So I'm just posted in the crib watching Karate Kid Part II with a shorty like the real nigga I've always been and she was hella interested in the movie since she never saw it so I'm not really paying attention and just scrolling through my phone letting these DM's fly while she's in my presence. I forgot why I opened my iTunes but I seen under the new releases category Jay Worthy, Cardo, & G-Perico "G-Worthy" and I instantly clicked that shit and started listening to it and that shit was pure fire. Shit was so legendary that I forgot I was supposed to be getting some pussy from ol girl laying next to me. That's how classic the shit was. 

I never heard of Jay Worthy before so this EP was my first time ever listening to him. G-Perico one of my favorite artists out. My all time favorite rapper ever is DJ Quik and Eazy-E is in my top 5 all time so off jherri curl principals I gotta fuck with G-Perico. Cardo is one of the most consistent producers of this generation. He doesn't get a lot of credit for that but as long as my nigga getting them checks and letting the music speak for itself then fuck the fame.

I don't fuck with collaborative projects forreal but this is one of the rare collaborative projects that's consistent from front to back and the shit hitting. See I'm a old nigga low key and the sounds Cardo provides and the flows Jay Worthy and G-Perico spitting reminds me of those days as a lil nigga in the early 90's sitting on my porch and watching the teenagers slang they lil work and roll up in they cutlasses playing that G-funk. We don't hear music similar to that no more and niggas like Cardo and Polyester are keeping that sound alive and keeping it relevant in one of the weirdest eras in hip-hop. If Cardo fully produces the project, I buy it. No questions asked. I STILL have Big Bossin Vol 1 in my heavy rotation in my iTunes. No lie. A straight up classic like this G-Worthy project. 

Back to these 7 tracks and 22 minutes of Mustang 5.0's parked in the front with the ocean in the backyard music these niggas blessed us with. Jay Worthy performance on the project actually intrigued me so I'm a check out some of his solo shit as soon as possible. G-Perico was in his bag on this shit. In my opinion this is the best Perico has sounded. Cardo's production is something his style seems made for. It's a straight perfect match. The nigga couldn't miss on none his verses he was dropping gangsta gems everywhere on this shit. Jay Worthy flow was consistently gutta and and tough. Worthy and Perico have the kind of chemistry where their styles and deliveries are different but together it's on some hood Voltron shit. It just works. Worthy came with the hard gutta flow and Perico came with that smooth playa shit and it was as perfect as a BBQ on 70 degree day and a shorty with the fattest unsurpassable ass fixing my plate.  

Every track my favorite but if I had to narrow it down "Never Miss" was my favorite joint on here. Shit had me considering cutting off my dreads and getting a jherri curl and copping a droptop. "Aint Trippin" reminded me of the type of music my uncles used to listened to while they got ready to hit the ol head club on Tuesday nights. Had them playa ass silk shirts with the gold chains. I literally smoked my face off to "Getting High." I was stoned like Reptile from the Mortal Kombat movie. Straight froze and floating. "Versace Robe" was the perfect ending to the project. It doesn't feel right if I play Versace Robe without wearing my suede pumas. 

G-Worthy is one of my favorite releases this year. I think a album should be the next step no doubt. The world needs that shit. All 3 of the homies delivered with this shit. 

And in case you was wondering, I smashed ol girl at the beginning of this write up. I stay true to this playa shit.