So when I was a struggle rapper I was at this music expo where in every panel I went to the people who worked for the company kept telling us to network network network. This was years ago and at the time I didn't even know what the fuck network meant. So once I understood what the fuck they were talking about I was like "Aw just talking to people? Shit all you had to say was "talk to others." 

I continued to network over the years when I got back home from Cali. Approaching people. Following up with people. Just being myself and not on any fake shit. Kept doing it for years consistently. I'm here to tell you........

Waste of time. 

Fuck networking. I say that shit confidently and with every ounce of earth, wind, fire, and ice in my soul. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. 

Networking is just some weak ass word to make people seem like they making moves when they really haven't done shit. Ol Otis from The Temptations we gotta card head ass. When I hear the word networking I can't help but envision a undeserving human in my space talking about their talent I don't give a fuck about and ruining my buzz or high while I'm staring at the woman with the least amount of clothing on at the event. There's vast and immeasurable amounts of titties in the building. Why couldn't we have this conversation in a email? Don't you see what's at stake? 

It don't matter if you shy or outgoing. Introverted or extroverted. Social butterfly or have social anxiety. Networking is overrated. You are reading the thoughts of a man who did not use networking to get to this point and the shit wasn't difficult. I saw a opening in where I was and thought "I can make some cool shit" and just started working and practicing on getting better and improving the value of what I was giving to the public. I didn't go to a cocktail party and exchange numbers to have the impact I have. Nobody at any event I attended helped me. 

There's this thought that if you just go to every event and network at all of them that you'll get ahead faster. If that's the case then I have a better chance of climbing Mt.Everest naked. I will bet money that if you relentlessly network at every event that you will be that annoying mothafucka no one wants to talk to or link with in the future. You will get flamed immensely. 

This subject just annoys the fuck outta me. You ever see those goofballs that come back home after traveling somewhere and say some shit like "I connected and networked with some great people and we have big things are coming in the future." Shut the fuck up. You just went outta town. Wandered around whatever city you went to, got drunk, ate a restaurant cheeseburger and posted it on Instagram and did tourist shit like everyone else. Not one business meeting was had on your schedule and the people you met do not give a fuck about you. It doesn't matter if what they stated was true because networking don't mean shit.

Networking is overrated. Here's what you need to do. 

First you need to have something worth people's attention. The problem I'm seeing is that people think they can just read some youtube marketing guru's book and go to every convention and expo and just network their way to a winning position. You're wasting your money and time at conventions and expos. Those shits be like $300-600 not including travel and you don't do shit but watch famous entrepreneurs talk the same shit they talk on their youtube channel but on stage in a arena so you could've used that money towards whatever you trying to network to people. Forced networking events are the worse. I swear you will have a better networking experience and get further with connections if you go and get drunk at a kickback. No business talk just pure fucking fun. 

Explain to me how you're going to network to me your rap career? Regardless if you're good or bad at rapping, the songs you create have to be in demand. You handing me a business card with your name on it and artist/rapper underneath it won't get you no fucking where. Go do some fucking shows you weirdo. Even if you do get far networking with a trash product you will hit a brick wall because the smoke and mirrors of networking won't work anymore eventually. It's gonna come down to "Is the product good?" And "What value does it bring to all parties involved.?" 

I know it may sound fucked up but people need evidence that you can add value to their life and then they'll fuck with you. It's damn near how every human acts. Creative or not. Value is everything. You have to bring food to the table too not just your appetite. 

Now do I believe in maintaining a network? Yes. Which means you started something without networking and your skills have gotten noticed thus bringing the network to you and you maintain it by keeping your relationships clean by not being a douchebag and burning bridges. I believe in that all mothafucking day. The shit outside of that. Nah I don't. 

Even in "business business" networking is dumb. All those people do is go to happy hours in their nice suits, do cocaine, and start ass kissing contests and backstab each other for promotions. Networking has nothing to do with nothing. 

"But but but Benny... what if I meet the right person by networking?"

You can meet the right people but if the shit you pushing to that person doesn't have any value or it isn't dope then no one will fuck with it. It's like having a co-sign from an established rap artist. Yeah they signed you but is your music any good? It won't guarantee that you will go platinum just because you met the right person. Only a groupie would buy records off the strength of someone else's co-sign and not their own feelings.  

I have a network now and it wasn't because I was at every event talking about what I do and exchanging numbers pretending we would contact each other in the future. It was because I do pretty damn good work, built value, and I don't do any fuck shit. The network came to me. The network comes to you if you have something worth sharing. You're on the biggest network ever everyday. Use it to your advantage. It is not difficult to find a community of people who do what you do on any social media platform. It's too easy and if you got some dope shit the people you just linked with will share it and want to work with you. 

Don't even network. Just go out and have fun. Make good times with people. Talk about life, silly shit, and just be loose. That shit is way more valuable than you being strictly business. I'm bound to remember who you are by how turnt you were instead of remembering your business card. That will make people want to be in your presence in the future and then when they get to know you and what you do creatively they won't have a problem supporting what you create if it's dope. Your focus needs to be in developing whatever you do into something dope. Not networking. 

I'm not saying be a hermit in your crib and never go anywhere even though you can still make shit pop for yourself doing it that way. I see people who never attend anything and grow more and more each day. Why? It's all about the value of the product. If it's dope it's dope. Nobody is gonna be like "I never see her at events so her shit is automatically wack and I'm not gonna buy it." As long as what you do brings value into people lives they don't give a fuck if you're inside or outside. You can get into any scene through the inside (internet) or outside (events). The advantage of showing face at functions is that it feels more organic. Looking someone in their eyes and seeing how they interact with other people is really key these days. 

Maybe it depends on the profession but creatively that networking shit just isn't for me. 

Hard pass on that.