The picture above is The Straw Hat Pirates from the anime "One Piece." The reason I posted this picture is because they're a force. Why? It's because they buy into Luffy's (middle) dream and Luffy buys into their dreams. It's what makes them strong. The support they show one another is the foundation of their strength. 

I performed a week and some change ago at a friends show and after many conversations with homies and new people I met that night I pondered something the whole ride back home. 

"Should I even promote anything anymore?" 

I asked myself this cause not a lot of my people came through and it's not just that show I was thinking about every show I've done the past 2 years. 

I didn't feel any type of way about the shit because I'm going to do me.

I wasn't mad or sad but I really started to wonder who is really there for me. The rap shit I don't care about. I'm transitioning out of it but the writing shit I do care about. A lot.

Are people there for me at all? It's one of the scariest questions I've ever asked myself. 

About a month ago a friend of mine tried to come see me perform. She missed my set by just minutes but I didn't care. She tried to come show me love and that meant so much to me. I made a pact to help and support her whenever I can. No matter what. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is .....

Why do we not support our friends endeavors unless it involves us? 

Do we resent them or what their business is subconsciously? Do we not care? It's a conversation I think society needs to have. 

Are we going to be there for each other for every event? No, of course not. We wouldn't want it that way. We want each other to have lives. The world doesn't revolve around a single human. 

This happens to me a lot but I just think it's really weird for people to come up to me when they see me and say they fucked with something I did whether it be music or writing and they never helped me share it or put other people on to it. Shit I couldn't tell if you liked it. You never showed me on the various platforms where it mattered the most. 

Don't get it twisted I'm very thankful when people come to me and praise my work. I'm grateful but I'd be lying if I didn't say that shit didn't bother me. 

This is where I finally realized that everyone doesn't think the same or are raised the same. 

When I like something someone created. I'm sharing it. I'm showing other people. I want to put as many people onto the creation as I can. It's really brings me joy to do that. 

If you're selling something and I fuck with you I want to be your first customer. If I don't have the duckets (money) I'm not going to ask for what you're selling for free. I'm going to help you push your business instead. I'm going to get people hip to it. It's how I'm wired. I love to help. 

I'm so loyal that I think it scares the people I'm loyal to. They think I'm crazy. It's just how I am. I'm a rider. Period. I've never been comfortable on the fence, you KNOW if Benny fucks with you. I'll alter my life to help someone out.  

It really makes me upset that I can see someone selling or sharing creativity and I see people liking the fuck out of it but not sharing it. The sharing is what counts. Not the likes. The sharing reaches people the creator may not be able to reach. It helps them grow. 

I see a lot of businesses on Facebook. Some from my family some from friends. I don't press "Like" I SHARE them. Sharing kills 2 birds with one stone. I obviously liked it if I'm willing to share it. Simple. 

On Twitter I'm retweeting shit. Not liking it. Me liking it won't do shit for you but if I retweet it maybe someone I know who you don't know will become a fan of your work. I want to help you. I don't want your art or your business all to myself. I want the world to join me in enjoying it. 

I can talk about meaningless shit or some negative shit and people will share or retweet it 1000 times over but let it be something I need support for. The crickets will arrive. 

We sit and retweet and share celebrities shit left and right. Read their bullshit from sun up to sundown but when it comes to people who we really claim we fuck with and people who really care for us we don't show them the same love.

We happily put more money in millionaires pockets but not in the pockets of our friends who are in the trenches grinding with us. We share more things of the celebrity that's been on every talk show on television but can't share the work of our homies? It's ass backwards. The celeb is set. You and your friends aren't.

I don't care if I don't even like what my friends are pushing I'm going to help get it out there.  

It comes full circle too. It's like clockwork. The person who never supports shit I do wants me to support their shit. It never fails. I'm just going to tell them "Ask those celebrities that you support 24/7 to support your work." 

Actually I won't say that. You know what I'll do? I'll actually support them anyway cause that's how I dog it out and that's how I rock. 

Another thing people have to stop doing if they really want to support someone is stop calling the shit they're into "little." 

Their dreams aren't little by any fucking means. Neither are mine. I take this writing shit seriously. I'm out here broke cause of the sacrifices I make for it. I love this shit so much.

All forms of writing I take seriously. Screenwriting I'm a rookie at but I write and study everyday to improve. Blogging, I write everyday to improve. This shit my life. My life not fucking "Little." 

It's not a "Little" rap thing. It's not a "Little" paint thing. It's not a "Little" DJ thing. Older people have a tendency to do this the most and if you want to piss me off call a craft I'm passionate or someone else is passionate about "Little." 

It's not just with creativity either. Show them support in life period. You never know what someone is going through. Check on them. Shoot them a text. Call them. Email. Whatever.

I did that a few weeks ago and the person I checked on was glad I checked on her. She was going through some shit. 

This is the rare time I agree with Kanye West and one of his rants. The rant about him wanting a call from Jay instead of a text. I actually agree with having a problem with that. Some shit warrants a call and that situation was one of them. 

When I lost loved ones this year and people found out and reached out to me that shit made me feel so much better. It's nice to have people in your corner. 

Fuck all that "I'm in my own world" too cool shit. 'I'm too busy" shit. Everybody keep their phone in their hands scrolling down their social media of choice every fucking day and doing dumb shit. You're not busy. Check on people. You could make someone's day or save a life. 

I say all this to say SUPPORT YOUR FUCKING FRIENDS, GIRLFRIENDS, BOYFRIENDS, WIVES, HUSBANDS, KIDS, FAMILY, whatever. If you fuck with them then show it. Don't do it when it's too late. 

There's your goal for 2017. You're welcome.