The picture above is the Nickelodeon GUTS obstacle course "Aggro Crag." I remember they had the first black kid on GUTS. He was mexican and black and he smoked those little white kids in every game and climbed that shit in record time and I ain't seen a nigga on that show since. Nickelodeon said don't trust those new niggas over there like Uncle Ruckus after that shit. 

Aight let me start. 

I love the game. I love the chase. I love engaging with my ideas and bringing them to life. It's why I love that I'm a creative person with a creative mind. It makes my life much more interesting and allows me to look at things upside down. Allows me to get a different perspective.

I haven't made it yet. I don't even know what the fuck "It" is. Reason is because this shit isn't easy. It's hard fucking work. It takes a lot out of me but I wouldn't have it any other way. All the sacrifices are worth it. 

Throughout this chase creatives are going to run into obstacles in the form of people. These are people who can be obstacles for creatives.  



Yes. You read correctly. Parents can be the biggest obstacle for creatives to get through. My momma didn't really understand why I wanted to pursue music years ago and she really wasn't feeling the idea of it. It took her a while to accept it. Not all parents are obstacles. Some support whatever their kids do 100%. 

Our parents still have old school mentalities. Some adapt to change and some don't. So saying you want to be a screenwriter or a painter may not fly with some parents because they just want you to do things that are guaranteed. A 9 to 5 check and sadness. Creative passions take time to turn into a business and some parents are not trying to hear that shit. 

They'll pressure you about starting a family, getting serious about life, telling you to have a back up plan which is the worse advice. When you have a back up plan you're not in it all the way. It's like sneak dissing yourself and kind of admitting you will fail. You gotta have the mentality that whatever you're chasing WILL work. When there's no safety net you'll bring out the best in yourself. 

The problem I see with parents of creative people is that they try to force their way of life onto their kids. Teaching your kids about having morals and character is one thing but trying to live through your kids and undermine their passion is selfish. It kills the creatives drive and focus. What they don't realize is that they're hurting their child instead of helping. 

If they win they win. If they lose they lose but it's something the parents have to stay out of. Gotta let creatives go for it. 



Now I'm not saying they aren't your friends but it hurts like a muhfucka to have strangers support everything you do but people you care for don't. You finally understand parents when they say "I'm not mad at you. I'm disappointed." 

Now if your shit legitimately sucks and your friends aren't supporting it then this doesn't apply to you. Who wants to support below average shit? They're not your friends. A real friend will let you know that your shit trash. If your shit is great and your friends don't support you then this is for you. 

This stresses creatives out because it's bad enough that some people don't understand how much time and effort you put into your craft but your friends were there and seen it first hand and still don't support you. Your homies supposed to be your biggest fans and a guaranteed sell. 

They seen the sleepless nights. They seen the countless rejection. They seen the moments where you were on the verge of giving up and for them not to retweet your shit, buy your shit, share your shit is unacceptable. They should be the first in line. 

I'm not gonna lie I've seen people share celebrities shit faster than their homies shit. That's not right. That's not 100. That's fraud activity. That's a muhfucka that will leave you to get jumped and try to ride in the car with you afterwards and pretend they were helping you. 

For example If my homegirl a singer then I'm sorry SZA I love you but I'm sharing my homegirl shit faster and more than I share yours. I still love yo fine chocolate skrawberry ass tho. =) 



You ever been out in public and someone comes up to you and tells you that they fuck with your shit or tell you to keep up the good work. I used to not trip but.......... 


Obviously I can't be that dope if you never shared my work with someone else. Now if I know you share my work when you don't see me, give props on public platforms, and you still come up to me and show love then we good but that "I only support you in secret" shit is some low key hating/jealousy shit to me. A potential snake. It gives off a bad vibe. Maybe I'm crazy but that's how I feel. 

Stop DM'ing creatives telling them how much you fuck with they shit. What you in they inbox for? That is not helping them at all! Tell other people you fuck with they shit so they can win. If you really fuck with em like claim then you won't have a problem seeing them win. Sing those same praises in public too not just in a private message or meeting. 



Nothing wrong with failing. We all fail one way or another but our failures are something we're supposed to own and learn from. Not place on other people. 

You ever meet a failed creative? Their shit didn't work out for them so they have it in their mind since you're in the same field that it won't work out for you either? Nah nigga YOU failed and gave up. Don't group me in with YOUR bullshit. Nigga I'm not sharing failure with you. You need to be stingy with your failure pal. I'm still in the game. 

They try to place doubts in the minds of creatives instead of telling them the mistakes they made and giving up game to the creatives still in the game. A lot of washed up flabby and sick niggas be on this shit with the younger creatives. They want you to fail because they did. Especially if you're doing it YOUR way instead of theirs. Yeah they don't like that shit and they gone drop a dime on that shit. *Eats Banana* 



This is some tricky shit right here. 

A lot of talented creative teams have hateful muhfuckas that don't want to work with NOBODY in their city. They only wanna work with their team and I think it's dumb.

You'll see one person on the team that's willing to collaborate with other great talents and the other person is a David Ruffin ass nigga and is like "Fuck everybody" which causes friction amongst the team and alienates the whole squad on the creative scene. 

Nigga why is it fuck everybody? Everybody ain't do shit to me. What the fuck you mad at? Collabs lead to more opportunity and fans. The fuck I wanna leave that on the table for? 

Non collaborative friends are also the guys on teams that beef with everybody so the people on the team who aren't beefing with everybody is left to clean up the mess and look crazy cause their teammates are looking crazy.  

It also puts pressure on the people on the team who do want to collaborate with other artists. On one hand they feel they have to be loyal to their non collaborative friends but on the other hand they know it's bad for business and bad for their reputation to have that "Fuck everybody but us" mentality. 

I couldn't imagine not wanting to work with other writers. It wouldn't feel right. 

Don't get it twisted you always put the squad first but don't try to make creativity black and white. You're doing yourself a disservice.  



The day these muhfuckas have objectivity is the day you'll go in a strip club and not see a fake ass.

A Instagram model with a plane emoji in their bio will turn down a round trip fly out to Dubai before these niggas tell you the truth. 

Yes men might be the worse on this list. A creative can never grow with a yes man in their circle.

If your friend can't fucking rap then tell that nigga. Don't make the world suffer from hearing that bullshit. Save your homie from embarrassment. He or she may not like what you said but shit you kept it real. Everybody claim they want real ones around them until they hear some real shit about themselves. 

If your friend is making bad creative decisions then TELL THEM. I'd rather have my homies mad at me for my honesty than having them out here looking crazy. Just give your honest opinion. It's up to them if they want to take it or leave it but at least you kept it 100. 


I pray y'all clear the obstacle course. You can't avoid this shit.