The world lost a really loving person this week. We lost one of the GOAT. I'm a just type what I feel. No preparation. Just raw. 

If you go back and find the write up about the first Nostalgia event I had mentioned in that article the woman in the white jersey dress who's ass brought a tear to my eye. Yeah, that was Melissa and that was the first time I met her. 

I'm not gonna front and act like I've known Melissa for 10 years and shit. I've only known her for one year but that one year I am very grateful for because she was one of the most carefree, genuine, fearless, individuals I've ever met. 

We hang with the same family and even though I'm the old introverted nigga and don't jam as much as everybody else does in the family I do cherish the moments I was blessed to have with Melissa. 

When we were at Smino's show at the Old Rock House in December I told her how much I admired her and loved her. I hugged her and told her to never change. She didn't care what people thought. She always did things her way right or wrong and I always respected that about Melissa. I wish I was the same but even at my age I'm learning and getting better at it. I can at least say she taught me something before leaving. 

I don't really watch a lot of people's Snapchat stories not even most of my homies but I always watched Melissa's she was just so interesting to me and I'd always joke with her and call her "Lil Mike Mike's Fine Ass Momma" and always make fun of her for shit like rapping JuJu on the beat all the time or her being clumsy. She just had this infectious spirit and you'd have an even better time when she was around. 

Every function I went to Melissa either made me laugh or she'd have the outfit of the night. I told her literally last month that I love going out and kicking it knowing that she would be there because I would be excited to see what she would wear. Melissa turned heads. A showstopper. She was the main event. If we jamming Melissa the first one twerking without a care in the world. Just pure happiness. Especially if "Tip Drill" was played. She told me "I love this song so much and I'm a play it at my wedding." 

I remember I had to leave a party early to get my car battery jumped and when I was driving on Cherokee who did I see drunk, laughing, and dancing in the street? Melissa. I was in my car laughing my ass off. I wasn't even mad about my car anymore. 

All I kept thinking about when I found out Melissa passed away was the fact I was just so excited that she had just moved to Miami and at least took a risk on the move. She lived a dream before her passing and I kept thinking of Jessica who is like Melissa's sister. I've never seen Melissa without Jessica ever. I met Melissa through Jessica. The bond they had was real as fuck even though they appeared to be opposites. I'm thankful that through Jessica I was honored to consider Melissa a friend. 

When tragedies like this happen I always say "WTF this came out of nowhere. I wasn't ready for this." Reality is that we're never ready. Death doesn't announce it's coming. I just lost a aunt in January who I knew was going to die a month before it happened and I still wasn't ready for it. It's just the way things is. 

I just want the world to stop if that makes sense. I want the world to stop and acknowledge how great and loving Melissa was. I seriously get frustrated that people just go on with their lives but then I remember "They didn't know Melissa so why am I tripping?" It's kind of how Doughboy explained to Trey in Boyz N Da Hood that Ricky's death wasn't on the news. You just want the world to stop and pay respect. Melissa was a iconic human to me. 

Everyone mourns differently. Some lock themselves away and cry. Some vent through social media. I get sad for a couple hours, avoid social media then I remember something funny the person who passed did and I just smile and thank God they were apart of my life. 

I'm going to miss you Melissa. Even though our friendship was short your impact was real. You have a lot of people who loved you and you've impacted their lives also. That's how I know you're special. Thank you for being you until the end. 

- Benny