On the real. A nigga like me is never bored anymore because of youtube. It kills 2 birds with one stone for me. I always find something interesting to watch and it gives me ideas for writing so it's not like I'm wasting my time away on youtube. 

Old R&B videos and performances are always my go to. So I'm going to recap some videos I remember seeing for the first time when I was a child. All seen on BET Video Soul  or The Box of course. 

I'm a do this by decade so this is part one of these write ups. 

We in the 90's! 


My second favorite group of all time (Behind the untouchable New Edition). This video was really simple because Jodeci was a simple group. Except for Devante Swing. He was a weird ass nigga who whispered creepy shit at the beginning of songs but a great musician. 

K-Ci and the boys are all dressed up in white and we see the legendary Jodeci boots in their prime and in all their splendor. This was the video where those boots became famous. 

K-Ci skipping rocks into the ocean like a 6 year old white suburban kid singing about how weak his pull out game is so now he's about to be a father so he said fuck it she "Forever My Lady" I guess. 

I just find it funny they were singing on a big ass rock. Looked like the big ass rock Free Willy had to jump over. 



Okay "Azz Izz" is one of my favorite R&B albums ever for the simple fact these were the messiest women I've ever heard and I loved every second of it. 

The song "He's Mine" is about Mokenstef defending community dick. They were defending it and dammit they were fucking proud of it. 

In the video the pancake mix colored nigga with the dry ass curl is the guy slanging dick to every bitch in a 20 mile radius. Mokenstef doesn't mind. He's coming home. 

There are scenes of Mokenstef having girl talks about the situation I'm assuming. They're having conversations like ...

"Yeah girl, after she get done fucking him he coming right back to me where he belongs. These bitches are clueless girl." 

The side woman ain't shit but the man dodges the slander. I like that. 

In the video they welcome him back with open arms after a healthy daily dose of cheating. Seriously the nigga jumped out his side chick truck and ran, literally sprinted back to his main chick and she gave two fucks that he smelled like his side piece. She probably fed him and gave him world class mouth that night. 

Mokenstef are the most forgiving group of women ever. They're awesome 




Monica kept it hood and sang on the city bus in this video. I love Monica still today. She is really a humble person I seen her speak at a music conference I was attending and she was so chill and honest. 

Monica was like 16 years old in this video with a 36 year old single mom short haircut. She was ahead of her time. 

She was singing in front of a big ass fan which is funny because sometimes her voice sounds like when you sing into a fan. 

Mr.Malik comes out of nowhere looking like one of those slave dolls from the movie "Tales From The Hood" and he killed his feature. Whatever happened to Mr.Malik? I remember he was on Warren G's first album and he killed his feature on there. The kid was nice back then. 




First thing you see in the video is a St.Louis hat on Ralphael Saddiq because we the shit. 

Tony Toni Tone were singing in some see through "Game Blouses" blouses but they're legends and can do shit like that. 

The video and song is about a long distance relationship and Saddiq is counting down the days until he gets to see his girl. He was walking around his crib caking. Real niggas don't sit still when they cake on the phone. Facts. 

Ralphael finally arrives in Southern Cali to reunite with his woman. Shorty is waiting for him with the big body jeep. He needs to marry that woman off the strength of her picking him up in a jeep and he does by proposing to her at the end of the video. 

Fun fact. Lisa Bonet directed this video. My favorite MILF. 




First off I fucking love Mya. I have not seen a finer woman than Mya on this planet. I don't give a fuck what name you pull out of your ass. I will think Mya is badder. Mya has been my girlfriend since I was 11 years old. 

As for this video. 

Sisqo and Dru Hill come out of venue they just did a show in and fans are waiting and screaming. Sisqo was dressed in all brown. Only drunk uncles who are regulars at $2 Tuesdays wear all brown. 

This nigga Sisqo grabs Mya's hand out of nowhere and runs back into the venue like they're being chased by the T-1000 from Terminator 2 Judgement Day. 

Even though Mya couldn't dance in this video low key, Sisqo was watching Mya dance in the most dramatic ways possible. He was watching Mya dance like how I look when I see fresh Spicy chicken come out the grease at Popeyes. 

What a funny but great video. 




Since we're on the subject of Sisqo. Let's go to his debut. 

Bruh this video is nothing but Dru Hill doing the hop step dance over and over and IT'S THE GREATEST SHIT EVER!!!! They were hitting that dance with such passion and feeling. You knew they would be stars. The Dru Hill hop step dance is top 5 no debating. All that was missing from the video is a Tommy Gear wave cap. 

This nigga Sisqo had on a choker and Nokio had on a sweater vest handing out roses to women in the crowd that's how you knew it was the 90's. 




This not the R.Kelly produced version. That version better to play with your significant other and possibly add a new addition to the family. 


First thing I notice about this video is the practice of minimalism. Janet's room is very simple. She has a green headboard and a green lamp I would love to have. 

She's creeping on this guy with a man bun across the hall. Looking at him through her peep hole. 

Next she just walks up in the nigga crib unannounced like bruh man from "Martin" and starts fucking him. 

She keeps doing that shit over and over and the only thing that changes is the places they fuck at. The couch. The bed. The kitchen table next to a plate of orange peels. 

20 plus years later. I still don't understand a fucking word Janet says in this song. 




This is the creepiest video ever. Before all the allegations R.Kelly received it had that title. 

This nigga in a unfinished room humping the air with niggas behind him doing the same shit. They also have flashlights attached to their heads looking like some weird creepy ass coal miners. 

He offers to take a woman on a date to the mall like she's a 13 year old. He bought balloons. Why? Who fucking knows. 

He's pouring honey all over this woman. Sex with honey is not lit. You are not fucking up my floor or my sheets. Put that shit away and save it for Green Tea. 

The woman keeps eating the sucker/lollipop while foreplay is happening. Bitch if you don't put that sucker down before you swallow it and die and I'll be doing 20 to life on account of your wannabe cute ass. 

To end the video this nigga R.Kelly attempts to fuck in front of a open fridge like Ash Tray in "Dont Be A Menace." A pitcher of orange juice in there. Some honey but know half bottle of ketchup in the fridge. Now you know it ain't real. There's either some hot sauce, ranch, or ketchup in a nigga fridge. 

This video has no meaning at all. It's hilarious. 





Yeah Roger did go home and he came back with the fiercest bob in black history. Nigga had that Housewives reunion show bob. Romeo had micro braids and of course no one notices LDB. No one knows what LDB actually does. The nigga name is LDB. It sounds like a secret organization in a James Bond movie. 

This video tight as fuck. The all white first down coats while performing it at a concert. Fucking fire. Dangerous Minds was a good soundtrack too. Glad it was on there. 

Watching the video I kept thinking how dirty Romeo did Elgin and David in Mr.Rag warehouse. Why you give they dance moves to Wade bro? You know what? Fuck Romeo too. What a bitch ass move that was.