The gems that are present in the greatest movie of all time are real. Pay attention. It's Movies4Creatives time. 





Smalls was a weirdo but he had ambition. He was fascinated by baseball. He couldn’t play for shit. The lil dork couldn’t even throw. I don’t think that’s physically possible for a human with two fully functioning arms and a functioning brain but whatever. He seen the kids in his hood playing the sport he was fascinated with and he grabbed his instagram thot plastic baseball glove and ran to The Sandlot. First he showed up then he tried to get plugged in with the guys who loved and knew about the game. 


You gotta do the same my amigos. If you like paintings and fashion go to the spot where the painters and designers hang. Introduce yourself. Get people social medias, and if you got it like that offer a drink or the hit of the tree. Just be a cool muhfucka that leaves an impression. Get plugged in. Smalls got embarrassed and mocked but eventually he got plugged in and learned about his passion. 





One underrated gem about this movie is Smalls mom telling him to go outside and have some fun. She wanted him to get into trouble. Explore shit instead of schoolwork. Could you imagine if parents got behind their kids and supported what they wanted to do creatively like Smalls mom did? 




The Sandlot kids played everyday at the same time. They stuck to a schedule. The people who can manage their time the best usually have the better outcome. Time is money. You gotta count every second. Schedule your day every night before you go to sleep. Your mind will thank you. 




Benny didn’t see Smalls as a lost cause like the rest of the squad. He saw another potential friend and player on the team so he can rotate another position during practice. He wanted a full team. He wanted to get better despite his gang telling him he was the greatest on the team. You can’t never settle and think that’s enough. There’s always something new to learn. There’s always something else to master. People with genius inside of them knows they’ll be a student forever. When you’re creating you gotta know the knowledge is limitless. Master as much as humanly possible. Get better. 




Staying on the subject of the greatest baseball player to ever live Benny Rodriguez. He knows he wouldn’t be as good of a baseball player if he just honed his skills by himself. He knew he needed a team. I’m currently understanding that. I’m doing everything on my own creatively but in due time I’ll find some like minded creative people who believe in POLITE’S beliefs and wanna be down. I’m doing this all on my own and the shit is brutal. Teams beat solo acts every time. Never seen a championship won by one man or woman. 




This is tricky cause some old niggas be acting like hoes but for the O.G’z that don’t act like hating ass weirdos please always show them love. The Sandlot kids showed nothing but love to Babe Ruth. The Babe was way before their time and the showed nothing but respect. I always show love to the legends before me in this game. They paved the way. 




Benny loved the process. He was obsessed with it. He was willing to play baseball anytime. The squad would complain about playing in hot weather and he didn’t give two fucks. A kid who’s willing to get up everyday at 6am to play baseball until the evening is a kid that loves the process. If you don’t love the process then the shit you chasing not meant for you. You’ll quit before you achieve anything. Even though the process can be grueling, in a sadistic insane way you’ll love it if you love what you’re doing. 




Squintz was creeping on Wnedy Peffercorn forever. He said fuck it. I’m a jump my non swimming ass in this pool and if I die, I die. I just wanna get a piece. Dude really risked his life to kiss his future wife. He recognize that the day at the pool was the time to take a risk. Benny had a dream about Smalls baseball situation and he woke up immediately and went toe to toe with The Beast and that risk made him a neighborhood legend. He recognized the risk and took it. As a creative there’s going to be some opportunities that you’ll have to jump into the pool for or hop the fence and face the beast for. You have to decipher which one’s is worth it and beneficial to your brand and your name and the ones that’s bullshit. Recognize the risk and take it. You just might become a legend. 




When Smalls lost his stepdad’s baseball to the beast. The gang rallied around him to help him get it back. When the other team of kids came to the Sandlot talking big shit and Hamilton started joining on muhfuckas the squad stood tall behind him. Whenever one of em went through it they all went through it. Aint no “I” in the team fuck with me fuck with them. If your team not like this then just remove yourself from that circle and get some stand up creative people around you. Pay attention to those who are there for the good and bad. Watch the ones that are around just when the success happening. 



KEEP IT 100 


If they just would’ve kept it 100 from the start they wouldn’t have went through all the drama they went through. Smalls told them to knock on Mr.Myrtle door to get the ball back and Squintz lied about why it was a bad idea. When they actually did knock on his door they got a new baseball signed by the legendary “Murderer’s Row” and some gems from a professional baseball player. They gained more from just keeping it 100. With that knowledge about the game Smalls and Benny got from Mr.Myrtle they went on to be professionals in the sport they loved. Benny a pro player and Smalls a pro announcer. When you keep it 100 in whatever you do creatively whether you fail or succeed people gone rock with you just off the fact you keep it 100. That’s why taking a loss not bad for me. I’m not afraid to fail in front of anybody because I know my intentions were good. I wasn’t trying to fuck nobody over or hate on anybody. Just keep it a buck and you’ll be aight.