As you know for the past year my name is Benny Greenheart and I blog on PoliteAsFlannels. I don't call myself a blogger I just say I'm a writer. The term "Blogger" is weird to me because I'm a weird guy. I can't really describe or explain that shit. 

When I started this blog last year I told myself I'm just going to write about shit I care about and stay consistent. I think I average 3 articles a week so I'm keeping my promise. 

I never thought people would read shit I wrote but once I started doing the "Insecure" recaps and The whole cast of the show were constantly supporting my blog (especially Yvonne Orji aka My wife in my mind) things started getting crazy for me. 

Later I came across this twitter profile called "Blacks Who Blog" and I was amazed at how many interesting people had so many interesting things to say. I was hooked. 

Majority of these blogs were created by black women. Actually, I think almost all these blogs weren't meant for me to read. I'm a black man. I didn't really care though.

I like reading a black woman perspective on things. Anyway I can support black women, I will. So if that means reading their blogs is a step forward towards a better understanding of them then I'm all for it. 

A lot of them were fashion blogs. I don't know shit about fashion. I wear the same shit everyday like a cartoon character but I like seeing people express what they love about their passions so that kept me interested. I'm not sloppy but my taste is really simple. Don't get it twisted I'm still fly.  

I feel like I'm rambling so fuck it let me get to the point. I want to share some blogs that I enjoyed reading so my readers can have some other blogs they can visit instead of just mine. A huge thank you to Blacks Who Blog who put me on to so many creative souls and represent for black writers. 

Follow @BlacksWhoBlog on Twitter. 

So lets begin. 



I liked this blog a lot. I don't usually like to pick favorites but "Shades Of Chelsea" might be my favorite out of the bunch. 

Everything was so easy to find and was so organized. I'm really scatter brained so sometimes it's hard for me to checkout different websites if they're not organized. I'll just get frustrated and leave the site. 

My favorite entry was "Enjoying The Quiet" because I am a quiet person and I kind of went through the same process she described in that entry. I went through a stage where I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. Luckily blogging just fell in my lap because God is the plug and so many different avenues opened up for me since and I actually enjoy writing.

I can't even type correctly and I'm fucking writing and people fuck with it! Ain't that some shit? 

I'm not worried about results, popularity, money, I'm just focused on the joy it brings me and others. I'm in a position where I can help people and it feels great. 

Enough about my boring ass. Let's get back to Chelsea. 

I just related to this blog the most. The topics feel like they were meant for introverts but she delivers it with a ambivert feel. I'm a scorpio so I'm as introverted as they come. 

The working on weekends post I fucked with too cause I write 5-6 articles per weekend to prepare for the week. I'm forever a weekend trapper. All I do is create, create, create, for the entire day then I end the night reading or watching cartoons. I like to laugh as much as possible before I sleep. It's weird. I know.  

Chelsea's fashion posts were dope too. They are really simple, cute, and affordable for women looking to add or change their wardrobes. The pictures she took were really incredible. Shoutout to the shooter. 

Shades Of Chelsea is a very inspiring blog and I'm officially a fan.



The first post I came across on this blog was the one about not comparing yourself to anyone else. I wrote something similar in the "Steps To Loving Yourself" article. I 100% agreed with everything Roz wrote on that joint. Fucks with it heavy. 

Again. I love simplicity. This blog is set up very simple. Easy to navigate. I don't get overwhelmed. 

What I love about her writing is that she's very open and honest. I'm obsessed with honesty. If I read something and I feel "Damn I know people who wouldn't share that" then it means it's usually something worth sharing and people need to hear it. 

The "Baby Momma" article was my favorite because I used to be that "Third Party" and my experience was HELL! 

Not because of the child involved or my ex I was dating it was her daughters father. He was a pure fuck boy in every sense of the word. He still wanted to be with my ex and she would ignore anything that had nothing to do with them co-parenting and he'd lash out calling her all types of "bitches" & "ho's" in text messages. I'm not letting anyone talk to a woman I'm with like that so I had to step in. 

I'll never tell people how to raise their child but disrespecting someone I'm with. Nah. I'm not for that. I'll check it ASAP. 

I even attempted to reach out to him and talk man to man because I was around his daughter everyday and if I was in his shoes I'd want to meet the man who's around my child. 

We came to an understanding and he seen I wasn't this bad guy and he was cool for about a month and then he started slandering me in text messages behind my back and I'm like "I take your child to school everyday, pay her bills, teach her right from wrong, help her with anything she needs, keep her environment positive and peaceful, protect her, never raised my voice or put hands on her and this the thanks I get?" 

I definitely saw first hand what a lot of single mothers go through. I learned a lot and I learned how to raise a child and what it takes. So many sacrifices and my days of sleeping in were OVER but I didn't mind. Children are so dope. They teach you so much. I'm glad I got to read about Roz's experience in that situation. 

