We back with another one for that ass big baby. More examples of creatives that are sticking to code of G’z and doing special things that you can learn from. 


Today you gotta follow The PolitePrint of the happiest saddest koolaid creator on Captain Planet's green earth PinkCaravan! 


I fucks with Captain Planet. He had a green/teal box fade. Actually it was a mullet so his real name was probably Cody Planet. Anyway......



Grab some Mike and Ike’s and pay attention. 





How many times I gotta tell you niggas this? Well I’m gonna keep telling niggas to shut the fuck up until you overstand what I’m saying. I keep telling you dipshits to shut the fuck up and just work. It’s not PEMDAS you stupid mothafuckas. PinkCaravan! been damn near mute and you seen where it’s got her. I don’t hear shit from her. She just pops up with sour gummy worm songs and I be happy as shit then she goes right back to shutting the fuck up and working. She shut the fuck up so much that now she’s on her first tour. I shed a tear like a proud guardian at how proud I am of her shutting the fuck up skills. As a veteran Introvert myself I can tell she’s a Introvert because shutting the fuck up  and working just comes natural to her. 




PinkCaravan! is one of the most misunderstood artists out there and when you misunderstood niggas start talking goofy shit. Don’t mind those niggas they probably just started drinking Henny this year and try to live out their shitty Tumblr posts. Fuck em. Niggas out here questioning the Llamas. IT’S A LLAMA LIL BITCH! ENJOY IT’S MAGIC OR GET YO FUCK ASS ON SOMEWHERE. PinkCaravan! always doing her. I admire that about her. She’s a very confident person and it shows in her music that she doesn’t give a fuck about how it’s received as long as it’s out there. FUCKWHATPEOPLETHINK2018. 




Everything PinkCaravan! releases is carefully crafted. From the cover art to songs. To pictures. To music videos. They’re not just presented to us in a half assed manner and they’re really creative and real thought out. How you present your art to the public is very critical and you gotta have the balance with it too. Like I see awful products that have the best presentation and you can tell that artist focused on the presentation 99% more than actually putting out high quality product. Those type of artist are usually the ones who care more about an image than actually standing on something or having character. PinkCaravan! doesn’t have that issue. The music matches the presentation. 




If you watch PinkCaravan! videos you see that her thinking is on a whole other format like Nas in the movie “Belly.” Her approach to her music is left field. Her approach to her music videos is left field. She straight gave niggas flows behind a lemonade stand like a wavy ass Dennis The Menace. She went frolicking around a llama farm with her Baby hairs looking glorious like freeze pops. Her name is left. She changed her name to something unique and then she took a photo sitting on top of a pink caravan declaring that the name change was real. Moral of the story is Go left and mean it. Don’t go left just for the sake of going left. If you try to be different you’ll just end up being like everyone else. Everyone low-key do the same shit. It’s the artists that put their own special spin on it that stand out the most. 




Yup you heard right lil locs. Listen to Benny. He’s knows what the fuck he’s talking about. PinkCaravan! saw something I wrote about her in the past about bringing Llamas to Delmar Hall and guess what she did? She listened to Benny and brought those adorable, stunning, miraculous creatures to the Delmar Loop and that was the most memorable shit about the event. The fact she was gangsta enough to pull off something like that shows that she takes her art very seriously. It was the equivalent of a nigga pulling up in a canary yellow hummer, people gone look at that shit and start asking questions. Make the people remember you is the game. Think about this. First you would have to get clearance to do some shit like that and then put the money up for it so that alone is amazing. She seen what I said and then said “Bet, I’m on it.” Didn’t announce the shit neither. She shut the fuck up and just pulled up with the llamas. Some of these artist out here not even willing to promote a show that they’re performing on and she pulling up with farm animals. PinkCaravan! brought the llamas out like Chief Keef. The lesson is, Listen to Benny and then you’ll prosper. 



If shit ain't broke don't fix it. Namesake usually on PinkCaravan! production. PinkCaravan! blowing bubbles with the lyrics. Paul Midzy got the camera work on lock. It don't matter about how deep ya crew is. Just get some effective people around you to play their position. That's all she needs and it's working. Keep the day ones around. When day two and forever after that comes pray that they're still there and serving a purpose in your life. 


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