Let’s say I work with someone on a business promotion. Nothing super major just a collaboration between two individuals. Just me and some guy named Jonah. Through our work together I wasn’t pleased with how things went. It wasn’t anything treacherous like stealing from me or harming anyone. It was just our business practices and opinions on certain shit were different. When the collaboration ended, Jonah gained more notoriety and business from the collaboration then I did. I felt some type of way about it but I continued to greet, speak, and be pleasant to Jonah. Jonah has no clue about how I felt about the work we did together so Jonah does what he always does and just continues to live his life and run his business. Instead of calling Jonah and asking for a meet so I can tell him face to face about how I felt about the collaboration. I tell everyone else. I post cryptic and subliminal things about him on social media. Everyone knows I’m talking about him but him. I don’t hate Jonah so what’s my issue? 




That’s the issue where I stay too. 


I noticed it with music artists first but now it’s spreading out like a virus to all forms of artistry not just music. This really been going on the past 5 years in St.Louis where people resent other people for a situation or multiple situations they went through with those people. Instead of communicating their issue to the people they resent like adults they continue on like everything good but in their minds its not. It’s different when you dealing with talent or talented people in creative fields because creative people will try to hide their resentment behind creativity and think the issue they have will fade away through creativity but it won't. This real life bruh. It’s like putting a bandaid on a gash. The resentment will always rear it’s ugly head and everything will boil over. It always does. 


Collaborations will happen but the issues niggas have aren’t resolved so when you really think about it, the collaboration or their motives aren’t genuine. I’ve seen shit for years where I KNOW niggas got issues with another man or woman who throwing a function and they will come to that function with that resentment in their soul but on the surface level it APPEARS as if they’re supportive and everything cool. It’s a security net for them to keep up the lie of saying they don’t have a problem with you when they say suspect and sneak shit but they really do. It’s scary to me because that’s how a lot of fuck shit like murders be happening. It’s usually some dumb shit mixed in with resentment from issues that were never brought to the person who ends up being the victim. The people who commit the crime hide their true feelings behind other shit. Very morbid example but it’s real. 


This forcing unity shit with resentment not healthy and it won’t end well. I said this 3 years ago. If you don’t click then you just don’t click and that’s okay. Just as long as you’re not disrespectful towards each other. The human mind too complex for every human to think on the same wavelength at all times. You got smart niggas. Dumb niggas. Lost niggas. Insecure niggas. Happy niggas. Whatever. Good or bad people just different. Forcing collaboration in a toxic situation and environment won’t do shit but put more things at stake to be lost and waste time. Everyone involved have to be inspired to unite with each other. Niggas ulterior feelings go against everything that unity means. When you force shit you get mediocrity. 


What I’m about to say doesn’t apply just to St.Louis but to everything in life. Nothing will never change until humans are honest about how they feel. Whether it’s loving or hateful or good or bad. Honesty is everything. We will at least know where everyone stands once everything positive and negative is on the table for all of us to see and make a decision on our actions from that point. 


Now the way I operate is if the issue not brought to me then there’s no issue so I’m going to continue doing what I do. I just don't give a fuck either way it go. You should never be responsible for someones feelings. They're aren't your child. Doesn’t matter if I’m right or wrong. If I have no idea that there’s an issue then I can’t solve anything. If I have no idea about it or the person who has the issue with me is not upfront with me and not letting me know that there’s an issue then what the fuck you want me to do? People act like babies and want people to read their minds and ask them “What’s wrong?” Every 5 minutes. And even when you do ask if there is a problem niggas will lie and say no. That’s that ego. Egos destroying niggas before anything prosperous takes place in their lives. Their egos be big as fuck but as delicate as charmin tissue. 


Moral of the story is…..People really bitter narcissists.