The outcome. I never gave it much thought until today at work and the shit was really unrelated but I had this strange realization. My job consists of the consumer being obsessed with the outcome which is understandable and while I was at work I just looked around me and seen all these stressed out people. All because they were worried about the outcome of some shit that was out of their control and I just thought to myself "Who gives a fuck about the outcome?" All I could think about is the outcome and why do we think it's everything? 

Now the customers were concerned about some shit they spent their money on and worried about losing it and even then I was like "Who gives a fuck? It's just shit." 

The whole ride home I just kept thinking about the process of this ride I'm on. I just thought about what I wanna feel during this process of creativity I'm in. I think I wanna feel righteous in the sense that I'm truly doing what my purpose is. I really feel like I am so that's great. I don't think I would have ever asked myself that question if I was worried about how the story ends. Concerned about the outcome. 

There's too many people around me worried about the outcome. I'm not trying to paint this picture as if I'm better than the people around me but I had to separate myself from everyone. I'm one of those "I need to hear myself think" kinda niggas and I don't wanna be influenced by thinking about the outcome. 

A wise man once said 


"We ball till we fall fuck how the story ends." - Nipsey Hussle


It's all about the process not the outcome. Nothing will change the outcome. We have no clue what the outcome will be. All this shit can end in an hour. Which is why you should live for today. Today is what matters. It's easy to take the present day for granted because you've gone to bed every night with the confidence that you'll wake up the next day with the same opportunities. Anything can happen to any of us and that's why you have to live for today and this moment. Everyday you're granted is a bonus day. 

Your creativity is at it's best in the present moment and when you've fallen in love with that moment. When accomplishments come second to you focusing how much you can love what you're doing creatively. 

Not worrying about the outcome doesn't mean you're avoiding your destiny or denying potential success. It's you understanding that what you're doing now at this very moment is what you're always going to remember no matter how successful you are. A millionaire always worry about the process to the millions not visions of the next million. 

What we do creatively ain't shit. It's how we do it what means something. Whatever you do creatively is just a instrument. If the process of it isn't enjoyable then you're always gonna look forward to the outcome. People are really waiting for the outcome to feel good about what they do and it does nothing but set up expectations that they'll be disappointed by. 

The outcome is why people always take shortcuts. They're worried about the outcome and reach a favorable outcome as quick as possible. They try to cheat life. What they don't realize is that when you're living in the present you are preparing yourself to be the best mothafucka that ever lived for the future. You're reshaping into a person worth supporting and believing in. 

I'm obsessed with 80's movies. They're the best. Watch the movie "Groundhog Day" for falling in love with the day and taking advantage of the day the right way. Bill Murray played this reporter in "Groundhog Day" that woke up on the same day and the same time everyday. He was in this time loop and the exact same things happened everyday no matter what he did. So he started acting like a piece of shit. Trying to take shortcuts. Trying to scam people. He eventually became depressed as fuck and became unhappier and tried to kill himself. Once he started living for the day and started improving himself each repeated day like it was his last everything started changing for the better and he gained more than he asked for and tried to scheme for. 

The one thing about the outcome that you need to be worried about is if someone else tries to effect it. As long as you don't let someone dictate your outcome then you good out here. 

The only thing that matters is TODAY. Not the outcome. Success doesn't matter. Failure doesn't matter. Whether if you receive one or the other there will still be work that needs to be done.