2006 was one of the best years in music for me. Gnarls Barkley "St.Elsewhere" and Ghostface Killah "Fishscale" dropped. Beyonce "B Day." Oh Justin had "FutureLoveSexSounds." Be honest how much vagina y'all got or gave away to "Until The End Of Time" in 2006 and beyond? Young Dro was a rapping crayola box with the sharpener attached and after his verse on "Trap or Kill Yourself" on the "In My Mind" Gangsta Grillz tape Dro was in my top 5. No bullshit. If you asked me who was better in 2006 between Dro and any other rapper I'd say Dro. Dro was the greatest rapper of 2006. Enough about the legend that is 2006 Piney-Apple Suckas Dro. We're here to celebrate my favorite album of 2006 10 years later and a album that was very influential for me. In My Mind by my dad Pharrell Williams. 

When he announced the album was coming I seriously went to class not paying attention to shit. I think I failed that class anyway who gives a fuck. It wasn't more important than "In My Mind." What I remember about it when it was released was that it had horrible first week sales. I was really confused at that time but looking back 10 years ago and realizing where the game was I understood why. Pharrell style wasn't accepted. Fashion or rap style. The production was a little weirder than his usual shit with Chad. Put it this way. If "Number 1" with Kanye dropped today it would be a smash hit. It's in the same realm as "Get Lucky" with Daft Punk. 10 years ago my homies was making fun of that video. Calling them gay. You know the usual shit but I always thought it was dope. Now that style of production and content is acceptable today. Pharrell was just a decade ahead of the game and that's why he's legendary. 

In my shitty green 1995 Honda Civic that whole summer I would play "In My Mind" over and over again. It's full of nothing but braggadocious raps, sex, and thankfulness. Good because that was my life at the time. Except for the braggadocious raps. I was broke as fuck and still am. The rich shit Pharrell would rap about was just motivation for me. This album just means so much to me. It really made me feel like the shit listening to it. 

Pharrell is a very slept on lyricist. Especially on the In My Mind Prequel Gangsta Grillz tape. The punches he has are very sneaky and clever. It's shit that will go over your head and then you catch it later and just laugh. He has an unorthodox delivery and he mixes his intellect with his flyness and it just works. 

I want to just share how I feel about my favorite songs on one of my all time favorite albums. 



Greatest motivational song for me personally. I remember when Pharrell was promoting the album he was really telling everyone they could do it too. Every chance he got while wearing the fattest colored chain and colored grill he was letting people know that they could have what he had and do what he did. At one point I used to play this song every morning just to get my mind focused and bring in that optimistic energy. Never met a human that didn't like this song. 


Ah yes I call this song the creeper song. I mean Jay-Z is rapping about bagging a 19 year old and he had to be in his mid 30's when this was made. It's legal but I just think it's hilarious because Hov is rapping as a sugar daddy. The production is either something the late great Michael Jackson passed on from Pharrell or Pharrell just wanted to have that MJ feel. This song makes me want to moonwalk in my church socks around the house. The second half is "I Really Like You" which the production and song structure is Stevie Wonder influenced. I love this song because it's really how I feel when I like a girl. 


A song about realizing that "That Girl" is the one. Falling in love is some dope shit. Snoop and Pharrell are undefeated. The video for this was fly too. Pharrell singing his heart on a beach about the shorty's he gotta give up for the one. Incredible. Prime Lauren London. Beautiful. Uncle Charlie braids with the Ne-Yo hat. Magical. Someone put him on the grill to watch the ribs. The perfect 2 step song. 


This is the only song I've ever heard in life that makes me want to light candles all around the room and make passionate love to a woman. If you know me that's not my personality at all. I'm used to fucking while Hey Arnold on my tv playing in the background. 


One of my favorite Pusha T verses. Every man has been through that situation. "I've been disappointed by every bitch I ever had." What man has not had that moment? The production is so fucking smooth. The bridge was perfect on this too. I just want to play this with my future shorty while she plays in my hair. =) 


It's awesome to hear a artist give praises to the most high especially in a industry where people always try to hide their faith. This song really allows me to look at the good and bad in my life and appreciate my life. He truly is the greatest. This song definitely added on to the respect I already had for Pharrell. 

10 years later and I still play it 10 times a week. Thanks Dad.