I just love this blog a lot because it's just someone trying to find their way and she isn't afraid to admit that. People like to think they have everything figured out when they really don't. It takes strength to admit that you don't know everything and you're imperfect.



This blog is so fucking dope. You know what I love about Snapchat and Instagram? Traveling!

I don't really watch other people snaps too much but I do watch them if they're on vacation or traveling somewhere. I love seeing people have fun in places outside of their respective homes. 

I was in awe looking at this blog. Every place Bella traveled to was beautiful. Cuba looked like I thought it would look. Greece was on some simple pretty playa shit.

She tells you EVERYTHING about where she visits. Where to stay. The attractions. The flights. How good the locals english is. She's super informative and it helps you set up your future trips. 

I never really tripped off Dubai but they way she described it I really want to go. I want that $145 brunch she was talking about. I'm pescatarian so I'm not sure how that will effect that future experience. 

I was kind of bummed about the strict public intoxication laws. I'm not a big drinker when I'm at home but when I travel I'm turnt the whole trip and public intoxication is usually the funniest part of the trips. 

I do want to Amsterdam too. I'm into that marijuana stuff as Bella explained. =) 

Just for the weekend though. Before I read Bella's observation of it I could tell just by seeing Amsterdam that it's not a place I'd stay at more than a weekend. I just wanna smoke the dank dank and take in the atmosphere for the weekend. 

I was supposed to go to Costa Rica this year too and I still will go I'm glad she went there and explained the do's and don'ts there. 

I'm telling you, if you want the in's and out's of traveling visit bellawanders. Shit saved my life.



Okay I haven't fully navigated her blog yet but the funniest muhfucking post on here is called "Pros & Cons of Dating A Rap Nigga." It's accurate as fuck. How do I know this? I was formally a "Rap Nigga." I kept a full time legal job though. I can't be too poor out in the streets.  

The Martin article was dope too but those were the only two write up's I read. I'm going to read the rest of them tonight but that rapper one had me laughing harder than a mid 90's Def Comedy Jam crowd. Shit had me WEAK!



Like I said in the beginning. I don't know shit about Fashion. I just know how to look fly. I'm not A$AP Rocky or whoever you may consider a fashionable person. I just know how to look good with what I have. 

I also said earlier that someone may think "Why are you reading a blog about fashion that's catered to women?" Shit I stumbled on something "Blacks Who Blog" retweeted and I just read it sooooo fuck it I'm here, might as well keep looking/reading. 

Women fashion is interesting. Confusing but interesting. Shit super serious bruh. I now understand why I wait for 6 days for them to get ready to go out. 

There are so many layers and depth to clothes even if the outfit is simple. I'll never complain about the amount of time women spend on their clothes and accessories. 

I even watched part of a makeup tutorial. I always wanted to know how makeup works. I was never one of those guys who shamed women for wearing makeup. How can I talk negative about something I never understood? 

My conclusion about makeup? It's a science. 

Thanks to Sandy I actually can come to this blog if I need any gift ideas for a woman if my ugly ass ever gets a girlfriend. I'll leave that one up to God. The master of miracles. 

For all my ladies who visit my blog and are looking for incredible fashion advice and tips Virtuess is clutch! Slide through there.



So I'm chilling smoking a joint while listening to this fire ass Billy Boyo mix I made on my itunes and I came across this article about social media narcissists. Blacks Who Blog retweeted another article and instead of reading that one I read the Narcissist one instead. 

I liked that article because I didn't understand the problem with women being excited that Beyonce, the true President Of The United States and Queen Of The Universe was pregnant.

In my world it was men upon men making abortion jokes (Def not funny) and slandering women about being excited for her.

The people who were excited were ready for this? It's gonna fuck your mind up! They were celebrating LIFE! What's wrong with celebrating life? Who has a problem with celebrating life? Assholes that's who. 

I liked this write up a lot so I explored the site. 

The fact that a section of the blog is named "Situationships" was hilarious. I enjoyed the write ups in there because I love talking about relationships. It's really great round table discussion. Now if I could stop being a head ass nigga and actually get in one then everything will be all good. 

The Reign XY is super versatile and that's why I love this blog. They range from super serious topics to light hearted fun shit. They balance their content really well. Both Toi and Gabby have a great sense of humor and awareness. 

You gotta check them out.



Hailing from the same city. Gloria/Glo(w) is a writer I truly admire. I love her interviews on her site of all the St.Louis artists. I feel I know them better after reading them and part of that is that Gloria asks the right questions and is very insightful. 

We're kind of opposites in our style of writing but I love people who are the opposite of me because I'll learn new things. I love to learn about people and learn new shit. 

She really puts her soul into her blog and I wish I was the same. I just give a fuck about the writing and that's it. I'm working on improving but to have the patience to sit with people for interviews is amazing to me. 

She really cares about other people which is rare in a "Me, Me, Me" world. 

If you want to know about the great shit in St.Louis. Visit Art-Bae.