I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't do what I do for some money. I love what I'm doing but GET PAID OLD NIGGA GET PAID! I want blue and green faces my amigos. Now there's a difference between me having a goal with money involved and me obsessing over it. I want money but it's not in the forefront of what I do. I didn't get into this shit to be a starving artist. Only dumb emotional mothafuckas with no friends think like that. I wanna be paid for my talent. 

The concept of being a starving artist is overrated. Now don't get me wrong if you have a opportunity in a city that could advance you in what you're doing and you have to sleep on a floor in a full apartment then by all means go do that shit. You'll eat shit and take L's sooner or later. It's apart of life but I doubt you'll live like that with no end game or with the finish line in mind. Starving because you got dealt a bad hand and going out of your way to starve are two different situations. 

This idea that you have to be a starving artist to get where you wanna go is complete and utter bullshit. Look my nigga, being poor already is not fun but being ASSED OUT is some shit I never wanna go through again. I'm all for quitting your job and just focusing on your art. Do that shit if it makes you happy but scraping up change for dollar menus is not how I'm trying to live just for the sake of living. Now if I had a opportunity at something great and I have to down size how I live then yeah I'm doing it but some people just go be starving artists just so they can say they're starving artists. They feel that you're not a true artist if you never had to starve. 

I rather work a job and put money towards creating shit than create shit all day and hope someone discovers me. I'm not built like that at all. I'll do what I gotta go for those 8 hours then take 8 more hours to put in the work on the art side. 

Weirdos just say and do the dumbest shit when they feel they're a starving artist. 

"I'll put my life on the line for my art."

Good for you bruh. I'm not coming to your funeral. I'll still be alive and creating shit. 

"I haven't slept in 2 days. I'm dedicated to my art."

Man that sucks. I drooled on my pillows last night when I slept and I don't feel any less dedicated to my art than you are to yours. I love writing but I love my health just a tad bit more.

Doing and saying stupid shit like this is a sure fire way to burn yourself out on what you do. I'm not fucking myself up for this shit. I like living. 

Some of y'all art is underwhelming and you're starving for no damn reason. Fill out a application and eat a cheeseburger on a regular basis and practice my nigga. You need to get better at what you inspire to do. Not starve. Yes starving and having no money for the bus and having everyone doubt you and kick you out of several residences thus making you homeless will make a great story if you make it to be successful. Keyword "If." Stop trying to be a walking talking Fader and Complex article/photo shoot and just focus on getting better.

Now there's another side to this coin. A lot of you old mothafuckas are apart of this side. You tend to believe that if your loved ones choose to pursue a career in the arts they will starve. I'm sure you probably pictured your loved one who wanted to be in theatre begging on a street corner holding a "Will act for food" sign in their future. Shit does not work like that anymore and honestly it's never been like that. If you're good at something you can make a career out of it especially in the era we're in right now. I can be a hot wheels collector or a baseball card collector and create a youtube channel and talk about that shit, market myself, document my process, and get legitimate fans from it and possible sponsors in that field. This not the 1950's. The Fonz ain't kicking soda machines. It's 2017. 

Which would you rather have? A degree in something you didn't want to do. Receive a a good paying job in that field. Hate that job 5 days out of the week then go to happy hours and complain about that shit on the weekends then repeat all that shit on Monday. How about receiving a degree in what you want to do or not having a degree or debt at all and actually being happy and enjoying what the fuck you do for less pay? Think you're gonna pursue the shit you wanna do. 

The starving artist really doesn't exist. If a artist happens to be starving they either chose to do so or some unforeseen circumstance occurred. If artists serious about their shit and actually have something worth investing in they're gonna eat regardless. It's just how it works. 

You're not a sellout if you work a job by day and do your creative shit by night. Some people it works for. Some people it doesn't. It is what it is but starving for the sake of starving with no idea of where you want to go is just some grade a dumb shit. The fuck I gotta starve for? Fuck you I'm eating.