My soul been in need of playa raps over fly ass production. Thank God for this album. I really mean that shit. 


"Don’t Know Me" sound like Birdie pulling up to the hooping tournament in the black jeeps back to back in Above The Rim. Dom went off on that shit. 


Never really took Hitboy serious as a rapper. Shit, I ain’t even know he rapped but real shit that nigga can rap. This nigga really said “Two things she know best is dick and drama. Fighting at the family reunion over the cobbler, got an L.A bitch that’ll fight you over the Dodgers.” Nigga skating all over the album with ease with the flows. 


Whole tape make me wanna only smoke all my trees with only a Gucci lighter. 


Everyone know Dom Kennedy one of my favorite rappers ever. This Half-A-Mil trilogy and album sparked him back up because I wasn’t feeling has last couple solo joints. Dom sounds way different on this. A bit more motivated. 


You gotta play “500 Band Clique” while parking lot pimpin cause you refuse to pay money to go to club. Club don’t deserve to see your fit and you’re just there to recruit other niggas women for the after party at your suite. 


“The Most” reminds me of a simpler time of sharing Pollo bowls and laughter with a shorty 


Jay 305 did Eazy-E proud on “Eric Wright.” He killed that shit. 


“Bottled Water” gotta be the soundtrack for you and ya niggas surrounded by champagne, hood food, and yall all laughing like Jay, Hov, and Biggs in old Roc-A-Fella videos. 


“My Doggs” was the perfect ending to this album and perfect to pour tequila while letting your car self parallel park. 


All of the Half-A-Mil music has been very consistent. It feels like there was no pressure to make the music and that everyone involved were just being themselves. Everything felt genuine. Nothing felt forced on the listener or the public. Wasn’t no huge announcements about anything it was just like “Aye we making some playa shit. If you fuck with it thanks. If you don’t then it’ll still be here if you ever come around.”