If you want to get shit done as a creative on your respective scene there are some weirdos you gotta stay away from. Always be cordial. Try not to ride on them or embarrass them unless you have no other option. 

I've seen or dealt with all these characters the past 2 years and it's annoying as fuck but hilarious at the same time. 

Here are the most annoying people on respective creative scenes and they always will be. 




These niggas act like they never seen titties or ass before. Ever. They usually can’t shoot or edit at fucking all. They just want to shoot models and gas their head up. They only shoot because it’s the only way they can get close to attractive women. They're weak ass niggas. The models don’t know any better so they think their photo shoot is dope but in reality it’s trash. Shorty the photo shoot ain’t nude art you just naked shorty.

These unprofessional ass niggas trying to holla during the shoot saying shit like “So what you on after this?” These are “Lemme get a pic for your contact info in my phone” ass niggas or “Where my hug at?” ass niggas. To all my ladies out there ask around and do background checks. Reputation means everything. Lurk on them. Google them. If their work don’t come up or the streets don’t speak highly of them then don’t shoot with these bozos. 



It’s trash and they're trash. 



These niggas either have an excuse of why people don’t show up to their events or why they can’t pay everybody who helped the right amount. These niggas always have a breach of contract. They don’t care or respect the talent and they don’t care and respect the people. This is why you see clubs bringing whoever the hot rapper is at the moment to their city and promote that rapper as if he or she has a 45 min set when in reality they’re coming for 15 - 20 min. You don’t know any better so you bought a booth and bottles just for a glorified walk through. Could’ve saved that money and thrown a kickback at your crib with your homies got drunk for the low and blew tree without any hassle. 

The other side of the promoter game where they don't care for the consumer is the promoters that only throw events to stunt on the people. They don’t care if you have a good time or not. Shit they don’t even care if the event is good they just want to get their professional Instagram and Facebook photos. On the other hand it is their event so they can do what they want but this doesn’t help their cause or the creative scene cause so they don’t last long. 



They should’ve never gave you niggas dad hats. Give a nigga a dad hat with a fucking dumbass image on it and they start tweeting like they’re 40 Oz Van, buy a pair of knockoff cartiers and act like they’re Raf Simmons. Give them a T-shirt with a design over the heart and they’re ready for fashion week. You niggas aren’t fashion designers you sell merch. There’s a difference. You disgust me. 



"Let’s build fam. I fuck with the vision bro let’s build. I fuck with the movement. Let’s create. I got a brand bro. We gone do it for the culture. I see you out here writing fam we gotta build fam."

Build what? What the fuck are we building? Fuck you, your ASAP Rocky voice and your supreme shirt you lil puppy ass nigga.  

What are we building? A clubhouse full of my wasted time if I take you seriously? What the fuck are you creating? You have the artistic prowess of a 1am MASH marathon. These niggas are in every creatives inbox and every function talking the same ol bullshit and never getting anywhere with it. Just a head full of ideas with no action behind it. Lemme guess. This the year y’all takeover huh. I need to stay tuned huh? 



These are the weirdos who just want to do creative shit because being creative is the wave right now. Having a “Platform” is the wave right now. They’re posers and they will move on to the next wave once they realize it’s takes actual work to develop a craft.

Damn bruh you was just a rapper on Tuesday. A photographer on Wednesday. Now it’s Friday and you're a fashion designer?

They think the creative lifestyle is a quick money grab. Hate to break it to you. I’m a creative and I’m poor. My friends are creatives and they’re poor. We just afloat.

That’s not even the worse part about the Mr and Mrs Me Too's they always want the people they trying to copy to teach them shit. Aye can you teach me photography? Can you teach me how to DJ. No you bitch ass busta. I’m not Mr. Simmons from Hey Arnold nigga. I’m not a teacher. Do your googles. Research. Watch youtube tutorials and wait for it.... wait for it.... waaaaaiiiiiit for it ….. PRACTICE!

Can you teach me how to write? NO! In fact it’s impossible. I have poor grammar. I can’t type. What the fuck could you learn from me? This shit I do is driven by my personality. I’m a fucked up individual who talks to himself. C'mon I made a writeup about Raymundo Rocket. I’m just a nigga who be high and typing shit. It can’t be taught. Quit looking for shortcuts and trying to come up off the hard work of others. No matter how you slice it how far you go and how good you get is gonna come down to hard work. You can’t skip it. 

I’ve seen this with women who want to be hairstylists just cause they think it’s easy and they do they lil sister hair or some shit and they start fucking up grown women hair and have em looking like bruh man from the 5th floor with a wig on. 

