A POLITE REVIEW: TheKnuckles - SET 1

A POLITE REVIEW: TheKnuckles - SET 1

It had to be around this time last year I was in the studio with my young'n Enigma (Artist/Poet) and my bro Cue (Artist/Producer). Doing the usual shit before recording just talking bout our lives, drinking, smoking, shooting the shit. Enigma just kept talking and talking about the unreleased music Rocky and Aloha let him hear. Every time I seen Enigma he would talk about it. He would explain it on some Dr.Claw from "Inspector Gadget" mixed with Mr.Smith from "Hey Arnold" mysterious shit so of course I was intrigued. Rockwell Knuckles, A Lyricist who's flow is as unorthodox as The Art Of Drunken Kung Fu and Aloha Mi'Sho, a Sensual Vocalist with the appeal of the "Around The Way" girl LL rapped about in 1990 is a odd combo. Definitely a rare duo in St.Louis. I was interested to hear how their styles meshed. 

I forgot what venue or event I was at I think it was "PoeFest" (Tefpoe event) but Rocky and Aloha performed one song together and after the song I was like "What in thee entire fuck did I just hear?" I never heard anything like it especially out here in St.Louis. Just a range of emotions. Passion. Spiritual. Chilling. The crowd had the same feeling. No one knew how to react to what they were hearing. I'm not saying that in a bad way, that's a testament to how good the track was. Our mind and bodies were not prepared. For my anime fans it was like when Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing was trying to get used to the ZERO system in his mobile suit. For those not familiar with any of that nerd shit basically The ZERO system is a technology that can predict future outcomes of battles at the highest probability and it can cause hallucinations and insanity because the human brain experiencing it doesn't know how to process that much raw data. Heero finally learns how to control it and properly use the data that the ZERO system gives him and he can jam on the battlefield. Rocky and Aloha's "SET 1" is like that. I heard it and I finally know how to vibe to what they're making. I understand what's going on. The track I heard live that night was "Laundromat."


Pink Floyd had the song "Money." A favorite of mine. "Laundromat" is our version. We all want money and power right? The vocals from Aloha are eerie but soul lifting, Rocky animated flow has you hooked, and holy santa claus shit when those drums come in on this song you might catch the holy ghost like Mama Payne when she found out Martin and Gina fled from Detroit to get married without telling her. One love to Trifeckta for the production. Fucking incredible shit. 


Well. Some poor soul got Dominique LaRue'd. Got caught slipping leaving the nightlife with a woman he thought he was scoring with, she seduces him and he becomes a lick. Rocky spits vicious lines of the operation. "Doing it wrong is what made Gucci a legend." Gah Damn. Gah Damn. A couple in love pulling robberies. I love how Aloha comes in on this track very seductive and is singing her role in the setup. Beautifully evil. 


If god was throwing a rager I'm positive she (I believe God is a woman) would have "One God" on the playlist for the rager properly named 'Heavenpalooza." Darling there is only one god continuously being looped is catchy as fuck. I wouldn't be upset if Rocky attempted to crowd surf performing this. This beat just hits hard and has this EDM feel to it. Can't wait to let my white homies hear it so they can jump awkwardly off beat to it like Rob Gronkowski. 


Another song where genres are mixed and it just works. The kush man prices went up so guess what? D-VON!!!!! GET THE BOTTLES!!!! (Bubba Ray voice). The subject matter of this song is pretty simple. Drink. Turn Up. Pass out. Don't remember what happened. Definitely a song I wouldn't mind hearing sober or drunk. 

I really enjoyed this EP and I cannot wait to hear what else TheKnuckles have in the chamber. Congrats Enigma. The music lived up to the hype you relayed so you don't look like a jerk my friend. TheKnuckles are musical blue freeze pops. Listen below!