You'll be shocked to discover that not every rap fan favorite album is "Low End Theory" or "Illmatic." On this Polite episode of True Life you'll meet one broke ass nigga struggling with being a fan of a rapper who the public has deemed "The worse rapper of all time" and forced to defend that rapper's career in many hip-hop debates in his lifetime. 

Benny is a dedicated hip-hop fan who's favorite past time is listening to "Comin Out Hard" by 8Ball and MJG or "The Shocker" by Silkk The Shocker on repeat while ironing his dickie pants. He sees "The Shocker" as a hip-hop classic album but his peers and close to 97% of humanity do not. Can Benny keep his reputation as a nigga who knows what the fuck he's talking about when it comes to music while enjoying "Charge It 2 Da Game" or will his campaigning for the so called worse rapper of all time result in further shame and contribute to the disappearance of bitches he already didn't have? Is there any hope? Find out next on True Life: I'm a Silkk The Shocker fan. 

The place. U.City. Sleepover. Mike Strickland's birthday party. We were 5th graders. Mike's older brother let us listen to his tapes and cd's. He had all the dope shit. Flesh-N-Bone solo album. We played "Northcoast" like fiftyleven times. We watched Snoop Dogg's "Murder Was The Case" movie. Shit my momma would not want me to watch. This was also the night I first heard Master P. The first song I ever heard was "Is There A Heaven 4 A Gangsta" We stayed up to like 5am playing music, joaning, boxing, watching movies. Out of all the shit we was vibing to that night. The Shocker album stood out the most to me. The album was just so gangsta. I'm not a violent person by any means unless it's called for but that album is just pure ski mask, 9 on your lap, riding around looking for a lick music. Very west coast influenced production wise. I was officially a fan of Silkk that night. I had no money to buy that album. I was salty as fuck.

No Limit took off and of course everybody had a favorite artist. Now my favorite artist was Mac and not Silkk but niggas fucked with Silkk on the block. The albums were fire. Undeniable. The years of 1997 and 1998 No Limit were perfect with the albums. No matter who it was. Every great label have those undeniable 2 years where everybody is in the zone except Death Row they had a strong 4 year run and no one did it like them in my opinion. Silkk was respected. All the girls in my class loved him. All the homies rapped his shit. He was that guy. 

Fast forward to today. Obviously the No Limit we grew up on is long gone. Jail, Death, Retirement, moving on, whatever the cause is. It's over. I'm watching this interview Silkk did recently and I gotta be honest I forgot all about him. He's asked about being on every "Worse rapper list." Surprisingly he takes the question really well and laughs it off. Saying things to the tune of "They just didn't understand me" and "Opinions are opinions." I've been in debates on why Silkk The Shocker isn't as terrible as people make him out to be. People seriously think I'm crazy and question my credibility on knowing good music because of me coming to his defense. To my surprise Dej Loaf put him on her recently released mixtape this year and Silkk killed it. I kept telling people for years this nigga can rap. I'm not insane. 

Don't confuse what I'm saying though. This nigga has had some all time awful verses. See Master P's "Lets Get Em" from his album "Ghetto D." Master P lays down one of his best verses in his career. Mystikal completely snaps and Silkk just comes on and raps the worse verse I've ever heard him rap. Just a clusterfuck of yelling and incoherent lyrics. Luckily he went last on that song. 

You're probably wondering why I'm a fan of this guy. 


Love him or hate him. Silkk has 2 albums I would place in A Down South Top 20 all time albums list. "The Shocker" was just an incredible gangsta debut and "Charge It 2 Da Game" was his monster commercial success album. From the album cover to the music it was just a classic album. The hooks on that album are so catchy and memorable that even if you hate this guy you will find yourself rapping his shit. In my opinion you can't be terrible at rap and have 2 classic albums. Not mixtapes. Albums. Beats By The Pound wasn't carrying these albums either. Like I said the hooks on "Charge It To The Game" was some clever shit. How can a rapper people claim is so bad get 3 platinum plaques and a gold one? 


The biggest thing that causes people call Silkk the worse rapper ever is his inability to rhyme on beat. Yes he rhymes off beat but the lyricism is there. He's had a lot of dope ass verses. "Heaven 4 A Gangsta" remix. "They Can't Stop Us," "Ain't No Limit" with Mystikal. "I'm a Soldier" Intro from "Charge It To The Game." I can name a lot more too. Lyrically he isn't bad it's just he rarely rapped on beat. On his debut album he mostly rapped on beat and rode the production really well so it leads me to believe that was just his rhyme style. A fucked up rhyme style but it was his. E-40 catches the same criticism. E-40 rhyme style throws a lot of people off but 40 is one of the craftiest lyricist hip-hop has ever had. 


Worse awesome movie ever. Whenever you see Clifton Powell in some shit outside the Friday movies you know you about to watch some bullshit. Gary Busey was awful in this shit too. Silkk is without a doubt hilariously terrible actor. He even acts off beat. No rapper can act in my opinion except Tupac Shakur. All rappers are terrible actors. This was when No Limit has too much fucking money and started making movies because they were bored with releasing albums every week for the past two years. Hot Boyz still my shit though. I watch that shit all the time. 


He received a gift on his birthday from the late great Mr.Perfect on WCW during the No Limit Soldiers and Texas Rednecks feud. Silkk has the juice. 


Spitta (Curren$y) did a interview talking about what he learned from his No Limit days and he said the time he went to Silkk's crib changed his life. He seen Silkk's Ferrari's and understood he could get one too. Now judging from Spitta's Snapchat he has over 100 cars. The inspiration worked. 

I don't give a fuck man. Silkk The Shocker will always be a artist that inspired me. 


Benny still plays "The Shocker" like it was released yesterday and plans to put Silkk The Shocker on his next mixtape that he will spam links to on Twitter. 

No bitches have been attained since this True Life episode. Leaving his grand total of bitches at 0.