I remember I went to my granny crib when I was like 4 years old for a family function and the worse part of going was greeting everyone. 

Yes..... Greeting everyone. 

All my loved ones will tell me hi and I'd say hi back so quietly and awkwardly and rush off to find the nearest spot out of everyone's way and where I felt I wouldn't get the most attention at.

Just saying hi to people I love and would die for required so much mental strength and preparation. 

I'm Benny Greenheart and I'm a life long Introvert. 

This shit not a trend over here pal. I'm a for real introvert. Not a for "play play" introvert. If you believe in that weird astrology shit I'm a Scorpio and those are one of the most introverted signs. 

I've been seeing over the past couple years that being introverted is becoming cool and the wave and I'm not going to lie to you. It makes me mad. 

Bruh, I took too much shit all my life for being introverted just to let these extroverts pretend they bout what I've been bout for decades. I'm not having that shit no more. 

Just because you tweet shit about being a homebody and wanting to write your weak ass poetry on the weekend instead of going out does not mean you're a introvert (No disrespect to my poetry homies. I love y'all). 

Just because you took a pic with dim lighting and put it on Instagram with a Bryson Tiller caption along with hashtag "Introvert Problems." Does not mean you're a introvert. 

Yes I get it. You want to eat ice cream and watch Hulu and Netflix all night instead of hitting the clubs. It doesn't mean you're introverted. You just like Ice Cream and "Stranger Things." Who the fuck doesn't? Fun fact! Extroverts can hate clubs too! 

When did this trend start? It just came out of fucking nowhere. The last straw for me is when I seen someone who I knew for years claim they were a introvert by ending a statement with #LifeOfAIntrovert and was dead ass serious. I knew for a fact they're not introverted. No. No. I'm not having it. 

I'm a show you why this shit is not a trend and this shit is real so you can spot the fakes out there. 



I like parties just like everyone else. Functions can be fun. Memories can be made. Here's the difference though. 

When I go to a kickback or a function I've mentally prepared to attend it. You must understand the mental preparation I've gone through just for you to see me. I have to charge my social batteries before I leave the crib. Even though I'll have loved ones meeting me there and I always have fun with them I still have to mentally prepare myself to go and be surrounded by them. Not because they're bad people. All my friends are incredible. It's just as an introvert I'm not just tripping off the people. I'm paying attention to the setting and everything surrounding us also. Basically the environment. 

These are my 3 phases in 2 hours at every function I attend.

  1. Oh this muhfucka crackin! "AYE WHAT'S GOOD MY NIGGA?! WHERE THE DRANK?! 
  2. Okay cool, cool, that's wassup. 
  3. I miss my space and alone time. 

Real introverts process events differently. It involves more of our feelings more than anyone else. People who are more extroverted live for events. They would keep the shit going 24 hours straight if they could.  



When I say I have plans. I have plans. Just because they're not plans to you doesn't mean they're not plans and not important. 

Yes my plans are watching "Pulp Fiction" for the 9000th time shirtless in my basketball shorts. Those are legit plans in my fucking book. 

Yes it is true that I don't want to go to what you're inviting me to but these are legit plans my friend. You'd have to give me an all expenses paid trip to travel somewhere or free concert tickets to get me to break those plans. 

My "Me Time" > Whatever you have planned. 



To extroverts we're quiet but trust me our minds are very loud. Like Meek Mill 32 bar verse loud. We just talk when we ready to. We gotta warmed up and shit. Conversation is a 9 to 5 job to an introvert UNLESS you talking about something very profound and interesting to us then we WILL NOT shut the fuck up about it. As a introvert I love a friendly debate or conversation about shit I care about and I will not stop talking. 

I can't just talk for the sake of talking. I try to and I come off as awkward every fucking time. I will greet you, say a few sentences and sit there in silence. I have the feeling that when I talk I feel like I'm bothering people, even when I text people. If there was hidden camera footage of me texting it would be the funniest shit on earth. It takes a lot for me to text first because I just feel like the person receiving the message is like "Fuck this nigga want?" So I don't text much. 

People who try and pose as introverts think that introverts are anti social. Introverts are not anti social we just socialize differently. Just say the right shit and I won't shut the fuck up I promise. 



Okay group work sucks. I'm a thinker. I like to think alone. I get my best ideas when I'm alone talking to myself. In school when we had to work in groups I'd just sit there wishing I could do the work by myself even if that meant the workload was heavier and I'd probably get a lower grade. I didn't care. 

I hate meetings. A lot. A whole lot. Don't matter what kind of meetings either. Phone calls? Hate it. Skype? Hate it. In person meetings? Hate it. Even if it's a meeting for something I care for they're a bother to me. Just email or text me what you want me to do and I'll handle it. 

This society has always been and always will be designed and catered to extroverts. Everywhere you go you're pushed to be extroverted. At your job. At your school. Everywhere. They try and force us to be extroverted but when they do that they will never get our full potential because we're not being ourselves. You will get a disinterested, bothered, human being instead. 

I'm only extroverted when it comes to an opportunity that may bring value to what I'm striving for. So if I see a artist who's work I admire. I'm going to go introduce myself without thinking twice about it. Trust me in my mind I'm a nervous wreck but we only get one at bat with this life shit so I can't sit back. I gotta do something. 

I never used to do that but as I've gotten older I've trained myself to do it. 

We're the outcast. The supremely talented outcast. 



Dead ass serious. I'm that co-worker that doesn't want to eat lunch with everyone else. No nigga. I'm a go sit in my car or I'm a sit in the break room and you bet not say shit to me. At all. I'll have my headphones in regardless but if you even attempt to speak I'll look at you like "Da fuck wrong with this bitch? It's called a break and that includes a break from yo ass too not just the work." 

I gather my thoughts during my alone time. I read during my alone time. Solitude is so beautiful. Shutting the fuck up by myself is one of my favorite hobbies. 


If someone doesn't have these similar thoughts then they're claiming to be introverts because it's trendy. Don't be fooled.