A rant I guess. 

So as you know I get emails a lot praising me as if I'm this legend when truthfully I'm not shit but I take the compliments anyway. Whatever. So in a lot of these emails I get asked normal questions like 

"How did you start?" 

"How long have you been blogging?"

You know, very general questions and along with that I get asked for advice. I feel like I'm not in a position to give advice but when asked I just say what I believe and feel and I leave it at that. 

Over the course of months it's the same excuse thrown at me when I give honest advice. That same shit man. 

"I don't have enough time."


First off I hate when people ask me for advice and then wanna debate about my response which leads me to believe you already believed your own bullshit and believe the way you're living is fine so why ask me anything? It's because people think I'm a yes man and think I will tell them things they want to hear. You people don't want advice. You want assurance. Get the fuck outta here. Stop wasting time looking for people to approve your bullshit and take that time to be productive. 

You do have enough time. You're just wasting it and you don't wanna believe that shit. The quote "There's not enough time in the day" is the biggest bullshit ever to me. 24 hours is plenty of fucking time you numbskull. Lets break it down. 

There's 24 hours lets say you can function off 5 hours of sleep. You have 19 hours. 9 of those hours you might be at work. Now we're at 10. Let's say you workout for an hour and then eat dinner for another hour. You have 8 hours left. 8 fucking hours to put towards whatever you claim you wanna do for the rest of your life. Monday-Friday that's 40 hours put towards that. Fuck it. I'll give you 8 hours of sleep and you have 4-5 hours to build what you want. That's 20-25 hours Monday-Friday on your passion which adds up. I'm not even including the weekends. 

I'll give you an example on how to utilize time. 

Kobe Bryant had one goal. Be the best basketball player. 

He started his workouts at 4am - 6am rested for 2 hours trained again at 9am-11am rested again trained from 2pm-4pm rested again trained 7pm-9pm. He trained 4 times a day and lived on 5 hours of sleep. To pull that off he sacrificed something. Now you may not have to be that dedicated but if you want to live the rare life of doing what you want everyday while your bills being paid then something in your schedule gotta get the fuck out. 

"But Benny I have kids!"

Congratulations! You and a million fucking others. I've seen single mothers with no support from their family or their kids father build successful businesses for themselves. The kids excuse is played the fuck out. Don't get me wrong, being a parent while trying to build something is a harder road to travel than the road I travel which is being single with no kids but let's not act like it's impossible to achieve your goals while being a parent. It's hard but not impossible. For every excuse someone has, I have a solution. You're just not willing to execute that solution. You don't want what you claim you want. 

Let's keep it buck. There's not enough time because you're not willing to give up the bullshit that does not contribute any meaning to your goals like Watch TV. I'm not saying it's bad but what does it contribute to you besides escapism or entertainment? If you watch all your shows and you love your life then that's what's up. You're in a great position. If you can position watching TV in your schedule and still get some work done then you're a fucking champion. But if you watching hours upon hours of TV then you look up at the clock it's time to go to bed then email Benny about why shit not going how you want it to then you're losing. 

How in the fuck can I work 2 jobs and out perform you? How? You should be slaughtering me in terms of producing content in whatever you do. You're not because your mouth moving but you at a standstill. That vision board shit sounds good. The social media talk sounds good. That "Coming Soon" shit sounds good. How long you mothafuckas gone keep saying "coming soon?" When the fuck is soon? It's tardy as fuck. How many fucking times are you gonna hop on social media and tell everyone you're serious and you're changing? We're not the mothafuckas you need to be convincing and telling your plans to. You need to be convincing yourself. 

Shut the fuck up with this time shit. Sit ya raggedy ass down, plan out your day everyday and find the things that do not fit your purpose. It's in there trust me. You may not wanna believe it but it's there. I'm not saying you have to be a robot everyday and just obsess over working. If you need a break then take it but damn show some sign of fucking discipline. 

I say this all the time. You are on one end. Hell aka paying dues is in the middle. On the other end is your goals. Are you willing to go through hell to get to the other side? I don't even want a answer. Just show me. Are you willing to get told "No" 98459 times. Are you willing to take 100 losses just to get one key win. Are you willing to live on a budget and eat the same shit everyday to generate more money for your business? Are you willing to be uncomfortable? Are you willing to be on the brink of breaking and having breakdowns because you're human and you're wondering when your work will pay off? The lane to the life of doing what the fuck you want for a living is not secure. The secure way is the insecure way. Always. 

The two of the most powerful things in life is time and options. How do you utilize your time and what decisions you make with the options given to you. Time and options mold and shape our lives. They can either build you or destroy you. The ability to choose is such an underrated ability. It's REAL fucking power. Make a choice to do something great or continue to complain. Just know if you choose to continue to complain and make up bullshit excuses on why you can't get shit done just know that I don't have TIME to hear it.