So after Ralph ate that lonely ass piece of chicken....... WE BACK! Let's continue. 



After sitting on the couch with no cheeks to rub and eating that single independent chicken wing that doesn't need a man, Ralph voices his displeasure of his role of being the star/lead singer. 

He's feeling left out when it comes to the comraderie with his friends. 

Here we see that everyone just sees Ralph as a money train. Especially the manager Gary. 


You see from the jump Bobby just don't give a fuck no more before we see it officially. Nigga saying slick shit on the side. Looking down on everyone in the group. He already getting disrespectful not even 5 minutes into this shit. 

Bobby starts coming at Mike for whatever reason and it spreads to everybody else so they start fucking with Mike too. 

Mike gets his foot ran over by a limo like he in a Tom & Jerry cartoon and Bobby proceeds to call him a bitch in the process but that wasn't shit compared to what Mike did. He spit a stone cold loogie in that nigga face. Spit was dangling from that nigga nose like Wile E. Coyote hanging from a cliff before he fell. Mike did the most disrespectful shit you could do.  

Mike and Bobby threw hands because shit that's the only option left after you spit in a nigga face. Mike was trying to choke the life outta Bobby Brown on some Homer and Bart Simpson shit. 


The MCA execs don't like them. Gary doesn't like them. No one understands them or their background. Like I said they are just meal tickets to all these people. They aren't allowed to be themselves. The music industry was really lame back then when it came to an artist image. 

They growing boys but they want these niggas to act like they 11 years old. They teenagers. All teenage boys wanna do is fuck with girls, smoke weed, and kick it. Normal shit. 

Gary bitch ass tried to get Bobby to abort his child then tries to hide it from the public once the child is born. It's just some sad shit man. The music industry wicked as fuck man. No humanity is allowed. 


Majority of this shit is this nigga Bobby doing what the fuck he wants and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF THAT SHIT. 

Bobby grew up faster then everyone else in the group. Becoming a father first definitely sped shit up. The only question is will it make him more mature or immature? 

You know the answer to that shit.

Bobby Brown just became a father and he with two bitches on his dick and snorting cocaine lines off they titties and off the dashboard of a sports car at 15 years old. This nigga not about look back and go back to that kiddie group shit after doing shit rock stars do in the parking lot of Studio 54. The nigga bout to go be Rick James and I don't fucking blame him. 

All he sees in his future is more cocaine and fucking bitches in bathroom stalls on the regular. 

Bobby Brown officially left the group in my opinion once those 2 whores were giving him dat mouth in the car. Fuck Candy Girl. He young nigga trying to get fast money, fast cars, and fast bitches.  

Gary bitch ass officially hates Bobby at this point. 



Aye bruh as soon as you seen this nigga Bobby Brown unbutton his shirt and show his chest you knew this shit was about to go left. 

Bobby channels his inner David Ruffin and hogs the show and starts going off the script singing to the ladies in the crowd then right before he was probably going to start dry humping one of em and show the world he's the future king of R&B the DJ starts playing the music for the next song. 

Bobby turns around and looks at everybody on stage like "You disloyal fool ass bitch made punks!" He throws the mic higher than he was off that booger sugar, says he quits the group, and walks off the stage. 

This nigga comes back out and snatches Mike's mic and starts rapping his lines and him and Mike fight again. 

Bobby Brown one of those niggas no matter how many times you beat his ass he'll never learn until something drastic as fuck happens. Bobby is not a team player. He doesn't like structure. He wanted to be the star since he crossed his fingers in the projects when he promised Ricky that everyone will sing. It's what makes Bobby Brown, Bobby Brown. Love it or hate it. It's apart of his appeal in the future. It's why he was successful as fuck as a solo artist but also apart of his downfall. 

Gary the snake starts putting the bug in the members ears and force them to vote Bobby out of the group and send him back to the projects. 


Mike wisely starts questioning his future. He doesn't know what will happen after New Edition. He is forced to learn the business. 

Mike bosses his life up and confronts MCA during a business meeting about another production company behind their latest album and finds out it was Gary's company. Once again they're getting played because they don't read the contracts. 

Mike starts to plot on getting Gary the fuck outta there by telling the group what's going on and how it will benefit their future. 

Mike fires Gary while getting an order of prime rib in the process. If that's not some future executive shit then I don't know what is. 


Zina pushes Ralph to be a solo artist. She's the 3rd person to do it so of course Ralph is gonna try it out. 

He records some shit and invites the fellas over to hear it and of course they feel fucked up about it. Ralph gets offended and starts joaning on the whole squad. Calling Ronnie a bootleg model. Saying Mike ain't shit and a fake ceo. 

Ralph had the nerve to kick them out his crib and play his solo shit as exit music. Ralph my nigga but damn that solo shit was trash. I'm glad that shit wasn't on his first official solo album cause that nigga would be right back in the projects if he released that shit. 

Ralph is promised an official solo album if he does one more album. 

It was the album that mattered and changed everything. 


The group heads to Minnesota to work with the legends Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Untouchable niggas in music. 

Ralph strolls in and sees Johnny Gill in the studio and he's instantly pissed. He just told these niggas they weren't shit in his crib and thought they weren't gone do shit. Those insults came back to bite him in the ass. 

You see Mike leadership skills evolve and he stands his ground on the decision to bring Johnny in to replace Ralph. Jimmy and Terry were instigating the fuck outta the situation like "Fuck it, we work with Janet Jackson we don't really care what yall do. This shit funny." 

Ralph was watching this nigga Johnny Gill sing in the studio the way a person looks at an ex and their new boo while lurking their social media. You know it's a match and ain't shit you can do about it. You gotta just take that shit. Ralph had no choise but to squash the tension. 


Nayhooooooooooooooooooooo. Once you hear the nayhoo you know a fire ass R&B song about to happen. Bring back the Nayhoo. R&B needs it today. Candles was lit in the studio and shit so you knew this was serious. I was standing and singing that shit along with they ass like I wrote it. 

Part 3 looks like it's gonna be full of how I like my TV. Messy fuckery. The gang find out they have to go on tour with Bobby Brown and they were not excited. 

Well nigga, I'm excited. See you tomorrow.