Just my thoughts on this interview. It was a good interview though. 



This nigga corny but not the bad corny. He’s the corny that’s funny and you’d still hang with him corny. Everybody has a corny friend that’s not harmful. That’s Kevin Hart. 


Jumanji still gone do numbers. I’m not watching that shit but white folks love him and The Rock together. 


How people mad at a nigga they don’t know for cheating? It’s the weirdest shit to me. Nobody gives a fuck about this nigga wife or ex-wife at all if we keeping it 1000. I could understand if you were her relative or something but whatever they do in their marriage is their business. As long as there’s not domestic violence then the shit not that serious. People are like legit hurt and angry over this shit like they shared 50 cent cakes with them. 


Nigga put your hands down. We get it.  


Only black women hate this nigga. It’s for 3 reasons. He’s short and short niggas not allowed to get away with shit like this, They’re obsessed with celebrities lives, or They experienced being cheated on. It’s one of those 3 things or all 3. 


Charlamagne been wanting to say that rib line on air for a while. I could tell. He just needed someone to bring up that Adam and Eve rib shit. Which isn’t even true by the way but that’s a different story I’ll never wanna talk about. 


The bitch he cheated with dumb. All you had to do was take dick, get a nice ass crib for FREE and live in it rent free while stacking money on the side, ask for a plug in whatever industry you wanted and all Kevin had to do is send word and it’s done and she’d be set if they stopped fucking with each other but no. This bitch thinking short term not long term. Extorting celebs for cash out right never works and now the feds involved and this goofy hoe life bout to be even shittier. It’s a marathon not a sprint. 


This shit shows the dangerous side of fame. This lil nigga so rich. He’s in that 9 figure club. His name is an empire. Now let’s keep it real. Before any of this shit happened everybody was sick of this nigga because he was everywhere. It’s not because he did shit wrong. The cheating shit just made people go “FINALLY LET’S GET THIS NIGGA OUTTA HERE!” People were just tired of seeing him. Everywhere you looked there he was. Hosting award shows. All Star Games. On every talk show over and over promoting something new. Movies. Campaigns. Kevin Hart was everywhere. Every time people would see him they would be like “ENOUGH ALREADY!” He became annoying to people. He became over saturated. That’s because Hollywood only let one black comedian shine at a time. Look at history. Richard Pryor was THAT guy. Eddie Murphy was THAT guy. Bernie Mac was THAT guy. Martin Lawrence was THAT guy. Kevin Hart is now THAT guy. It’s never multiple black male comedians getting serious figures at the same time. So people will get sick of them because they’re all they see and all Hollywood pushes. Dude literally became annoying because he works so fucking much. Think about that for a second and how crazy that sounds. 


Kevin Hart is a bit delusional on why people are negative to him because of this situation. They’re not negative for the sake of being negative as he was making it seem. You’re married and cheated on your pregnant wife that’s why they’re throwing dirt on your name. It don’t matter if their lives are miserable or not while doing so. A negative action is going to receive a negative response. Just like a positive action will receive positive response. Are they miserable poor people when they give positive responses? He gotta be careful talking like that. Blaming social media won’t make shit better. Yeah it magnifies shit because he’s Kevin Hart but cheating is cheating with or without social media bruh lmaoooooo. 


I’m watching this shit like “This nigga really explaining is relationship to strangers, and they still gone hate you nigga.” If he was quiet about it and said “It’s me and my wife’s business” they would hate him. If he opened up about it they would hate him. There was no winning situation for him no matter what. It’s a lose/lose. 


Cheating silly on both ends to me. I’ve been through a lot and I guess cheating doesn’t burn my soul like that. If a woman cheat on me I just wouldn’t care. I’d be disappointed on some trust shit and just decide what to do from there but I just look at shit weird. It’s apart of the game to me. If my girl cheated then that means she either just wanted some outside dick really badly or I wasn’t doing enough or maybe both. Either way I’m not going to dwell on it and I’m not mad at either reason. I’m a just hop in my DM’s and knock one of these shorty’s off that been trying to get at me and move on. I just think it’s funny that a lot of people are like “Cheating is wrong no matter what the reason is” when it comes to Kevin Hart’s life but the same people when “Insecure” was on were saying cheating was okay because a nigga was unemployed and a couch potato. I thought ALL reasons for cheating was wrong? Is it black and white or is it grey area to yall? Figure it out. Meanwhile I won’t be giving a fuck either way. 


This nigga really just basically said in a nutshell “It took cheating on my pregnant wife to know that cheating is wrong.” Lmaooooooo. That’s what I took away from this interview. 


The extra youtube Tyrese-like motivational quotes he was yelling were very shallow. They weren’t deep. It’s not that complicated. Just say you were a piece of shit that made a mistake and move on. Doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, you just have commitment issues. Now of course I'm really level headed and not too emotional so other people won't view it how I view it. I know dudes that would give the shirt off their back in a Chicago winter and give you their plate full of food and let you eat while they eat the crumbs off it but can’t stay faithful for shit. It’s not cause they’re bad people. They're just trash at staying in relationships. They love side pussy. Nothing more. Nothing less. To a man it’s just a fuck and to hear this nigga try to make it more than that was weird. There's nothing philosophical about "Damn I'm trying to fuck that woman since my wife not here."


Would this shit even be happening if he never got caught? Would a nigga just walk into the mansion and tell ol girl “Hey I fucked this bitch in Vegas and I now know cheating is wrong and now I’m a better man because of it.” I’m here watching this shit because his empire took a hit. This lil nigga got spooked that this situation almost ruined his empire that's why he either pretending to be humble or really is humble now. It’s the Tiger Woods effect. Tiger empire took a hit and instead of saying “Hey I love my wife but I like fucking other bitches too.” He tried to be someone he’s not and that nigga career never recovered. Kobe got caught and tried the good guy shit for about a year or 2 and thought “Fuck it, I am what I am. I love my wife but I’m always on the road and these bitches getting slayed.” Kobe embraced what he was and won 2 more rings and still kept his wife. It is what it is. 


This nigga gone get a divorce in a few years.