I watch Scarface maybe twice every 2 weeks. It's a lot of things you can learn from that movie.

Always keep your word.

Take risks. 

When opportunity knocks bring it in your life immediately. 

Keep your friends close. 

Strive to be Sosa. Not Tony Montana. 

Don't get me wrong, Tony was a real one but he was stupid, too emotional, and careless. Sosa was controlled, and always on point. They should make a TV show or movie about Alejandro Sosa on some real shit. The nigga had a helicopter on his compound for hanging snitches. He was the truth. 

You know who else is controlled and always on point? Payroll Giovanni. 

Y'all gotta give me a late pass I've been wrapped up in a lot of shit lately and I finally got to sit down and listen to "Sosa Dreamz." This was the joint to see if Big Boss'n Vol 1 was a fluke. 

Ladies and Gentlemen it was not. Sosa Dreamz is that shit. 

Payroll picks up right where he left off. Consistent flow. Consistent energy. Consistent trips down memory lane and Payroll being our tour guide for Westside Detroit. 

He raps about the same subjects but the difference is that he can actually rap and there's purpose behind what he actually says. For example Pusha-T been rapping about the same shit for close to 15 years but he still everybody favorite cause he be talking that shit and he talented. Same with Payroll. 

I love the production on this project because I love westcoast music and I grew up on Dj Quik, E-40, Death Row. Just reminds me of the 90's and my childhood in St.Louis. Westcoast dope dealers were always in St.Louis so they kind of brought some of their flavor to my city. 

I know Cardo did some joints on here. Payroll and Cardo is AUTOMATIC together I hope they keep crafting up street classics together. The hood favorite organ player Zaytoven got a joint on here too. 

Let's talk about my favorite tracks. 


"Praying to God for forgiveness. Same time trying to speak a plug into existence." 

Well that pretty much sums this intro track up. Payroll take us through his mindset coming up in the streets. The losses he took. The women who tried to set him up. The ambitions he had and the comparison of his dreams to the new Instagram generation dreams. 

"Before I had legit dreams I had Sosa dreams" 

A man just trying to come up. 



Payroll raps about the hard times and the reason why he took the route he took. His grandmother finding drugs in her house. He was broke and was tired of it. He tried to get a job but it's pretty hard to take that drastic of a pay cut to take orders from people you don't respect or admire. He felt like he wasn't getting anywhere with taking these risks but he kept pushing and weathered the storm. 

This song is my favorite because despite the drug talk I can still get motivated from it. You just gotta keep pushing in life in general. Don't give up. If you believe in what you striving for just keep pushing through that shit. That's what I'm doing with this writing shit right now. 



This beat hits so muhfucking hard. I was shaking people house windows when I was riding through playing this shit. 

A hood rags to riches story. Payroll started at the bottom just hustling for Jordans then moved up to paying his granny mortgage. 

This shit go hard. I love that line "I got this spaceship from jumping in and out of rentals." 

Too real. 



This was my second favorite song. Smooth with that G-funk feel. I don't know shit about Rolexes but I always wanted one. I probably wouldn't wear it I'd just have that muhfucka in a glass case like a trophy and just get back to the hustle. 

Payroll takes us back to when he fell in love with the Rolex and why he wanted to own his own. Rolex symbolizes that you doing ya muhfuckin thing.

I've seen it with my own eyes. People really do look at your wrist if your watch game nice. You could wear just a white tee, blue denim, and some chucks but a rolex would set the whole fit off.

The video was fucking hilarious peep "Presi" below. 



With the help of a Warren G "This DJ" sample Payroll explains to his neighbor about his business and reassure her that everything is okay and she is safe. Nothing is going on but hustling. 

He even offers to pay for his neighbors groceries and allow her to use his tab at the corner store. Shit, she better fire up that netflix, get that food, and chill the fuck out. That's a fair exchange to me. 

Overall this is a good project and Payroll is sticking to a "If it ain't broke don't fix it" mentality when it comes to his music and it's working. I see Detroit every time he raps. I never been on Fenkell but with his vivid flow it feels like you've been there your whole life as an outsider. The guy can really fucking rap. Another great project from the BYLUG hustler. 

Check out the "Came Up Off Work" video too.