A lot of focus on the negative shit lately. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we have to but lets even it out as much as possible. Lets show love to the people who really doing the right things. Let’s celebrate good people while we can. 


This is what The Politeprint is about. This is something I’ve been sitting on for a while and it’s time for me to give people out there who are confused on where to start if they wanna start something. Show them the best steps to take through creative people. 


I’m starting the series with the nigga busting all the art juggs.  My dawg Seals. Let’s look at The Politeprint of the young God and what you can learn from him. 





I featured Seals for the first time going on about 2 years ago. I Found his music through the streets. He didn’t send shit to me. He didn’t stalk me. I just found it through the scene here in St.Louis and I been fucking with him since then. 


Seals just shuts the fuck up and jugg. He only speaks with action. He don’t post a lot of words. He post a lot of art and appearances. Everything is his work. If he has no work to show then he has nothing much to say and I respect that. Niggas just be talking to talk. Saying what they’re gonna do and shit is coming soon but Seals just pops out with a new accomplishment or new work and he fuck the streets up and then he gets right back to work. I never hear Seals name in any bullshit. Ever. Niggas just gotta shut the fuck up and work. Look at Seals. He doing that and it’s working out tremendously for him. If majority of these artist out here just shut the fuck up and jugg then shit might get better for them. 





Never heard Seals complain for as long as I’ve known him. Never heard him speak ill of anyone. Never heard him hate on anybody. Not one time. He is an example of what can happen for you when you never complain and just focus on your goals. When you see that outside factors you can't control aren't your problem and just put all your love into your supporters and the cool shit you do the process is much more fun. I’m sure he’s taken some L’s. We all have. If he has personal issues I wouldn’t know because he never complains about it. He keeps it in house. He just keeps going. I don’t hear what we lack or these weird clique conspiracy theories from him. There's so much bitching and complaining going on out here I just wanna yell "BOO-HOO NIGGA! WHERE THE WORK AT?!" Seals doesn’t waste time on pointless debates. He’s so mothafuckin focused that it’s irrelevant to him. As it should be. The makings of a true champion. 




I see the real and the message in what Seals creates. Music, Movies, Clothing, or Paintings I see the authenticity. It comes from his heart. When positive things come from the heart it’s hard to turn away from them. It draws people to the art and the artist. Create from your soul and timeless things occur. 




Seals got the right people around him. They all love him and they inspire him and he returns that same energy to them. They’re all passionate and focused. Everywhere I see him I see them. Nothing switched up. They out here flexing and showing what faith, risks, and work is all about. Like I said they block out the noise niggas out here talking and promoting and just do them. Their purpose is bigger than all the petty shit going on. When you really grateful for your gifts and put things in perspective then you really realize a lot of things you thought mattered doesn’t. One of the things that do matter is the family you surround yourself with. The Teamflex. 




Homie done had a movie premiere. Successful art shows. Been on TV more times I can count. Worked with professional athletes. The nigga life is basically a fake creative nigga twitter bio but it's real. Seals really is a Event Planner/Curator, Content Creator, Artist, Fashion Designer, Actor. My nigga the art version of Jamie Foxx. There ain't shit my nigga can't do. Seals could really brag on mothafuckas if he desired to. He could really keep running down his resume to everyone but he doesn’t. That’s a sign of a man who is not insecure and is grateful and thankful of what he’s been blessed to accomplish. It's not enough to him. He doesn't romanticize or fall in love with what he accomplishes. In art you can't keep being stuck on an accomplishment. It's like a hooper staring at a shot he or she just made and not getting back on defense. The world keeps going so you have to keep going. Seals gives thanks to his supporters and goes back to the trap to improve and do it even better the next go round. 


Seals is an inspiration to us all and one of the few people I look up to. Follow his RAGE and Politeprint. 

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