Watched like 20 Creative Control videos last night. Brought back memories. They were really ahead of their time and of course Dame seen the potential in all the artists involved and gems were blessed upon us. 

6 of em. 





Everyone who played a part in Creative Control era had a purpose. No one was just around to be around. You can’t have niggas just hanging waiting on the big matches or the bottles to come through. If a nigga ain’t putting in no work then I don’t want that nigga around me. Everyone in that era was given a task or they had a gift and they didn’t take that gift for granted and worked they ass off. When people can play their position things work out in the long term. 





Creative Control took youtube to another level in not just hip-hop culture in all culture. Everyone followed their formula. They used Youtube to drive every thing they were doing. Literally everything. It wasn’t just hip-hop that followed suit. All the culture magazines, fashion media, EVERYONE who had a brand or wanted create a brand flocked to youtube and I think Creative Control made that shit cool and innovated it. Niggas was only using youtube for watching fight videos and smack dvd battles before Creative Control came along. 


Now that I think about it. I think Creative Control started the trailers for albums and mixtapes wave. Also commercials on youtube for albums and promo videos. I didn’t see anyone in hip-hop or music in general doing it before them. 




I’m willing to bet the spike in sales of Canon DSLR’s were due to Creative Control. All they did was invest in DSLR cameras and shot music videos and video content. This single handedly KILLED the big budget video era. Sorry Hype Williams and Little X. Niggas were paying almost 7 figures to shoot music videos before Creative Control. Even wack ass niggas. Just think about all the trash songs you heard in the 2000’s. I bet the video cost as much as a woman divorce settlement after she ruined a dumb nigga life who didn’t get a prenup. After “Breakfast” for Curren$y was made everybody switched to the DSLR formula. Not for shooting music videos just for content in general. Everyone just had to have a canon. 




The reason why I think Creative Control worked as good as it did was because they had a headquarters where all the creative shit could be birthed in. The building Damon Dash owned was a studio, gallery, photo studio, he made his clothing line in there, everything creative happened in that building and nowhere else. Everything was under one building and more shit was able to get done because of it. I loved hearing artist talk about how they would sleep in the building and wake back up and get back to it. If there’s anything I want in life it’s to own a cool ass spot for me and my niggas to trap in. 




I think the reason why the industry tried to make Dame Dash seem like he was crazy was because Dame realized the importance of independence and moving as a unit. He constantly preached that during the Creative Control era. He wanted everyone to be bosses and collaborate with each other. It was something I’m sure he regrets he didn’t do with Roc-A-Fella, Ruff Ryders, Murder Inc, and Wu-Tang Clan. Dame invited all artists to the gallery space to create anytime they needed it. We saw the reemergence of Ski Beatz. Curren$y's career took off. I first heard Smoke DZA and Big Krit through Creative Control. He knew if everyone came together they wouldn’t need the labels. The artists make the cool shit and knows what’s cool. Not these nerds in these offices. That’s why when he was talking that boss talk on The Breakfast Club he was criticized for it initially. People focused on the context he said it in but they couldn’t deny he was telling the truth. The Creative Control era showed me the importance of togetherness and independence. Put all the silly shit to the side and get to the money so you build something timeless and have fun. 




Creative Control put the art first. Didn’t try to follow the industry standard. Didn’t chase singles. Didn’t ride waves. They just focused on the art and let the art lead the way and express their beliefs. When people get behind what you believe in that’s when you’ll ascend.