I don't know shit about SiR. I don't want to research anything about him until I finish writing this because I want my only perception of him through this EP he just released. Shit may sound weird but that's just how I am. I think what I have to write about him and this EP will be more raw and authentic if I go that route. 

So with all that being said I'm obviously not a day one SiR fan. Guess you can say I'm a T.D.E fanboy and didn't get the memo until the ink on his T.D.E contract dried. So I'm a bandwagoner. So when I catch a SiR concert in the future and he asks the crowd "Who's been a fan since day one?" I gotta moonwalk my weak ass to the back or pretend I know the words to his earlier work and fake sing along and pray no one can read lips because I'm not really saying shit.

I first heard of SiR after the homie Punch posted a video on my twitter timeline called "All In My Head" and I was like "Okay, Okay now this some shit I can chill and post on the block to." I forgot how I came across or who retweeted the link to buy the EP but I clicked on it and I have no fucking regrets at all. Zero. 

The production. The lyricism. Man oh man the lyrics. The way the EP just flows. You ever listen to Pink Floyd? One of their albums "Dark Side Of The Moon" flows so well where you don't even know you're on a different song because you're lost in the story and the music. "Her Too" has that same feel in my opinion. You gotta just let it play. Don't shuffle it. Don't skip a song. Just let it ride. Let it flow. 

Let's get it. HER TOO. 


Listening to the lyrics this song is really funny. It's about women who aren't from L.A going to L.A with the mentality of trying to come up off a famous musician or movie star and most likely they might succeed because some sucka nigga with money will fall for the woman BBD warned us about in 1990. There's always one dumb muhfucka who wanna learn the hard way. These women don't even know these artists name they just want to be around and share in the splendor.

L.A is a different beast. Shit look great on T.V and movies but I've seen that city break the strongest people. Crush dreams and send em back home. 

The production is upbeat and has a sunny L.A feel. Anderson Paak and King Mez deliver stellar verses. Especially King Mez he went off high key. "They only hard on the top like Kream Brulee." Yeah that was nice. 

Great opening track to the EP. 



I wanted to stare into a woman's soul when I first heard this and if you know me then you know this shit is fuego because I never say some corny shit like that. If this song can make me feel like that then it's some official shit. 

The way SiR breaks down the beauty of this woman is some playa shit. Letting her know that the nigga in her past didn't appreciate the work of art that he had and that he's about to show her great things that she may not have even known about herself. 

Canvas is a really beautiful song. 

I wonder if this song will be played at art events with Body painting? I hate body painting. Random as fuck. I know. Niggas who be at events with body painting be acting like they never seen titties before. Shit be creepy. 



So basically this is SiR roasting some nigga for 2 minutes. Took his bitch turned her into a valentine. Candy hearts with the big teddy bears. Told this nigga he's irrelevant and trash. He flaming somebody life away the whole song and the moral of the story? Don't call SiR mobile no more. 

I like how SiR switched up his delivery on this song and the production is smooth and funky. SiR flow and delivery is very versatile on this whole project. 



Aight this is some music you get cheeks to. Don't see any other purpose for it. Maybe you get a wall dance at a kickback but you leaving as soon as the song ends to get a few rounds in. 

You know what would've been legendary for this song? If SiR and the good folks at T.D.E found Oobie from them Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz albums and put her on this track. She did have the original "Ooh Na Na" and that song was ratchet as fuck. SiR should make a remix and throw her on it. 

I really like SiR's songwriting ability. The lyrics are always on point. Very polished and crafty. You can tell homie been doing this shit his whole life.

I think this song is about a "One Night Stand" I could be wrong but whatever it's about it's fucking cold. 

Aye my nigga Masego was sounding like Cab Calloway on the end of this shit. My nigga got his own sound effects like that nigga from Police Academy. 



Ah finally a song for the good niggas LIKE ME who fight temptation and doesn't cheat on his shorty back at the crib. I just go to the strip club and don't touch anything but the chicken or fish plates like a normal nigga. Strip clubs have fire chicken and fish plates. I'm a pescatarian so i'm only touching the fish plate. 

Yes that ass is phat girl and in my savage days I would tear that ass up but the glo up is real. I'm a changed man like Cam'ron on "Hey Ma." I know what I have at home. 

Again. Another incredibly written song. The metaphor and the message of the song is just amazing. I love the guitar on this track reminds me of some D'Angelo shit. 



The first handful of listens of this song I though to myself "Well her pussy must taste like Cinnamon Toast Crunch if he's risking his life to see this woman." That's some true love right there. Just take her to the altar bro. 

SiR is in a dilemma where he wants to see his woman but the way L.A is set up is that niggas are really territorial and have been since the late 70's and we all know why. He says fuck it and hops in his whip to go see her anyway even though he knows the risk he's taking. 

The most asked question in L.A is "Where You From?" It has to be. I even got pressed out there when I visited but luckily the crips believed me when i said I wasn't from Cali and they apologized to me like men. I wasn't tripping I was just glad I ain't get jumped or worse. 

This song is so simple but so gangsta, smooth, and real. 

I plan on playing this riding through the westside of St.Louis hanging out the window screaming "I'M A WESTSIDE BOI!!!!" 

SiR is one of the most versatile songwriters I've ever heard and I pray this guy gets to the top and stays there. I've definitely been playing the fuck out of his project since I've got it and eventually I'll check out his earlier work but I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna be a while.