I’ve seen this with this “I’m a fake business owner/Entrepreneur wave going on too. No you’re not. You’re not making any profit. You basically playing house like a 7 year old but calling it a business. 

If you really passionate about pursuing something then please do it. I want to see the people who really care to learn something creative really win at life. Please don’t do any of the shit I ranted about or made fun of and you’ll be straight. 



*Clears Throat*

You’re not mysterious. You’re regular as fuck. Fuck your polaroid camera that you don’t even know how to use. Fuck your pink background photo shoots or your vintage coffee shop shoots and pictures of your stupid ugly coffee mugs, flowers, typewriters, old dial phones, and vinyl players.

Fuck your Reyna Biddy type captions. One day you wanna be Kilo Kish the next day you wanna be London Zhiloh. I’m fucking tired of hearing the word Aesthetic come out of your fucking mouths. It can be a picture of Jack Nicholson and you’ll say “That’s my aesthetic” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? I don’t even know what Aesthetic fucking means and I never will because I don’t care to look up the definition because the word annoys me that fucking much.

You have contributed to ruining the words "Cozy" and "Energy." 

I’m not saying cozy anymore. I’m officially saying I'm “Snug and Unworried” Yes FUCK COZYBOYZ it’s UNWORRIEDBOYZ or SNUGLIFE.

You don’t really like Kurt Cobain and can’t name 7 Nirvana songs. You don’t like yoga. You don’t like nature. You don’t have an artistic bone in your body and you don’t like art. Deep down you hate art. You only take pictures of art at art shows on your snap and IG with no intentions to purchase and place some stupid fucking caption under it like “Unfinished Wandering” or "I fear life." 

Why in the fuck do you own crystals? You’re not Crash Bandicoot. This isn't Zelda. They’re not doing anything. They have no powers. News flash you’ve been tricked, bamboozled, hoodwinked you’re just a regular woman that’s having an identity crisis. 

Don’t get me wrong there are cool authentic artsy ass women but the posers make me sick. 



Ah yes everyones favorite.

“Hey look at me I’m about to go into overkill. Let me throw on my supreme, bape, distressed denim, dad hat, tour merch shirt and yeezy’s or tubulars. It’s not a complete party unless I start poppin xans and drinking henny and I just started drinking henny this year. Where’s the music? Give me the aux cord so I can start playing every sound cloud rapper imaginable who rap about xans, backwoods, and extendos." - The Hypebeast

Trust me they’ll find a way to wear all that shit in one outfit. 

These weirdos just a few years ago were the same guys wearing those pyrex sweats and shit. Along with those been trill hats. Floral bucket hats and floral print on everything. What happened?

Nothing really. Those same idiots are buying Supreme metro cards off ebay for $1000 today. 



I used to be one well I wasn’t a struggle rapper I was actually nice I was just local but I’m low-key ashamed that I used to ask people to listen to my music. I’m a just tell people I was selling dope during that lost period of my life. 

Rappers without question are the most annoying human beings walking this planet. Every year it’s “their time” or they’re “about to takeover.” They take their "craft" serious. The grammy’s just came on last week right? Go search how many struggle rappers said they were going to get one or dream about getting one. You’ll be amazed. 

All these niggas do is say how great their music is and how it’s better than everyone else’s in the world and complain about lack of support of their shows. Rappers need more support than newborn children. You have to go to everything that involves them. Especially here in STL. God forbid I go to a show that the headliner is someone not from St.Louis. Niggas will start bitching and moaning. They make better music than you that’s why I went to their show with my hard earned money. Case closed. 

These niggas whine more than Keith Sweat in 1989. How difficult is it to just shut the fuck up, create music, and build a fan base? They blame everybody but themselves for their failures. If you ascending to stardom, doing numbers and cracking like y’all claim then why the fuck y’all still complaining and worried about other artists? Exactly. 

They also give you their music when you didn’t ask for it. I swear if you tell me to listen to your shit it better change my fucking life when I hear it. Sending me music without me asking for it is like popping up at my house unannounced. Don’t fucking do it. 

“But you’re a writer and you have a blog Benny aren’t you supposed to accept music you didn’t ask for?” 


When I post music I FIND IT! IT’S NOT SENT TO ME! So it’s simple. Make some dope shit and I’ll find it, trust me. I let the streets bring me the music not the artist who made it. 

Some rappers are my homies and are cool but more than 90% of these niggas are annoying as fuck. 

Do yourselves a favor. Avoid all these people and prosper.