Above this is a clip from one of my favorite movies all time Pulp Fiction. Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) explains to Vincent (John Trivolta) that when you find a person you can comfortably shut the fuck up with then you've found someone special. Ever since I've seen this movie I've always kept that in my mind and also to be the only man to give my shorty a foot massage. 

Reasons why divorce rates are so high is because marriage is stupid. In addition to that I guarantee somebody in the relationship couldn't shut the fuck up thus causing the other person to say fuck this shit I wanna actually enjoy my life. 

When a couple enjoys shutting the fuck up together there's no room for bullshit. Only room for happiness and music (Quiet people love music). You're going to go through obstacles while being a quiet couple. Not from either of you but from the outsiders. The outsiders don't understand your joy. They think being quiet is depression. Think of your quiet as Daniel-San and the outsiders as the Cobra Kai from Karate Kid. The outsiders wanna throw your quiet down the fucking hill while it's on it's bicycle. 

You're stronger than the outsiders. Your quiet bond is the equivalent of Maverick and Goose friendship in "Top Gun." It'll take more than annoying questions and assumptions to get you both to be uncomfortable on their behalf because they don't understand your quietness. 

I want to do something different. I want to show the examples of people's bullshit in trying to understand you and your partners quietness. I'll even provide answers just in case you and your soulmate go through this. 


Outsider - What's wrong guys? You're quiet. 

You -  Nothing and yes we are. It's lit. Actually we were people watching until you interrupted us. So here's what's going to happen. Since you've fucked up our fun it is now your duty to entertain us. If you don't make us laugh or think, I'm going to flame the living shit out of you until me and mines are ready to go home bruh. 


Outsider - Not big talkers are you?

You - Yes actually we are. Our social skills are quite excellent I might add. I actually wish your social skills weren't good because then you could lack the small talk you're giving us at this moment. You've brought that bitch known as small talk into our space. Thank you for blowing our high. 


Outsider - Hey nice to see you tonight. Glad you came! Where were you guys the last few times? We invited you to everything. You didn't respond back. 

You - Our Apologies. Our DVR, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go come first my fine friend. Since we like to ask questions let me ask you one. If you were at your crib saving money, being quiet with the person you like while possibly high or drunk watching old wrestling clips on youtube for hours then end the night with sex would you leave to go to a bar or club? I didn't think so. We're here now, that's what matters. Our presence is a present. Now. Where's the tequila? 

They don't understand how fire your naps are together. They don't understand that shutting the fuck up together is your favorite activity next to eating tacos. They think because we're quiet together we're not confident. We're as confident as Raphael in the rooftop foot soldiers fight scene from Ninja Turtles 1. The fuck you mean? This is why we're happy. 

We're thinking. We're creating. We're wondering about the world and each other. We're chilling on OUR wavelength. No one else's. What if we just love to listen? Have you ever considered that? I know you're thinking we're pissed off or angry because we're quiet but in reality we're fine. You don't have to force us to come out of our shell. It's annoying. We'll come out ourselves. Trust me. 

Silence tends to make people uncomfortable. It's intimidating. That's why they get nervous and fill the already polluted air with more bullshit out of their mouths. The way I look at it is. If a woman is comfortable with silence that's a bad bitch (Excuse that word, I don't call women that but it's the best way I could describe it). She loves to save her energy. A quiet woman always has awesome ideas. She's able to catch my mistakes because she's a thinker. She's careful. I LOVE that. She's so special that her presence is enough. She doesn't have to talk and I won't force her to. That's a person that I'm going to stay together with for a long time. It's science. 

A quiet relationship doesn't mean both people in it are soft or they just take shit from anybody. They're the ones you don't want to fuck with. I always said if you see my temper you'll probably learn to shut the fuck up in the process and leave me alone for good. Quiet people roll like that. We'll avoid conflict with each other and outsiders not because we're scared but because that shit is draining. It's like work that we don't want to be doing. It doesn't mean we're easy to take advantage of or we're both submissive people. We just love quiet. Peace. Thinking. Chilling. 

Man or woman. Do your partner a favor and just shut the fuck up. They'll love you for it and you'll live happily ever after.