First installment of this shit in 2017. We back. 

We don't waste time so let's get to it. 



I don't even remember how I came across this mix but let me explain how the universe makes no mistakes. 

Lately I've been REALLY obsessed with sounds and instrumentals. I have been in the mood for not hearing people speak, sing, rap, whatever. I guess my current feeling contradicts this current blog entry but it's the truth. 

There are a lot of great artists out there in all genres and some good albums that just dropped but I've been feeling this house/soul/jazz instrumental phase I'm in. 

I'm just laying down in my bed with my laptop and I come across "FEELS" on soundcloud and I just laid there with my eyes closed and listened to the entire mix. I've never felt so fucking stress free in my life than I was in that moment. 

I was imagining what these sounds I was listening to looked like in my head. "FEELS" feel like I'm going for a walk and I don't care what the weather is like on that walk and I don't even know where the fuck I'm walking to. I'm just walking. I'm just at peace and joyful that I'm even able to walk. Enjoying the tranquility of this moment. No noise. Just the "FEELS."

The transitions are perfect. The music selection is perfect. Hannah.Faith, this is beautiful. Thank you so much. 



My favorite car ever is the 1996 Impala. I want that car more than a Rolls Royce. Jump 10 years later and the Impala is still going strong along with The Domino Effect. 

The latest video from the duo that has been featured on TeamBackPack gives a chill, calm, but urgent message about struggles, and the adversity needed to get to the ultimate treasure which is freedom. 

With the sample of a Tame Impala record we now have the motivation to go get our freedom along with a brand new Impala 16. 



We're about two 75 year old people removed from slavery and no acres or mule in sight. Well if they finally start giving us the shit owed to us. They can keep the mule. I want the land, house, passport, and a quiet woman with a hulu account. 


Here we have Slikk Darko with a dark track that knocks. Played this shit on repeat while smoking in my car while waiting to go get me some tacos. This joint Wavy Diego. 



I really like "Payphone" because it sounds like fancy elevator music I can salsa to inside of a elevator or I could listen to "Payphone" while wearing one of those hats LaFours had on in the movie "Mallrats." I could also use it as hold music for people who call my future headquarters. I'll instruct my secretary to say "Benny will be on the line shortly but until then jam to these tunes."

I like that Saxophone on this too. Sounds like "Bleeding Gums Murphy" from The Simpsons. God bless his soul. 

Directed By Paul Midzy. The video gives us a nostalgic look so it looks like it was shot in 1991 with those cameras that were the size of a pickup truck bumper.  JSMN is a unique talent. 

Who put those gummy worms on the floor? It's the only part that made me sad. I love gummy worms! Don't waste the gummy worms. =( 



"I never felt entitled to something I never worked for."

Very powerful. 

Just blindly letting this play I thought this was a single track and as time kept progressing and Seals kept rapping and I'm thinking "Damn this nigga rapping forever." 

Literally thought this was the longest song ever until I noticed the time stamp. I'm slow. Forgive me. 

This is a very great project from the mixing to the production choices but lets talk about something that's very underrated about "Calm Before The Storm." 

There are two things that are very underrated in life. One of those things is patience. We are in a "NOW! NOW! NOW!" society because we're spoiled by the creations of great minds. Patience is something a lot of people lack. 

The second thing is what "Calm Before The Storm" bleeds and that's Optimism. We lack optimism. When you always expect the worse the results you want to be the opposite of what you're expecting rarely arrives. 

Some days we're going to be at our best and sometimes we're going to be at our worse but the key to not letting our joy be trapped in the abyss is to practice optimism. 

Seals music continuously gives us optimism and everyday experiences in his world that can also be used in your world if you're not an artist. You may not of ever held a paintbrush since art class in elementary school but you can listen to Seals and tell yourself "Damn I feel that way too." The power of relating to someone is the best step to understanding someone who looks or acts differently than you do. 

There are 3 phases in life that repeats over and over. 

You're headed to a storm.

You're in a storm. 

You've just gotten out of a storm. 

Some storms are big some are not but they come. Keep your composure. Bunker down. Live through it. 



Man this some real shit right here. Whatever you doing. Whatever you good at. You gotta apply mo p. You gotta put your foot on necks and keep feeding the streets with what you do. The animated Nikee Turbo is back and he's applying more pressure like he should. Most slept on artist in St.Louis right now. 



Time for us to take it home. This should've been the soundtrack for the woman marches recently but we tend to overlook genius work. We'll learn and do better but in the meantime the queens are gonna take us home on this edition of "What The Fuck I Listened To Yesterday." 

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