging in the closet like a retired jersey in the rafters."

After strolling around the store like George Jefferson I go over to the cashier (Beautiful black woman by the way) to purchase "Office Space" on Blu Ray and she asked me

Cashier: How are you doing today?

Me: I am feeling like a WINNER on this beautiful Monday. How are you? 

Cashier: *Smiles at me* I'm good, thank you. This all you need today? 

Me: Yes. Oh yeah before I forget. I need that shirt you're wearing in a medium if you got any in the back. Thank you. 

Cashier: *Laughs* Wait, What? 

Me. I need that blue Best Buy polo in a medium. Name a price. I know you got a box full in the back. Get on ya walkie talkie and holla at one of the homies in the yellow shirts so we can talk price. 

Cashier: You are so serious. *Laughs*

Me: Yes mam I am. I plan on wearing this to my homie Smino show on Dec 23rd. It's called "Kribmas" and it's at the Old Rock House downtown near Busch Stadium. You should come to that but back to my Lawrence jersey. What's good? 

Cashier: I'm sorry we can't sell our uniforms. OMG you're too funny. 

Long story short I didn't get the shirt but I got a homie that work there and I'm sure he can get me one so nigga it's about to be crackin. I'm wearing that shit everywhere I go. 

I say all that to say everyone keeps asking me what I think will happen on Insecure season 2. I don't really know BUT I do have a wish list of things I would like to happen. Like to hear it here it goes. *Calhoun Tubbs voice*


As we seen Molly go on date after date in season 1. I would like to see Issa meet new people in season 2. The 2 men we've seen Issa deal with she has history with. She's familiar with them. She already asked Molly about the dating apps before so I think it's time for her to check them out. Time to dabble in the unfamiliar. 

Issa's awkwardness and random dates would make entertaining television. 


After the verbal barrage in the hot tub from Tiffany and Kelli I think that's enough to push Molly to seek help. Molly's stubbornness meeting the mind of a therapist. It writes itself. She looks down on therapy also so that dynamic would be fascinating. Will she hide it from Issa and others if she does decide to go? Would it be something that she does to get back with Jared? There are so many routes this could take. 

Molly in my opinion is the most complex character on the show. She has everything outside of her dating life in order and that's what makes her interesting. When it comes to Issa I kind of know what I'm getting. Molly is a wild card. 

I always think "How can a lawyer be so naive and make so many bad decisions when it comes to people?" I want to see Molly's breaking point and what makes her tick besides getting dick. I think therapy will bring that out of her. 


As announced the always hilariously drunk Kelli will have a steady role in season 2 and call me crazy but I want Kelli and Issa to be roommates. Shit, Lawrence not coming back so they might as well make that happen.

I like their chemistry and I think more comedic magic can happen if they have more scenes together. The thought of them living together makes me laugh out loud. 


As much as I like Tasha (Especially them titties) I don't really see her and Lawrence working as a couple. We've only seen maybe 3 full scenes minus the scene with her arching that thang like where I'm from (Word to my bro Smino and St.Louis). 

We haven't seen Tasha's flaws. We've seen every other character flaws but hers so i'm sure it's about to fuck Lawrence up when he sees it.

Just like I want to see Issa date other people. I want Lawrence to do so also. I highly doubt he jumps into another serious relationship after being with someone for years. He got a new job. New money. Might get a new place. He gotta play the field. It's the fun thing to do.  Do it for the hive oh great one. 


For the love of god I don't wanna see Issa run back to Daniel. Lord you granted me one miracle on the season 1 finale please do me another solid. I'm a vegetarian now. Celibate too. I gave up chicken and cheeks for the moment you gotta return the favor lord. 

The dialogue between them is so "blah." The game he got super weak too. He has the game of 19 year old college kid. It's boring as fuck. No laughter and their chemistry is the equivalent of hearing Ben Stein talk for 8 hours. 

I wonder if the guy who portrays Daniel on the show ever reads what I say about his character. He probably wanna throw hands with me. I don't blame him. 


Hello? May I speak to Issa? This is Tasha. You might not know who I am ........

Alright technically Tasha is not a side piece. She's not Shirley Brown but these two gotta meet. The universe works like that in reality. They're so different and I think their personalities will clash and action aka "dem hands" could be a possibility. More from Tasha's end of course. Issa is a lover not a fighter. Something immature would most definitely happen between those two. 

Tasha look like the type to FUCK YO CAR UP. Something petty gotta happen. It just makes sense.


I would like to see Issa realize the little things she looked over. Yes ultimately Lawrence left because of the cheating but it was a lot of little things Issa would do that were alarming.

The lack of faith. The dishonesty. Lack of communication until it's too late. She might need to go to therapy too. She has to start communicating to others like how she communicates with mirrors but if she does that we'd have no plot so there's that.

Show my list to that fake nigga Santa Claus and also tell me what you would like to happen on season 2. I'm interested in your predictions/wishlist. Get at me on twitter @jayjaybenny. Love yall.