Fuck a proper, witty, written introduction and all that bullshit let me just get to it. I have no notes. I'm going to rant. This entry is not organized. This is just me expressing my feelings in a raw state.

If you're over the age of 18 I'm not debating racism with you. If you seek me for knowledge and understanding about racism I'm always willing to sit down and talk but as far as debating, nope. You have 2 options with me. Affective immediately. 

1) Shut The Fuck Up & Leave Me The Fuck Alone. 

2) Be Ready To Throw Hands. 

Very simple options. I've given passes the last few years. The mistake I've made is that I assumed everyone has common sense and has respect for humanity. I'm a idiot for doing so. To all my fellow black loved ones. I love all of you. Friend or Foe. Whatever, I love you. No one cares about us. They never will. No one will stand up for us. Stop looking for help outside of us. It's never coming. No matter how many times you tweet, share statuses, share statistics, share articles of the obvious unfairness in how we're treated they don't care. Our black voices are being wasted on a brick wall. Discussing racism and injustice with White America is like me trying to talk to a child while the child has a finger in each ear yelling lalalalalalalala very loudly. They don't care about facts. They don't care about truth. We're forever overreacting in their eyes. We're whining niggers to them. It's something that will never change. 

Yup that piece of shit rapist white guy that raped that girl behind a dumpster got less time than a black man selling weed. No matter how many times you compare his sick crime to lesser crimes committed by black folks it won't change shit. They don't care. Never have. Never will. Yes a white man killed 9 black people in a church and got fast food afterwards courtesy of the police. THEY DON'T CARE. Get that shit into your skulls. 

This flag and national anthem debate has opened my eyes and exposed a lot of people (Especially NFL players) and I am very thankful for it. When the topic of police murdering unarmed black people was at the forefront a lot of people were just quiet. Some people don't like to talk about murder. I understand. When Colin Kaepernick took his stance that's when those people weren't quiet anymore and the racism just oozed out of them and it showed me that they don't know the history of the flag and country they claim to love so much. It showed me it's not about right or wrong with those people. It's about shutting the fuck up, let injustice blow over, and be happy you live in America. They only feel that way because it's not happening to them. 

I saw people tell people never forget 9/11 and respect the lives lost in 9/11 but those same people don't respect the lives lost in slavery and want me to forget about it like it never happened. Those same people boo'd the president during the NFL games where he was paying his respects to those lives lost in 9/11 but want me to stand for that dumb ass song. Fuck the national anthem. You respect the flag but not the leader of your nation? Fucking idiots. A flag matters more than people? The same people who want me to respect this flag but calls me nigger under their breath or behind my back. Same people that are telling me to leave this country for wanting to improve it. None of these people who love to debate about this shit is patriotic at all. They're hypocrites in a land of hypocrisy. 

How many times do you have to explain how sitting for the anthem doesn't disrespect the military? Bruh, they understand you and they know you're right but their ego and privilege is so fucking ridiculous that they don't want to admit they're wrong. If you don't understand what any of these protest are about by now you either don't want to or you're a fucking idiot. 

Another thing. Stop sharing these fucking videos all over social media of these opportunists that will disagree with anything that black people are upset about no matter what. I don't know that bitch with the blonde hair name who always pops up arguing against anything black people agree with but she is doing that shit to only get a rise out of you so you can tune in to that weak ass platform she is on. The more you keep sharing her shit the more power she gets and y'all don't fucking understand that. As long as you click and she gets the views that's all she cares about. She just trying to get to Fox News. She doesn't look stupid you look stupid for making her bullshit more viral because you're smarter than that moron. You want to know how you kill a person like that without making them bleed? You remove attention from them. Without attention she's finished. 

Stop viewing these white news channels. THEY ARE OUR ENEMY! I'm tired of seeing a man as smart as Marc Lamont Hill waste his intelligence by going on Fox News just to talk to brick walls. He going on there to yell and try to talk over these old, flabby, conservative, and sick ass white men and they won't let him get a word in. He can do much more by going on black owned shows and podcasts and speaking. CNN doesn't deserve our presence. I'll never talk to any of those mothafuckas. They don't understand us. They don't want to either. You continuously see them tell lies, never cover black positivity, mock us, and black people just keep complaining about it like it's going to change. Your enemy is out to destroy you so of course they will continue to drag our people through the mud. Boycott all those clowns. This shit is all about attention and money. 

Go on Roland Martin's platform on TVone to discuss race issues. At least it's owned by black folks. You seen what he did in response to that known idiot Bill O'Reilly over Colin Kaepernick on HIS platform. Now I'm sure he'll get an invite for a debate over at Fox News where they know he's intelligent and is smarter than them so they'll be sure to try to talk over him like a child and not let him get a word in and try to make him either look like a angry black man or a crazy unintelligent black man. If I was Roland I'd tell them to fuck off and never contact me ever in their life. If they want to debate they have to come to the black platform. Don't want to? Well fuck you and have a nice day. 

The latest in "kill a nigga and get away with it" news we seen what happened to Terrence Crutcher. Another hashtag. Car broke down in the middle of the road. Obviously needs help. He's being profiled on camera as a "Big Bad Dude," He's tazed and he's on the ground clearly defenseless and a bitch fires a unnecessary shot into him and kills him. Fuck all those officers involved with that murder. Let's cut the shit now and skip to the finale. Give the bitch leave from work, fire her, pay the family a million, watch these devils on these news networks justify the murder and slander Terrence Crutcher's name and not charge her with shit. We all know it's coming. Funny how America not up in arms about this but up in arms about a football player kneeling during the anthem. What black man with guns already drawn on him is going to try and shoot it out with 4 cops in the middle of the road with a broke down vehicle? We see police, we go the other way. Period. Regardless if we did something wrong or not. The "I was in fear of my life" excuse is old. Well, by that logic I should shoot every cop I see because every time I see a cop I am in fear of my life. See how flawed that logic is? 

There's no such thing as good cops. Good cops are either dead or removed from the force for doing the right thing. I've never seen in my life a cop testify against another cop. If I got my ass beat by cops unlawfully no cop on that force is testifying on my behalf to put those officers in prison. I don't care if you're a good person or not that makes you a bad cop if you don't testify on my behalf. The same "No snitching" code they criticize, they live by. 

We can watch that video of Terrence Crutcher's execution over and over. You can write your long statuses on Facebook. Type your tweets. Say your bible scriptures. Point out every fact and it won't matter. The judicial system don't give a fuck about us. This country don't give a fuck about black people.

Stop talking to the brick wall. You want to get heard? Demolish the brick wall.