The word creative has lost it’s meaning and it’s because of these individuals and their fuckery and jabroni behavior. I’m a peaceful nigga. Please do not sock these fake creatives in the eye. Just a simple tomato thrown in their direction will do just fine and hopefully they’ll do some soul searching and actually find themselves and actually do some fucking work. I’m trying to be positive but I’m laughing as I write this. You losers will never change. 


Here are 10 annoying things that get on my fucking nerves when it comes to fake creatives. 




Every month or every other month you see these individuals say they’re done playing games. Shit is serious. They’re not fucking around no more. They’re about to takeover. Spoiler alert. They are playing games and will continue to because it’s the only thing they’re good at.  Shit is NEVER serious in THEIR world and no one ever takes them serious in the REAL world. They’re not about to takeover shit. Only thing they’re about to takeover is their pallet on the floor in their granny crib and half eaten eggo waffles in their granny freezer. Beware of their takeover talk because they will try to come to you with their bullshit and weigh you and what you’re doing down. I will elaborate on that further later. 






Post a picture at a bar, lounge, or restaurant. Put it on social media and put in the caption “Meetings.”

Yeah meetings of failure.

Ain’t no business being discussed at these locations. You ashy incapable niggas doing hookah and gossiping about the real creatives putting in work in the streets. First of all business meetings are boring as fuck and ain’t shit glamorous about em. Ask any real businessman or woman. Business meetings are tactical and discreet. No business minded individual discuss potential deals on social media. Shut the fuck up, eat your weak ass wings, not tip correctly, and  announce this fake meetings success on Facebook like you always do you dweebs. 

And it doesn’t end there! Wouldn’t be a complete fuck nigga tale if it ended at just fake business meetings in lounges. Nope, a fraudulent business trip is next on their agenda. They have to take their fake ass show on the road and pollute another city with their foolishness. You niggas ain’t doing no kind of business in those cities. You wondering downtown malnurished as fuck cause you spent all your money just to buy your raggedy ass plane ticket just to get to that city and you can’t buy no food. Then you all come back home and announce your return on social media and lie as if you made moves and got work done in another city. You didn’t do shit but take your incompetence to another town and get in the way of other people and sight see. Then have the nerve to say you’re “motivated” yes motivated to come back home and beg for support. 





You phonies have everything figured out. You ever noticed the niggas who don’t know shit act like they know it all? These niggas ask the most questions and do the most begging but have all the answers. Fake creatives always try to tell you how to run YOUR shit. How the fuck can you tell me shit and my brand bigger and farther along than yours? My name ringing in the streets and nobody heard of you. Yo momma don’t even support your shit. How the fuck can you tell me how to make a million dollars and you’re not a millionaire? Makes no fucking sense. You underachiever ass niggas have some nerve. Here’s a crazy idea that might just work. Take all that energy you use to get up in my fucking business and apply it to your own life and your remedial ass just might prosper




Fuck your orthopedic balenciaga sketcher shoes. Dad hats weren’t fucking enough. You had to evolve to granddad shoes. Sorry your clothes won’t make you anymore creative. Dressing like you don’t give a fuck about yourself and looking like you use deodorant once every 2 weeks don’t make you a real artist. 




Every week it’s some poor lonely fake creative soul begging on social media for everyone to drop what their doing in their life and blindly support and praise what they’re doing. If you don’t support them then you’re hating and you’re biased and the city is biased. Have you ever wondered that the public is onto your bullshit or your shit just isn’t good because it’s nothing real about it and you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place? I’d rather fuck Wendy Williams in a house with no air conditioning than blindly support these niggas. 




