The list that makes a man, a man. 



The greatest bro film of all fucking time. There is no excuse for a man to have never seen this film. I swear if a man tells me he has never seen Goodfellas I will have him removed from my sight and believe he has never seen a set of titties before. You can’t sit at the table with us. A film that takes us through the underworld through the eyes of a mob family member. Every time I watch this film I want to change the oil on my car. Clean a pistol. Eat a steak. You know? Man shit.



Belly is one of those movies that you play in the background in your crib on the big ass flatscreen mounted on your wall while you and your homies talk shit, drink, smoke and prepare to go out for the night. The way Hype Williams shot it makes it that way. Just the presence of the movie playing makes everything around you better.


King of New York

There’s something about seeing Frank White stand in his penthouse looking over the New York City night and thinking to himself “Yeah mothafuckas. I’m Frank White.” I sit and cheer for that shit. He was the fucking man. Had the squad. A beautiful woman in nothing but her panties loading up his gun for the day. Tried to save the hospital in the hood from shutting down. Making out with his lady on an empty New York City subway. He was living the dream.


Paid N Full

This film made me appreciate my day ones. Ace was in the cleaners making pennies. He seen his best friend Mitch pull up in the black saab with the gold bbs’s and was more excited for Mitch getting that car than Mitch was for himself. Ace forgot about how shitty his life was and in that moment he was genuinely happy for his friend. Ace wasn’t jealous. Didn’t ask where was his car or could he drive it he just celebrated his homie come up. Later on Ace expressed to Mitch how pulling up in that black saab motivated him to get money. No envy. No hate. All inspiration and that’s what it’s bout. The scene of them eating Chinese food and drinking champagne. Ultimate homie moment.



You know damn well this would be on the list. Every man wants to be Tony Montana in some way, shape, or form. The rags to riches story never stops motivating people. I’ve never looked at this film and judged it as a film. It’s just a moment to me. This movie low key not that great if I put my movie critic hat on but it’s so fucking thrilling you don’t care about rating it. It doesn’t matter just watch this Cuban secure the bag by any means necessary. First the money, then the power, then the women.


The Sandlot

My favorite movie of all time but what people sometimes don’t realize that it’s really a legendary bro movie. Everyday like clockwork Benny was up at the crack of dawn. He gathers everyone up at the drug store parking lot and they head over to The Sandlot to play baseball for the whole fucking day. No outsiders. They’re just practicing and honing their skills. They hit the pool together. Solved problems together. Chewed chewing tobacco together. It’s one of the first films I seen male comradery in.



Pulp Fiction

Another film that every man has to have seen.  No excuse. It’s man law. This one of the best movies to watch if your plans fell through and you didn’t feel like going anyway so you stack up on snacks. Get some tree, and watch Pulp Fiction high as shit. You’ll be glad that you did. This movie sucks you in no matter what you’re doing. You just have to watch it.


Major League


“There’s only one thing left to do. Win the whole fucking thing.” A quote that would get any squad hyped to get shit cracking. A film about the underdogs having a shot at glory.


Top Gun


This movie super corny but dammit it’s a classic. I love 80’s movies. Maverick and Goose were the ultimate dynamic duo. Wherever you seen one the other wasn’t far behind. They were each other’s day ones. They always had each other’s back. Real mothafuckin homies.