What’s that quote Wayne Gretzky known for? “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” Right? 

There’s a lot of things in life I get confused by. These are confusing and baffling times we’re living in now. I’ m kinda confused at our view of taking small steps. 

We underrate the power of small steps. We have this belief if a huge chunk of progress cannot be made then the activity is not worth doing or we hold off on doing that activity. For example. Instead of going to the gym for 20 minutes or not doing a small workout at home people will not workout all together because they feel it’s not worth it since they can’t workout for a strong hour. It’s one of the worse habits we have as humans. You’re not gonna be able to run a mile a day after not exercising in 4 years. Start out walking as much as you can. The walking will soon turn into light jogging then the light jogging will become jogging then when you least expect it you can run a mile with no problem. You’re not gonna be Forrest Gump out the fucking gate. Whatever you want to try just start small and take it from there day by day. 

A small step is better than no step at all. There is someone out there that is really great something but will not pull the trigger on their talent because they feel a small step isn’t worth much. Let’s say they’re a painter and they wanted to document themselves painting but they have no camera. Instead of using the camera on their phone and just putting something out there they will wait, wait, and wait and use the excuse of “I don’t have the right camera to do it.” The camera on their phone is the small step. Sure a camera with a higher quality would obviously be better but how long would it take for them to acquire that camera? Yes the camera in a phone would be a pain to use but you can already gain some experience by starting out with it, learn how you want to edit your footage moving forward. You shave off a lot of trial and error if you just started small then once you acquire the new camera all you have to focus on is getting familiar with the camera settings and that’s it. You already have the format that works for you the new camera is the bonus. 

Everybody is looking for the home run with one swing out the gate. Sometimes you have to take what the pitcher gives you. Translation. Sometimes you have to work with what you got. People don’t give a fuck about what camera you have or what design software you’re using or what website you post your blog posts on. As long as your content is good and people resonate with it then none of that shit matters. The first post I made on this blog I was so sad that my site wasn’t fancy and I was afraid that with it being so basic people wouldn’t even read anything. I wanted my site to have all the bells and whistles. A super dope home page. A crazy about me page. I thought I needed all that to get people to read what I wrote. I was wrong as fuck. Nobody cared. They just cared about the content. I promise you no one gives a fuck how it's presented as long as they can feel it or relate to it. 

The avoidance of small steps don’t do shit but feed your procrastination and that’s the last thing you need to happen. Procrastination is a disease. Stop procrastinating on things that can be so important for the growth of your soul and spirit. A new and better you and life is waiting for you when you own procrastination and not let it run your life. Think of it like boxing. Keep throwing that jab out there. Procrastination is who you're fighting. You being on top of your creativity is your jab. Keep throwing your jab into procrastinations face. Don't allow it time to setup and hit you. Disturb what gives it peace which is to slow you down and stress you out. When you throw the jab consistently in boxing it keeps the opponent at bay and allows you to setup combinations and knockout blows. Everything starts with the jab and everything good comes behind the jab. 

Fuck trying to make something perfect. Focus on making progress. It makes no sense to do a lot of shit rarely instead of doing a little everyday. If you take small steps everyday towards a goal no matter how insignificant you think those steps are they’re a piece of the puzzle of your vision. A win is a win. A victory is a victory. No matter how small. The little things add up to something gigantic in the end. Everyday is a bonus day because you’re blessed to be breathing. 

Stop dreaming about the finished product when you could be making small steps towards the finished product. It’s the ultimate test of your patience. The small step is the most necessary step for you to make.