Here we are. The last week of 2016. 

*Clears Throat* Fuck you 2016. 

Rough year for my family. Great year for my personal goals but my family & friends come first. 

This whole week on PoliteAsFlannels will be dedicated to preparing for 2017.

Today. I will make this short for you. 

3 things you want to be in 2017. 


Yes. You read that correctly. Cool. 

Not the "I have a lambo" cool. Not that "I'm popping bottles in V.I.P" cool. Not that "I'm too cool for everything" cool. Not that "I live in my mind and my own world" cool.

I want you to be that person that makes self respect cool. I want you to make love cool. I want you to make God and spirituality cool. I want you to make knowledge cool. I want you to make changing your paradigm cool. I want you to make failing cool. 

"Why make failing cool?" I'm sure you asked yourself that. 

I want you to make failing cool because it shows me you're taking risks and you're trying. No one moves through life unblemished. No one has Floyd Mayweather Jr's boxing record in life. The person that's giving their all and failing that's the person I want on my team. I'll take a person failing repeatedly over a person who's just sitting, talking, planning, and never acting upon things. 

I sat back watching Denzel Washington interviews one night and I think his approach to life is just cool. He makes faith cool. He makes God cool. He makes excellence cool. Everything he does is cool and that's what I want to be. Cool. 

I want to pull up on blocks and have kids point and say "That's Benny." I want kids to say I'm cool because I helped them, gave them money to go to the corner store, help them deal with peer pressure, helped them deal with bullies. Show them things besides the streets. Let's make being there for our youth cool because they don't have much to look up to. We can't be upset at them for looking up to bad people and things when we're not even stepping up to the plate ourselves. Let's talk to the youth and try to understand them better instead of dismissing the way they think. 

I want you to be so cool that you redefine cool. Let's make our community cool. When someone asks you "Do you love your job?" I want you to say with excitement, "YES! IT'S COOL!" Be everything cool in 2017. 



You want to live and be righteous. 

Not the religious righteous. I'm talking righteous in a sense that you're living your life on your terms in a positive manner. 

When you're a blessed to see another day and you think about what you have to do for the day. Is it a good day? Are you doing what YOU want to do? Are you doing something you don't want to do the majority of it? When you're living righteous you're doing what you want to do. Regardless if you're broke or not. 

You want to be righteous. Being true to yourself is living righteous. People tell me what's the right or wrong way to write. Well, I don't give a fuck about what way is wrong or right. I'm doing it the way that makes me happy. Why? It's because I want to live and be righteous.

You've seen the end of Pulp Fiction right? "The Bonnie Situation?" Jules (Samuel L Jackson) cheated death. 6 shots. Close range. None of them touched him or his partner Vincent. Divine Intervention from God gave him a second chance. 

Jules heard God loud and clear and he set out to live righteously immediately. He declared his hitman days to be over after he delivered Marcellus Wallace's briefcase. He did quit. Vincent did not quit and did not walk righteously which lead to his fate. 

It had nothing to do with the money anymore. Jules said it best "God got involved." He had the choice to quit and live righteous or go out like Vincent. Jules path of righteousness began after he was robbed by Ringo in the diner and instead of killing Ringo after he gained the upper hand he gave Ringo all the money in his wallet and let Ringo and his wife walk out the restaurant alive.

You want to live righteous. Like Jules.



I want you all to be polite. Not because of me and the name of this blog. I really want you all to be good polite people. 

I spared a lot of people's feelings and held back a lot of ass whoopings in 2016 and you know what? It felt great. Anger didn't get the best of me. My focus was the MVP for me personally in 2016. 

I want you all to be polite and I want you to ask yourself 2 questions before you go to bed at night. 

  1. Did I help myself today? 
  2. Did I help someone else today? 

Everyday of 2017 I want you to answer yes twice as much as possible. 

We're Cool, Polite, and Righteous in 2017. Give yourself and the world CPR!