Yes. Goku and ChiChi were kind of in a long distance relationship. Goku was never home. He was out doing little things like saving the universe from evil villains and dying and being resurrected by the dragonballs so he can go back to ChiChi. Despite Goku never being home, ChiChi stuck by his side. Love prevailed. 

Anyway. When I was 5 years old I moved to Seattle, Washington from St.Louis, Missouri because my father's job relocated him. We lived in Seattle for a year and my father's job had planned to relocate him again to Louisville, Kentucky and my parents had a decision to make. Did my mom want to stay in Seattle? Did she want to go to Kentucky? Did she want to go back home to St.Louis? My parents didn't want me to be in and out of different schools so this is why it was a big deal. My father ended up going to Kentucky and Me and my mom went back to St.Louis. A long distance relationship is born. Their long distance relationship is a little different because they've already lived together, had children, and were already married but they still had to go through the same obstacles. I saw first hand how a long distance relationship works. 

To give a more relatable example. I was in a bar about a couple months ago just chilling minding my business and this drunk guy just starts talking about his life. Didn't ask who the fuck I was, he just started talking to me. I don't mind. He started talking about this woman he was dating and she lived in Boston (I think that's where he said she was). St.Louis is a long fucking way from Boston. He said he's gearing up to move up there in a year. They met on social media and just started messaging back and forth for a year. They had a lot in common and really liked each other so they started a relationship. He was showing me pictures of them together from when he visits her every month and he was just so excited about their future. It was cool to see the guy so happy. I wish those two nothing but the best. I know maintaining a long distance relationship takes a lot of work and I'm sure it had it's up's and down's but if the outcome is the happiness I seen, it might be all worth it. 

I know it has it's cons. Not being able to be with a person you like or love at the snap of your fingers would bother anyone. Settling for face time or other forms of communication to fill the void of them not being there physically in front of you could be tough. Emotionally it's a lot to take in. Bad day you can't see that special person. Good day you can't see that special person. It really takes a strong person to maintain a long distance relationship. Are they worth it? 

Here are some pros of long distance relationships. 


A long distance relationship will truly show if both individuals are committed to making the relationship work. This is a huge step and risk that both individuals are taking. You know how many people just flat out deny being in long distance relationships? A lot of people. They rather just break it off or just deal without being with the person they like and aren't even willing to try to go through a long distance relationship. You both will see if what you have is serious and worth it. 


I think the quote is "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" or is it "Absence?" Who the fuck knows but if I don't see you I will like you more and more. I appreciate you more. Yeah there will be moments where you will wish that special someone was there wherever you are especially after a long day or when you're lonely as fuck but when it comes time to see each other the time we spend together will mean a great deal. Even if we annoy each other during that time it will be okay because we've been apart so long. I like to actually "miss" people. It helps me realize how blessed I am to have that person in my life and the qualities I miss about that person. I always say this but I actually want to "like" my woman more than I "love" her. There is people I love but I can't stand to be around them more than 15 minutes. Why, because I don't like them that's why. If I don't see you it will allow me to see if I actually "like" you. Sitting in my house chilling watching "Hey Arnold" and thinking "Damn I actually like my woman. I don't just love her. She's the one." We also learn how not to be around each other and that will help both of us down the line by preventing us to be clingy and shit. 


In long distance relationships you're going to talk a lot more. It's the only thing you can do for the time being until you reunite. Through all the communication it's the perfect opportunity to be more open with each other. Express more. Learn more. You grow together mentally during this time apart. The openness you can display in a long distance relationship is a very underrated advantage for your future as a couple. 


You're both in two different cities. Hopefully there is a end goal and that's for you two to live in the same city together. What if you both want to move from where you currently residing to another city for both of you to start new in together? What about marriage? Kids? What about what you both want to do for work? Do you both want to start a business together? Do you want a apartment together or live separately? These are all normal things you will talk about sooner or later. In a long distance relationship you both get to plan your future together. You see the road ahead clearer and it sort of puts your relationship at an advantage. 


Some people write each other letters and postcards and shit. You know. The stuff you see white people do in movies. I'm sorry I'm too lazy for all that shit unless my woman asked me to write her letters. I'd send you a care package before I write a letter as if I'm serving in the army or doing a 3 year bid in prison. You can do some shit like pick a tv series to start and watch it and break it down together. You can do the same with music and movies too. Go for face time walks in the park together. E-Harmony commercial shit. 

Not a popular opinion but I'm for long distance relationships. I've seen a lot of them and it's worth the risk for that special someone.