The inevitable Netflix browse. You know when you're chilling trying to find something to watch and you literally browse for 10 or 20 minutes and you ultimately watch something you passed over 7 times or you just say fuck it and not watch nothing at all. I do that shit every time I fire up Netflix. I picked "House Of Cards" season 4. I watched 1 episode and literally said "Fuck this" after the first episode. It's a serious show and I wasn't in a serious mood so back to the browsing I went. I saw the photo for "LOVE" with a girl wearing a flannel. I love flannels so I clicked on it and read the description and it seemed like something I would be interested in. I Love, Love ya know? I like the dynamics of love and different relationships. I began to tune in and seen Judd Apatow was involved and I instantly felt I was going to like this show. Judd is really involved in a lot of unconventional love stories. Movies like "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," "The 40 Year Old Virgin," "Knocked Up," to name a few and I liked all those films. It's never really cliche when he's involved so I knew I would give this series a complete shot. It's 10 episodes that range anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes of adventure. I thought the random time lengths of the episodes would throw me off but it didn't. 

The series "LOVE" is about Gus Cruikshank (I have no clue how to pronounce that shit. Looks like the name of a Pirate crew.), and Mickey Dobbs who are two people that met each other and entered each others lives randomly at a gas station named "We Got It Food Mart" after going through bad breakups with their partners. Gus breakup was more on the bounds of dishonesty, smothering, emotional bullying and the inability to just be himself and speak what he feels. He either doesn't say what he feels and hides behind a nice guy's persona or he says what he really feels but always goes back to being nice and considerate as a security blanket. It's to the point where you're not sure if he's actually nice or actually an asshole. He doesn't want to accept his inner jerk. Mickey's breakup is the total opposite and her relationship was TOO honest. No filter. Unapologetic. There was no order in her relationship and a lot of vices were the root of her relationship being that way. Mickey's ex boyfriend Eric will seriously have you scratching your head like "What the fuck?." Gus and Mickey finally meet at the end of episode 1 and the journey begins. 

After the first 2 episodes I see that Gus and Mickey are complete opposites from different worlds. Let's start with South Dakota native Gus (Portrayed by Paul Rust, Co-Creator). Gus is really organized. He likes order. The scenes of him at his job as a on set tutor for a TV show really detail this. Everything is planned he is not a guy who can adjust if things happen on the fly. He can't live in the moment. It bothers him and he goes back to that nice guy security blanket every time it bothers him instead of saying what he truly feels. He won't say what he thinks initially. He pretends to be willing to compromise when he truly doesn't want to. He forces himself (mentally speaking) on the women he deals with and it's draining. He has a sense of humor that is hit or miss. You will think Gus is super hilarious or he will offend the fuck out of you. Gus really confuses me in this series because I don't really know who the fuck he is and I kind of like that. Is he an asshole? Is he a nice guy? One moment he's awkward, shy, worrying, always nervous. The next he's assertive, bold, outgoing, mean. It's really strange but funny.

Gus has quite the imagination also but the weird part is that he can never translate that imagination beyond his aspirations of script writing, and hanging with his friends creating end credit songs for random movies. He only shows it fully when he's comfortable. If he shows that imagination more in his interactions with people then he wont seem to have such a stick up his ass sometimes. The times when he does show people glimpses of his imagination when he's in a uncomfortable setting they usually like him. Sometimes it backfires but that's life and you can't please everyone. In the series Gus has sexual encounters with women guys wished they could fuck and Gus has these sexual encounters while driving a Prius. He drives a fucking Prius. Guys who drive Toyota Prius's usually don't get the opportunity at the type of pussy Gus was introduced to. It's rare as fuck for a Prius owner to be in the situations Gus was in. Gus basically a unicorn. Guys who drive Prius's statistically get Bertie type pussy and marry the first vagina they see in LA. Bertie is Mickey's roommate we'll get to her later. Gus even has a interesting collection of Blu-Ray's. Not cool Blu-Ray's like "Die Hard," "The Godfather," or "Pulp Fiction." Almost all of his collection are chick flicks. Movies like "What Women Want," "Sweet Home Alabama," and "Pretty Woman," Jesus fucking christ he has "Pretty Woman" on fucking blu-ray. I've never seen a movie with Julia Roberts in it except "Oceans Eleven" and as a man I take pride in that feat. 

Mickey. Mickey. Mickey. The most interesting character in the series in my opinion. Gillian Jacobs did an amazing job as Mickey. New Jersey native Mickey like I said before is the opposite of Gus. Look at their hometowns. Completely opposite. She is Outgoing. Can adjust on the fly. No order. She's the anti. Can be quite the Narcissist and liar. She has the vibe of that bad ass popular girl in high school that shits on all the popular kids and every guy wants to fuck. She is an addict of everything. Seriously everything. You'll see if you've haven't watched yet. She is the most dependent independent person I've ever seen. She has her shit together. A job at a satellite radio show. Nice house. Cool retro olive Benz but she does not have it together mentally and always has to have someone around. She hates being alone. Mickey is a human typhoon she destroys everything she comes across and she plays the victim after she destroys shit. When the smoke the clears and the rubble from the destruction is everywhere Mickey will be there as the role of the victim. She is willing to compromise unlike Gus but the fucked up part is that she is only willing to compromise when the situation is already broken and almost beyond repair and drives everyone that she has dealt with insane.

I really like how Mickey's personality never fits her surroundings. It only fits in her house. If she is anywhere else it always seems like she's not supposed to be there and some places she ended up in the series she really didn't belong there. The end of episode 1 she was in a unfamiliar setting and gave a real honest speech about love and perception and it showed you that there is some depth and method to Mickey's madness. Bertie sees the most of this. Bertie (Portrayed by Claudia O'Doherty) is Mickey's roommate who is from Australia and has moved to Los Angeles. A hilarious woman who is very simple and low key a undercover freak. She is like Mickey in terms of being free spirited but she has a lot more courtesy for other people's feelings than Mickey does. Mickey uses Bertie a lot and is basically Bertie always seems to be a pawn in Mickey's twisted life game of chess. She is a manipulator and Bertie is usually her victim in the series. 

If I had to choose my favorites or key episodes they would be Episode 4 "Party In The Hills" and Episode 8 "Closing Title Song" because in both of those episodes Gus and Mickey are in unfamiliar settings and have to adapt. I'm not going to say who fails or succeeds at that task but they were definitely interesting and it highlights how different they are and reveal problems of the characters personalities. 

Gus and Mickey's relationship is based on entertainment. Their behavior is foreign to each other but entertaining to each other and that's where the foundation of their attraction and chemistry is. It's what makes this series interesting. They have totally different interests like their hobbies are opposite but little subtle interests that they share like their sense of humor is in the same ballpark and their taste in home decor is the same. It's literally like that song by Lupe Fiasco called "And He Gets The Girl" on the surface. It's the nice guy with order possibly hooking up with the cool girl with no order but Is Gus really a nice guy? Is Mickey really a cool girl? It's something you have to consider and think about. Labels are deceiving. You're seeing a relationship form in a unconventional way and I'm wondering to myself "How will this work?" It's an experiment. The moment you think they're going to be together in a normal way, in true Apatow form there is a bump in the road, a hurdle. Just when you think normalcy will come in the picture something weird or crazy takes place. There of course is a lot of comedy in the series just like 90% of everything Apatow is involved in. A lot of familiar faces. I think after episode 2 you will be hooked and wonder how can this work? This is a series I'm really interested in what direction the second season will head and what more we will learn about Mickey and Gus. 

I think i didn't have any spoilers in this. I'm proud of myself. Enjoy "LOVE" and LOVE.