You ain’t from Russia. So bitch why you rushing? 

Relationship guru Dr. Prominent Peacoat Papi has returned. 

Forgive em lord for they know not what they do. 





One thing I admire about myself is that I’m hella comfortable by myself. I prefer it. 90% of the time if you see me out in public I’m solo. I’m not a unfriendly person. I’m sociable too but being alone doesn’t bother me. If people would understand that they’re good enough by themselves and don’t need a relationship to define them then they’ll really be lit out here. Does being lonely have it’s low points? Of course. Not being able to joan on someone or have really in depth conversations or share food with someone can get to a nigga sometimes but that’s better than me settling with someone because I can and because they’re available and end up sad as fuck in a boring ass relationship any day. Embrace that loneliness and get to know yourself more. You’ll see that you hella tight once you give yourself a chance. Love when you ready and not when you're lonely... playa. 




I’ve been in 2 serious relationships and what I learned the most from both was the value of friendship. It went like this. 

Me and my exes met.

We were physically attracted to each other instantly. 

Then we instantly started dating and had the mindset of we’ll be friends along the way and it would eventually develop into something strong. It did the opposite. Our bonds were mediocre at best and it's because we weren't friends first.  

What I should've did is just hung out with them for a extended amount of time and been friends first. Now there's different situations out there that didn't do it this way and they were okay but majority of the time when you don't take your time the regret will be right around the corner. I mean how are yall doing each other laundry and you don't know what a nigga favorite color is or know the pros and cons of that person's personality? Everyone has pros and cons to their personality.

I had to learn how to be a friend. I had to learn how to leave love, and the “Are they the one” questions out of the equation. I had to learn how to vibe with women on a friendship level. I had to learn to be there and show my vulnerability so they can see who I truly am before a relationship. I want to know if I'm comfortable around them and if they're comfortable around me. A friendship will answer all of that for you. 

I’m so used making my decisions based on physical attraction and the emotions that come with it that I totally neglected how important friendship is. I’m in my 30’s and friendship is at the top of my priority list when it comes to a woman I’m interested in. CAN THEY BE MY FRIEND? People rush into relationships and they don’t know how to be a friend at all and the relationship is either boring and they’ll step outside of it or they’ll stick around and stay miserable. I want to be able to think of my woman while I’m out alone or with my homies and say “I wish my girl was here.” I don’t mean that in the sense of I just want my beautiful woman here on my arm to make my ugly ass look better. That’s part of it but I want her to be there because I know I’ll have fun with her because she’s my friend. The deeper the friendship. The deeper the love. 





He or she left you. It is what it is. Get the fuck off their social media and unfriend them from everything. The text thread too. Erase all that shit. The number also. The dumbest shit to do is get into a relationship a minute later. The new relationship is not for you. It’s for your ego and therefore it’s not real. When people are so familiar with a person and they’re used to their touch, smell, habits, etc and then that person not there anymore it will take some time to get used to. They try to fill that void with another body. It’s not even a relationship. It’s just a body. Just chill the fuck out and heal. A hurt muhfucka in a fresh breakup is the neediest person you’ll ever come across. They need attention bad and don’t give a fuck where that attention comes from. It’s fucked up because the new guy or girl won’t be around long because they’re being used and that’s not fair to them. They’re only there to keep up the appearance of their partner appearing to be over their past but they’re not and they’re still hurt. 





I’ve fallen victim to this because I’m a man and I’m stupid. I got some box good enough to make you turn on your family and rushed into a relationship based off the sex alone. Good fucking doesn’t equal love or a good relationship. Once you get into a routine and the sex becomes normal you’ll then see what a horrible mistake you’ve made. I’m sure a woman has had a nigga pipe her down over and over and the shit like a drug to her. She just gotta have this nigga 24/7. Can’t get enough of the nigga. She start trying to memorize his slang. Start calling his family members “Bro” and “Sis,” stealing this nigga hoodies then when she gets settled with him and her hair falling out and her skin not clear no more cause she stressed the fuck out she’ll say “Fuck this nigga!” I can find a good fuck from a lot of women but the key is to find good pussy from the woman that annoys me the least and I actually like the most. The feeling of good sex is fleeting. It’s lust. Lust makes people act outside themselves. It’s a trap. 




This is the biggest reason. People think people are watching and God forbid if they’re not in a relationship. So they just grab whoever the fuck they can and go play house with muhfuckas cause they care what the next person thinks. Whether people are watching what you do or not, what the fuck does that have to do with you? There are people in relationships right now just to say that they’re in one to prove something to people who don’t give a fuck about them. That’s some weak ass shit because they’re living on their time and not their own. This works in reverse also where people will stay in a dead relationship just so people can’t say “I told you so” and they’re also embarrassed to admit that their relationship didn’t work out. Don’t even put that nonexistent pressure on yourself. Don’t be a “Look at me Look at me I’m in one too” headass. I promise you it won’t end well for you if you do. When you don’t give a fuck what people think regardless if you’re single or in a relationship you’ll experience freedom and that’s priceless. 




Shit I don't blame you. Rent high. Make that money lil bitch.