I’ve had this on standby and I was gonna drop it next week but it’s funny how God works. I been sick of all these so called “Culture” magazines. Been tired. I used to think when I started this blog how I wanted to write for one of em until I read their shit and researched even more and realized that they're not here for anything that I represent. They’re just an extension of these record labels, corporations and a bunch of suits that want to ruin shit that WE make cool. They dilute what we create and fuck up our shit. 


I’m not saying everyone that work for these magazines are bad people or misunderstand our people and what we stand for but they’re most definitely being used. I know there are incredible writers, photographers, graphic artists, videographers that are good people at heart and they work for these magazines and publications and I know they probably see some questionable shit in those buildings but they gotta pay rent so they stay and don't say shit. They don’t wanna rock the boat. I get it…. But I don’t work for any of them niggas so I can say what the fuck I want. 


It’s venting time. 


You bitch made fool ass punk ass supreme brick buying ass just started listening to rap 7 years ago head ass was only listening to country music before your magazine job head ass hip hop used to scare you and you would clutch your pearls when you heard 50 Cent head ass niggas used to give you swirlies in high school head ass now you think you cool cause you have a pair of yeezys and finally know what Air Uptempos look like head ass. 

Man listen. 




You ever see a relationship with a insecure mothafucka who constantly accuse their partner of cheating every chance they get and in reality they’re fucking anything with a pulse while their partner not looking in anyone else direction. That’s these magazines. They say the word culture every chance they get to save face and make it seem like they hip and not harming it. Every other word you read in their articles the word Culture is there. Every word that comes out of their fucking mouth on their videos is “culture” and it makes me sick because it’s so fucking fake. You ever watch these magazines youtube videos? There ain’t shit genuine about these interviews. They all stiff (pause) asking nerdy ass questions. Now I see why artists hate interviews because it ain’t shit real about em. Seriously pick any of those Complex videos on youtube and count how many times you hear the word culture. You ever see the movie “The Shining?” I just picture a bunch of weirdos in a building in New York saying “Culture” over and over like that kid that says Red Rum in The Shining over and over again. 


“Oh what you do this weekend Trevor?” “Oh I just cultured culture while culturing the culture and then cooked some culture and went to culture.” 


Shut yo hoe ass up. 




They only into plane crashes and if there isn’t a plane crash to report on they try to create the plane crash themselves or pour gasoline on the fire. The only reason they’re into spectacles and the bullshit is because they don’t understand our people and the complexity of our people (Pun intended nigga). They into shock value. Not what’s in the best interest and what’s real. They instigate and help create the bullshit and then when shit goes left they try to switch sides. 




These magazines don’t dictate shit. They just ride waves. They don’t put you on to shit. They see the streets fuck with someone then hop on the bandwagon then act like they crowned them as “dope.” The streets did it. Not them. I remember growing up reading Source Magazine in the 90’s and I remember they used to put the streets onto rappers. Like literally break artists because of that unsigned hype shit. We used to be like damn who this? These niggas today just riding waves and pretending like they hip. I remember one of these mags started asking twitter about anime articles and I laughed my ass off because the person asking the question probably used to make fun of it not even a month ago and now they wanna do a article on it. Now it's cool since the streets like it. Fucking up our culture not enough I guess. These niggas is squares and nobody questioning these squares and it’s disturbing. Tell me who you think is dope without everyone else telling you they dope. They can’t cause they don’t really have no fucking sauce. A bunch of wanna be down ass niggas. Sit yall Moesha head asses down. 




They not wolves in sheeps clothing. I grew up with wolves. A wolf gets my respect. These some squares in sheeps clothing who are disguising themselves as people who are pushing the culture forward and acting like we need these mothafuckas. We don’t need them. All these people do is use creatives sauce to cut a deal with big corporations then the creatives either don't get shit at all or put up with these lames for a weak check that ain’t even the magazines money. It’s the big corporations behind them putting up the checks. The same corporations they claim to be against. It’s hilarious. They robbing these artists and creatives and trying to say “promotion” is the same as money. Promotion don’t pay bills. If promotion so fucking valuable to these people then why don’t they pay their salary in “promotion?” It’s because they know it’s bullshit. How these people on Vlad TV not getting checks? They make the channel pop. Not him. Fuck that weirdo too. I’m sick of these niggas bruh. They get no fucking respect from me. 


Tupac said it best “They like the Judas to Jesus they only here to cause confusion. We are here to bring change.” Us! The creatives are here to bring change. Not these so called magazines and their platforms. I forgot which magazine (Fader or Complex) that wrote that shit about Post Malone being harmful to the culture which I agreed with but the mothafucka giving the message just as harmful to the culture because when Post Malone drop something new guess who’s gonna post it? Fader or Complex. That article was like a rapist warning us about another rapist and how that rapist they’re warning us about is harmful to the community but completely absolving themselves from any wrong doing. It’s fucking laughable. They helped that guy make millions and now they want to bash him? He’s their Frankenstein. 


They’re in bed with all of these labels. They in bed with all these corporations that don’t give a fuck about the people. It goes against everything they claim they stand for. 




I’m not a journalist. I’m just a nigga that says what the fuck he wants to say. Journalism today is fucking trash. Not just on these magazines but everywhere else too. But these magazines and platforms are all about click bait and not producing quality product. They just TMZ with a bunch of weirdos making up stories while wearing Adidas boosts. Don’t get me started on that Anthony Fantano Alt Right article a Fader journalist wrote. I don’t know that guy from a can of paint but he don’t give off a racist vibe. The irresponsibility to write that was so reckless and showed me what journalism has become. 


I literally witness Complex put Lyor Cohen on this pedestal like he gave back to our people and creatives like this nigga God or something. What kind of journalism is this? He didn’t do shit but take from these creative souls and then turns his back on them when they need him. He raping these artists with those 360 deals. He don’t protect the culture. That dude don’t respect us and they holding this guy up like he’s Julius Fucking Caeser. If I’m wrong then prove it to me and I’ll gladly be wrong. Won’t be the first or last time but It’s fucking insane to me. Say a few decent quotes and all of sudden you’re a icon. I guess bruh. We need to praise people like Nipsey Hussle. Teaching these kids how to be independent. Giving back to his hood. Giving felons jobs and not robbing them. 


I hate these suits bruh. I swear I do. They manipulate and exploit. They divide and conquer. Why aren’t we questioning them? We letting them off the hook.


Watch this shit. This is culture? Really?  I'm done. Peace. Take the power back yall.