Shut the fuck up. We watching "House Party" from a creative point of view



The space where you do your creative work gotta be fly and represent you. Bilal had the nothing but nude centerfolds on his wall with a "Slippery When Wet" sign over them. Basically the nigga faps 6 times a day but his space represents him. Kid had pics and boomboxes all over his room. His space is heavily music influenced since he's a aspiring rapper. See how that works? Your creative space is essential to your creativity. Brings the best "you" out. Make your space represent  who the fuck you are. 



Clearly this event is Play's party. Play threw the party to be a legend. He set up a performance for himself. Invited all the honey's. It will be remembered as the kickbacks of all kickbacks. For Kid, the party stamped him as a rapper, dancer, and it got him a girlfriend. The party changed that nigga life. Bilal took the party seriously as a D.J. The opps even tried to come to Play party. They knew it was legendary. Events can really help your name ring out in so many ways. I could show up to an event in a all black mink and niggas would straight remember that shit. Pics would be floating on all social media platforms and it wouldn't have shit to do with my talent but it could be a doorway to people checking out my talent. A shorty could be like "That's a gorgeous gangsta let me check out what he does and possibly give him cheeks on general principal." 



Kid's obstacles were Stab and the school letter. The school letter could stop Kid from going to the party if it found it's way to his pops. Stab and his crew basically wanted to kill Kid and make sure he'd never walk again yet alone make it to the party. Kid had to get through those obstacles to get to his destiny. Just like you'll have obstacles that are in the way of your destiny. You might get embarrassed, beat the fuck up, and shot at like Kid did but in the end I have faith you'll make it there. Look at Bilal. The girl that called him dragon breath he ended up slow dancing with. Obstacles can't stop you! 



Kid gave no fucks about what his pops said. He knew this party was his moment. He took the risk of a ass whooping from his pops and the ass whooping from Stab to go to the party. Yes he got his ass beat by Stab and his pops and went to prison and almost got raped but I bet Kid would do it all again. You gotta take some risks in not just creativity but in life. Kid won from taking those risks. 



Play was always unbothered. Light on his feet. Unworried. He was that way because of supreme confidence. Any situation that would come up he always believed he could get through it. You gotta be unbothered in this shit. If you can control the situation. Good. If you can't. Good. Just be unbothered. 



Sheraine is the most slept on black queen in movie history. She knew how to play the game. She never showed interest even though she was truly interested. She never showed her hand. Keeps niggas on they toes. She was the master of making a nigga wonder. She never pressed the issue, she was very blunt and didn't take no shit. She was playing with both Kid and Play's emotions possibly out of boredom. She was looking into this nigga Kid's soul while dancing with Play. She set up dates with both of them and didn't give a fuck then told her best friend "If you feel like you can take him then take him" referring to Sydney's upcoming walk home with Kid. She had that much confidence in her sauce she was just giving niggas away. She rejected both Kid and Play with the same step back like prime Dwayne Wade in one night. Had Play lying to his homies about just kissing her. She played by HER rules. No one else's. Then when Sydney told her about Kid she was mad for 0.2 seconds and then thought to herself "Bitch you got one more on the roster. Niggas are like buses" and proceeded to congratulate Sydney for finally being a savage like she taught her to be. QUEEN! 

You gotta be Sheraine. Play by your rules. You run this shit. You control the tempo of how shit will go. 



Sheraine didn't compete she told Sydney "These niggas for everybody. Go get yours. I ain't stopping shit." Kid realized that Sydney was the one for him and didn't bother to compete with Play over Sheraine. When you don't compete you tend to get more. Just go have fun. 



Bilal was on Play's back about DJ'ing the party. He wanted to be at Play's house on schedule to set up. He wanted to kill Chill for bumping into the table while he was mixing during the party. Bilal knew the DJ would determine if the party is Godly or Trash. He even had labels on his vinyl so no one could bite the swag. He took his craft seriously. Kid did too. He was writing rhymes all the time and rapping whenever and wherever he could. The nigga rapped at a alumni party and then finally showcased his skills at Play's party and finally earned his respect as a emcee. If you don't take your craft seriously then no one will. Gotta treat it like it will make you or break you. 



Kid got locked up and his friends got together and put up their money to help bail him out. Keep good people around you at all costs. Your team is everything. Keep good company. Never forget that.