I'm browsing on my Hulu account and I see they had some recommended shows for me so I start reading the description on all of them. 

A few shows I felt I would be interested in. My Hero Academia was one of them. I pressed watch episode 1. 

Not even a minute in I was already hooked. I knew I would be in for a ride. 

I am going to make this spoiler free so if you haven't watched the series yet you can read on. 


Izuku Midoriya is a kid who worships the ground superheroes walk on. He lives in a world where 90% of the population have "Quirks" which are superpowers. Unfortunately Izuku is in the 10% of the population that didn't acquire a quirk. He's Quirkless so he's bullied and made fun of by his peers. 

After seeing a childhood friend (I use that term loosely) and bully named Katsuki get attacked by a villain. Izuku is the only person that made an effort to save Katsuki despite being a quirkless kid. The world's greatest hero "All Might" sees this heroic effort from this quirkless kid and takes him under his wing. All Might offers him a quirk of his own called "One For All." Izuku journey to being a superhero begins. 



A very shy and selfless kid who was born without a quirk so he was bullied all of his childhood. Despite that he will go out his way to help anyone. He's very knowledgable and he loves to study superheroes since he doesn't have a quirk of his own.  


A ego driven jerk who was Izuku's childhood friend and bully. He has one of the cooler quirks where he can make things explode with his hands. He has a goal to be the world's strongest hero and doesn't care who he has to hurt mentally or physically to get there. He's a kid who's all about himself, believes everyone is beneath him, and wants all the glory. 

He gave Izuku the nickname "Deku" which meant that Izuku was capable of doing nothing. As time passes Katsuki learns more about himself and Izuku which may make his future very interesting. 


I don't want to say much about All Might because it will feel like I'm spoiling it for those who haven't seen the series. The role he has is very important. Let's just say he's the Superman of the town. He's also Izuku's mentor. 


She is Izuku's best friend and the first girl Izuku has ever talked to in his life. Her quirk is "Zero Gravity" which allows things to float if she touches them. She can't use the power too much or she gets sick. 

She helps Izuku gain confidence and accept his nickname as "Deku." She was the only person who was very welcoming towards Izuku outside of his Mother. 


This is one serious dude. Everything he does is serious and with urgency. He is always striving for perfection. He started out being on Izuku's case but after seeing Izuku's selfless nature he befriends Izuku. The quirk he has is "Engine." He has engine boosters in his legs that allow him to move at high speeds. 



- I like how immediately when the story begins you see the protagonist weakness. It's established right away and when that happens in TV shows, movies, anime, you know you're in for a good watch. You sympathize with Izuku the moment he's introduced. He's not Goku. He's not a guy who extremely gifted and rarely fails. He's the underdog and everyone loves a good underdog story. 

- The animation is super crispy. I felt like I was watching a graphic comic. Everything is so detailed and cool looking. The costumes. The buildings. The villains. It's just very thought out and amazing. 

- The character motivations are really key in this series. Everyone has a goal whether it's good or bad. Some motivations we're not sure about but that makes the series enjoyable because we want to know the fate of that character. We get a huge motivation from the antagonist in the first season and we don't know the purpose behind it so that mystery will keep people tuned in. 

- The rivalry of Izuku and Katsuki is real Goku and Vegeta like so that makes the times they're together very fun to watch because you have two personalities on opposite ends of the spectrum. Even though their goals are kind of similar the motivation for their goals are worlds apart. I really enjoyed rooting against Katsuki because he's an asshole. The kid is just a dick. Izuku is easy to cheer for. The odds are stacked against him and he was bullied. We love seeing the people fight back against the bully. 

- The villains powers were very dope. I don't want to spoil anything so I don't even want to say any of their quirks but the last few episodes you see some very dark and devastating powers from these villains. I really loved how dark and deranged the villains were at the end of Season 1. Very great watch. 


- There were times where they would flashback to things we already seen in some episodes and it was very unnecessary. It's filler. They are padding the runtime when they do that so that is just pointless to me. It's not on "One Piece" or "Naruto" levels with the filler but seeing that the runtime isn't long to begin with it's pointless. 

- This is short. Very short. You could watch the first season in a day no problem. 

- There are so many characters that I pray it won't hurt the series. Some of these characters that are getting introduced we don't even know if they'll be around long so a part of me is like "Why even introduce them to us?" 

- Izuku's and Ochako's dialogue is really off. It can be because of Izuku's timidness but for them to not have many bonding moments is weird to me. Izuku bonded more with a girl named "Tsu" in the first season than Ochako. You'll see what I'm talking about when you watch. 


My Hero Academia is a fun fun fun watch! You will be into it the moment you start. I've decided to go ahead and read the manga because the end of season one has me excited. This series should be huge in the next couple years. 

4 Fruit Snacks Out Of 5.