Remember what I said about the takeover and them coming to your shit and weighing you down? Here we are. Fake creatives are leeches. They see you eating and think of ways they can try to eat off you. They’ll throw business propositions your way that deep down in their pathetic souls they know is trash. They’ll keep hoping in your emails and DM’s talking about “Let’s Talk Business.” FOR WHAT NIGGA?! All these niggas do is TALK business, they never EXECUTE business. If a person don’t tell you what the proposition or idea is with ALL the details immediately in a email or DM then it’s bullshit and that person just want to seem like they’re important by talking to you. They’re wasting your time. After messaging you they’ll run and tell everybody you’re collaborating and make vague statuses on Facebook that say shit like “Stay Tuned.” “Big things in the works.” There’s nothing to tune in to like a kickback with no drunk women and tree. Please continue to ignore these unreliable leeches and don’t lose focus.  

If the idea was so great they would’ve done it or at least started it already. These niggas just trying to ride your wave and get to where you are without putting in any work. It’s all for their image. They exist to ruin the fun. You ever see that one nigga that always come around with no weed or liquor and think in your mind “Welp funs over?” Now you can’t cheat on your girl in peace or fuck with hoes you said you wouldn’t touch but you in a drought so you like “Fuck it I’m hitting the cheeks” but this nigga ruins everything by never shutting the fuck up, live tweeting, and always gossiping. That’s fake creative leeching niggas. 




You can take all the photo shoots you want and talk that branding bullshit. It always comes down to are you working? Nothing else to discuss. Yes your Instagram has only 9 35 mm photos so you look mysterious and anti social and it has cool photos taken by talented photographers but we all know nothing coming from that shit. Niggas been building a brand for forever and a day. Stickers not enough buddy. Your photo shoots aint shit but a front. Only so long fake creatives can pretend. 




These bums never help anyone. They’re the most selfish pieces of trash walking God’s green earth. It don’t cost shit to help people in some way shape or form but these kind of people know nothing about selflessness and that’s why they will always remain in the position they’re in. All they’re about is ulterior motives on how they can get ahead without helping others. 




Whether it’s complaining, fake work, or fake promises these fake creative jabroni’s have a lot of nothing to get off their chest. These muhfuckas will write novels on Instagram and Facebook just full malarky. Yes nigga I just said Malarky like a Leave It To Beaver character. Full threads on Twitter full of pointless talking. It’s just long ass paragraphs full of words like “Dreams, Journey, Goals, Creative, Support, Connect, Ambition, sprinkled in with fake scenarios they went through and some fake deep quotes on some fake 40 Oz Van shit and then a bunch of people will like the paragraphs and tell them to keep up the good work knowing GOT DAMN WELL these niggas ain’t done or doing shit productive.

Those people who show that fake support towards fake creatives are the worse because they’re enabling them. They’re not holding them accountable nor calling their bluff so their behavior won’t ever change. It’s like fake creatives are addicts and the people who give them these pointless pats on their backs for absolutely nothing are the people giving the addicts money knowing damn well they ain’t going to buy clothes for a job interview. They going to buy crack or heroin and make up a bullshit story when they see you again and try to get money out of you again. The fake creative is the same. A month goes by and they haven’t done shit and their ego needs to be catered to so they write a long ass church lady testimony on social media and the likes and the positive responses to it is like drugs to them and they go right back to doing what they do best. Nothing and getting in the way of the creatives who are actually working.  Those responses justify their bullshit in their minds. It’s sad as fuck. 





I’m a believer that you have to earn your title. I didn’t start calling myself a writer out the gate. I didn’t start really acknowledging it until it was what I was known for. It always confuses me when people just wake up and say “I’m a photographer now.” When you get some clientele then yeah you’ll be that. Niggas just putting any title that sounds professional in their social media bios and praying it comes true. Fake creatives just call themselves shit to sound important and fancy on the internet. 


Yes I’m being mean to the frauds. If I was nice then you wouldn’t change. I’m not here to massage egos. I like telling the truth. I actually want people to quit fucking around and actually get taken seriously. The less fake creative shit around the better things will be. If you want to continue to live in fantasy land and “Look” the part instead of actually "living" the part then by all means continue what you’re doing. Just don’t speak on the individuals who are really grinding and hustling and rewarded for sticking to the script.