I always seem to have those conversations with people who love to tell me about their goals, plans, and aspirations. Definitely not a bad thing because I love to listen to people who are passionate and excited about creating something that they feel will bring them joy and change their lives. The gleam in their eye. The certainty. It's some trill shit to see and hear. 

If i'm lucky and run into the same individuals elsewhere after these conversations. The first thing I ask is "How far have you come towards your goal since we've last spoke?" The answer I usually get is some obstacle. I can understand a few obstacles like death of loved ones or you're in a coma/severely injured. Actually those might be the only ones I understand. Everything else is an excuse. There's no excuse for not starting. If you don't start immediately then deep down you don't really want to do what your mouth tells people you aspire to do. You like the idea of it but have an excuse on why you haven't started. What the fuck are you waiting for?  

"I need this to start and I don't have it." Okay, who cares? Just start.

I've heard every excuse in the book for not starting in almost every profession. 

You want to be a photographer but you don't have the money to get the camera you want, well get one you can afford and get out there and take some pictures. It all comes down to your eye and editing when it comes to photography anyway. Equipment doesn't mean everything. I've seen people with top of the line shit take shitty photos. Get a camera and put those hours in and practice while your saving for the equipment you want. I have homies working with shitty camera equipment and you can't tell looking at their work. Equipment didn't stop them from starting. 

You want to be a writer but blaming school, work, or living situations on why you're not writing. Fix your schedule. You have options. The problem is you don't like the options so instead of sacrificing you do shit that's counterproductive to achieving your goals. You want success but you binge watching shows everyday or always partying. It don't add up. If your living situation not a great place to write, pack your laptop, headphones, notebook, hop in your car, the bus, train, whatever and go to the bookstore or library and get to fucking work. JUST START! The bookstore quiet as fuck. I get a lot of writing done in bookstores. Go to your job, come home, chill for a hour or two and clock in for your second job which is your goals. 

I'm tired of seeing super talented people take time for granted and not starting. It really makes me angry because I really want them to win. We see people have great success who maybe not as talented as others but what separated them from the supremely talented was that they started immediately, sacrificed, and outworked everyone. What the fuck are you waiting on? The time will never be right and by the time you think it's right it'll be too late for you. 

I used to be one of those people. I always said I need "xyz" before I start. That is a losers mentality. If I can't get what I want immediately then there has to be another alternative for me to make some type of progress. Big or small. This blog is a great example of that. 

When I decided that I wanted a site, I was asking people to create it for me. Offering good pay for anyone who could make it happen. I couldn't find a soul. So for a second I thought I couldn't start. I came to my senses. I took my happy ass to youtube and learned how to create my own website. It took me a while working on it everyday but it got done. It wasn't what I envisioned. It was a fucking eye sore to me but it was MINE!

I kept thinking to myself "My site layout is fucking ugly. No one will give a fuck about what I write." I started writing immediately anyway and the streets started going crazy. No one gives a fuck about none of that shit I was worrying about. My site is basic as fuck. It's not super fancy or creative. It doesn't matter. They care about CONTENT. If you a dope mothafucka, you a dope mothafucka, that's all the people care about. It's like I said about the photographer. No one gives a fuck about your camera equipment if your finished photos are dope. It's all about your content. 

Not starting comes down to either you're full of fear or what you claim you aspire towards you don't truly believe in. If you're really passionate about it you'd find a way to start. You have a great idea? Great! Act on it right now! START! People who you wanted to start a business with flaked on you? Fuck it. More slices of the pie for you! START! 

Want to write a script and don't know how to do it the proper way? Just start! Write your story out and then research and come back and put it in script form. At least you'll have the story written out. 

Fashion, sports, blogging, music, it doesn't matter. Just start. 

Not only do I want to be a great writer but I want to be a great DJ. I don't have the equipment I need yet. Doesn't matter. I study the terminology and history. I fuck around with Virtual DJ so I can be familiar with some type of software. I practice making playlists for myself and other people so when I learn how to make my first mix it'll be dope. I learn from other established DJ's. I'm doing all this while I'm saving up for my equipment. You have to just start. Fuck the waiting game and doing nothing. 

To all the creative and talented people who feel they need certain shit before they start. You don't. Insert coins and get started in the game.